Scoreboard Instructions


Please click below to print copy (with photos) of Scoreboard Instructions  - Updated 4.2.2021 (this file prints to 3 pages)

 Please click below to print copy of Scoreboard Instructions (text only) - Updated 4.2.2021  (this file prints to 2 pages)


(AS OF 4.2.2021)


  • The controller/keyboard sends out changes to the scoreboard by wifi, not by a hard line running from the tower to the scoreboard.  The data you are entering is not in the controller but out in the ‘Big Board’s’/scoreboard circuit boards.  You hear a beep whenever you touch a button on the controller.  Occasionally, when you add a score, you hear a beep, but it might take a full second to actually see the change on the scoreboard.  So be patient.
  • The controller/keyboard window: the top line shows the clock, the bottom line is the last thing you told it to do.  This window comes into play when you are entering the team names.
  • The piece of carpet is there to protect the display window from direct sunlight, which can burn the screen.
  • Team names: If you have a problem, ask for help.  Don’t worry about changing them.  The important task is paying attention to the game and getting the game’s data (balls, strikes, outs, runs) out to the ‘Big Board’/scoreboard.
  • There is always someone in the stands that can give you a hand.  Ask a teammate/experienced scorekeeper to sit with you the first few times.


  1. Plug in the controller/keyboard to the extension cord wrapped around the umbrella pole on the top of the cement countertop.
  2. Turn the black toggle power switch located on the back of the controller/keyboard to the ON position.
  3. Turn the power on that goes to the scoreboard by pressing the ON switch located in the covered power box under the countertop next to the power plug outlet.


  1. Make sure the toggle for the timer is in the OFF position. This switch is located on the right side of the controller/keyboard.
  2. Press the SHIFT key and NEW GAME/Inning Period key at the same time. The controller/keyboard screen will display/ask you Y/N?
  3. Press YES (#4) on the keyboard.

 HOW TO CHANGE GAME CLOCK TIME (if required; the default is 60)

  1. Press CLOCK SET.
  2. Press 055 (for a 55 minute game).
  3. Press ENTER key.


The controller/keyboard is limited to 8 characters for a team name.  You will find the approved team name abbreviations on the league schedule located in the tower scorekeeper binder.


  1. Press SHIFT and VTN (Visitor Score) to begin entering the Visiting Team Name. The alphabet will appear on the small screen on the controller/keyboard.
  2. Use the #4/left arrow key and the #6/right arrow key to move through the alphabet display. When you find the letter you want, Press the #5 key/NEXT key. Continue this process until you have the name spelled out on the controller/keyboard display screen.  The team name will only appear on the small controller/keyboard display screen but not on the scoreboard until you Press ENTER.  The team name you just entered should now appear on the scoreboard in center field.


  1. Press SHIFT and HTN (Home Score) to begin entering the Home Team Name. The alphabet will appear on the small screen on the controller/keyboard. Select the letters for the name using the same process you used for the Visitor Team Name.


Now you are ready to start the game.  When the first pitch of the game is made, start the TIME clock by pushing the black toggle CLOCK/ON-OFF switch located on the lower right side of the controller/keyboard to the ON position.


  1. Press the appropriate BALL or STRIKE keys based on the umpire calls.
  2. When the batter gets a hit or an out: Press the CLEAR BALL/STRIKE key. Press the BALL KEY once and the STRIKE KEY once to achieve the ONE and ONE COUNT. When you press the STRIKE key for “Strike 3” an OUT is automatically recorded. 
  3. Clear the outs for the next half of the inning by pressing the OUT key until the OUTS read zero (this happens when the maximum number of runs per inning have scored with only 2 outs or less).


  1. Press the VISITOR SCORE/VTN or the HOME SCORE/HTN key followed by the +1 key to record a run for that team. TIP: The first time you enter a score a zero (0) will appear. Hit the +1 key again to get the number 1 to appear on the scoreboard.  The total number of runs will increment/tally automatically.  There is a slight delay between pressing the buttons and the number appearing on the scoreboard.  Be patient.

 DO NOT PUT A ZERO IN THE CURRENT INNING UNTIL THAT HALF INNING IS OVER.  It is too confusing for the umpire, players and fans since they will think you have moved on to the next inning.


  1. Press the INNING PERIOD key and then the +1 key to move from inning to inning.

 If you happen to forget to change the inning after the home team has had their ‘ups’, correct the score in the inning that you are in, then change the inning to the one that you want by following the step above.  You can always go back into an inning to make a correction.

 Alternate Method: Press the INNING PERIOD key, the number for the inning you want and then press ENTER.


  1. Turn off black toggle power switch located on the back of the controller/keyboard.
  2. Unplug the controller/keyboard power cord from the extension cord wrapped around the umbrella pole on the top of the cement countertop.
  3. Once the controller is turned off by the switch on the back, and the controller is disconnected from the electrical cable, it usually takes about ten seconds for the radio signal being off for all of the lights to turn off.
  4. Place the controller/keyboard in the plastic bin located in the storage box (JoBox) in the tower.
  5. Communicate with the home team manager to secure the tower before you leave.