Proposal Tips

You may use either more or less WHEREAS clauses or RESOLVED clauses or both, as your resolution requires.

WHEREAS clausesare used to show :

The positive effect on the members

Financial benefit

Important background events

The basic facts

Reasons why the resolution is being proposed

Your reasons for concern

Positive results of passing the resolution.

They provide information without which the merits of a resolution

may not be clear enough, and may not be understood.

They should represent a brief but persuasive argument as to why

your resolution should be approved.

RESOLVED clausesshow :

What action(s) are to be taken, who should take the

action and when, as a result of the WHEREAS clause(s).

They should be the strongest part of your resolution,

and will usually be the most debated part.

RESOLVED clauses should not have several actions – such as the action itself, the publication of the action once it has been taken

and when it should be taken - combined into one clause which would make debate and possible amendments difficult.

Separate RESOLVED clauses make debate and possible amendments more specific.

Additional information on resolutions can be found by clicking here: Doc regarding Resolutions & Proposals 12.2.09 minutes.doc.pdf




WHEREAS, The Sun City Grand Softball Club website

provides the information necessary for having a well

Informed membership; and

WHEREAS, the website is designed and maintained

by (Name of person); and

WHEREAS,(Name of person)gives freely of his time and

effort to provide the membership with an effective website;therefore be it

RESOLVED, that(Name of person)be recognized and commended by the Board of Directors on behalf of the membership; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors order and purchase a plaque recognizing and commending(Name of person)for his service; and be it further

RESOLVED, that this plaque be ordered in time for it

to be presented to(Name of person)at the club’s next monthly meeting.