Spring Summer I Weekday 2024 Standings

 Spring & Summer I 2024 Weekday Summaries & Standings


Games thru -  Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Team Wins Losses Ties Win Pct.
Bronze Division
Tride and True 7 1 1 0.833
Petelin Vision 6 3 0 0.667
Char Wheeler 4 4 1 0.500
Susys Home Cleaning 4 5 0 0.444
Ranalls Realty 3 6 0 0.333
Nancy Muslin 2 7 0 0.222
Copper Division
Canyon State 5 3 1 0.611
Wyyerd 5 4 0 0.556
Thunderbird Auto 3 4 2 0.444
Fast Signs 3 5 1 0.389

Monday, May 13, 2024
Bronze Division

Tride/True Pest Mgmt - 12 Nancy Muslin Realty - 7

"Tride and True defeated Nancy Muslim 12-7 but the game was actually closer than the score indicates. In fact the game was 6-5 going into the bottom of the fourth when The Exterminators scored 4 Runs to take a 5 Run Lead. That 5 Run lead held with both teams plating 2 Runs in the sixth. In the seventh a leadoff walk was followed by a double play Lapossa to Rosenthal to Stocker their second double play of the game. The next 2 batters got hits and with the heart of the order waiting on deck the last out was recorded on a hard hit ball to 2nd Base that Joe Osowiec fielded and threw out the runner at first on a close play. The Infield of Gjerstad 3B, Lopossa SS, Rosenthal Rover, Osowiec 2B and Stocker 1B accounted for the majority of outs but the outfield came through when needed. Offensively, Tride and True was led by leadoff hitter Mike Kachurak and Clean-up Hitter Roger Lopossa both 4-4. Kachurak scored 2 Runs, along with a RBI while opossa had an Inside the Park Home Run, 3 Runs Scored and 5 RBI. Dave Gjerstad, Kim Hurd, Ed Campbell, Sheldon Rosenthal and Bill Marchionni all added 2 Hits apiece. Gjerstad Double, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI, Hurd Double, Run Scored and RBI, Campbell Walk, RBI and 2 Runs Scored and Rosenthal 2 RBI. With this victory Tride and True improved to a 7-1-1 record but holds only a slight lead over Petelin Vision and Char Wheeler who played each other at 8:15. Not aware of the results of that game but it with only 3 games left to play it will have an impact on the chances of either team depending on who won.

" It was another beautiful morning for a ballgame at the Field of Dreams. Team Nancy Muslin really never got it going offensively. Leading team Nancy at the plate was Daren Proctor, going 3 for 3, 1 run, 2 RBI; All going 2 for 3 were Roy Carpenter; Ray Hensley, 1 run; Kevin Katsuki 3 runs, 1 RBI, with a triple; and Dave Swanson, 1 run, 2 RBI, also with a triple; Going 2 for 4 were Sue Cary and Ken Krzeminski , 1 run; Bob Cary was 1 for 3 with an RBI. Sub Dale Schroeder was also 1 for 3 with an RBI. Jim Witkowski had a walk. Thanks to Dale for subbing and helping us out. And thanks to Marilyn Leinberger for keeping the scorebook!

Petelin Vision - 11 Wheeler-Riley Realty - 7

Petelin Vision came away with another low scoring win today 11-7 over a very good Char Wheeler squad. Our defense has really played well recently. Today RCF Chris Espejo was the star with several good catches. Randy Ratcliff and David Power each had important catches and Dale Schroeder fielded every ball hit his way. The infield was very steady with Don Cole and Kirk King handling some tough chances flawlessly. Don had an unassisted double play and a good relay throw to home to prevent a run. Wes Mason covered the plate well on the play. Al Deangelis was a little lonely on third but fielded both grounders hit his way. Sub Duncan Abrams played another good game on first. Charlie Counts had a couple good plays and a couple bad plays at shortstop. Michael Wilton pitched another good game as usual. On offense we had twenty two hits which would usually plate more than 11 runs. We will have to credit Char Wheeler’s defense for that. Leading hitters were David Power, Don Cole and Chris Espejo going 3/3. Randy Ratcliff 3/4. Kirk King, Al Deangelis, Dale Schroeder and Michael Wilton getting two hits each. Wes Mason and sub Duncan Abrams each had a hit. Overall Petelin Vision played a very good game. Thanks to Duncan for subbing and to Marilyn for keeping scorebook. We truly appreciate you guys!

Another sunny day and good senior softball at Field of Dreams. Unfortunately the “wrong” team came out as winners. Char Wheeler All stars led the game for one inning, tied for two innings, and the wheels came off in the 6th. Denise is out with foot injury so we had Don Trenda, pitcher extraordinaire again and he did a great job. Annie is back at home getting beauty rest and we sure missed her range ability and vitality she exhibited last games. Kat needs to go on another trip! The regular cast of hitters were there and lots of fielder choices and Sac flies noted in scorebook. Okay Tried and True, we tried and came up short. It will be up to you to stay ahead of this hard hitting team. Good Luck

Ranall's Realty - 13 Susy's Home Clean - 20

Ranalls Realty lost today against a good Susys Cleaning team . Thank you to our sub Yvonne Becker and score keeper John Boland. On offense Jim Parry and Jim Matthews were perfect at the plate. On defense, we held them to 2 runs in the 1st and 6th inning .

On a beautiful day at the ball field the cleaners bats came alive getting 28 hits with everyone getting at least one hit. Some good defense went along with the good hitting. Getting 4 hits were Ron Silberman(2 doubles), and Bob Williams (double). Getting 3 hits each were Gary Armstrong (HR), Joel Last, Michael Sullivan and Jeff Smith (double,HR). Getting 2 hits each were Ron Swanson (double) Gary Finer(triple) and Sherry Westland. Next Game May 15 7:00 Visitors

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Copper Division

Canyon State HVAC - 10 Thunderbird Auto - 10

Canyon State and Thunderbirds game was a back and forth. Both teams made good plays. And a few errors. But thats softball. Canyon State had 21 hits and 10 runs. At times I thought Canyon was going to win, going to lose and at the end of the day ended in a well deserved tie to both teams. Canyon had a 1 run lead going into the 7th, but here came the Tbirds with 4 runs putting pressure on Canyon. With Canyon down 3 with bases loaded, in the bottom of the 7th, J.D Dillree hit a shot over LC and all runners scored to tie the game at 10-10.. Now Tbirds were probably thinking the same thing as Canyon. Thought we had the Win now maybe a loss. But Canyon could not get a stranded baseman on third for the win. 10-10 final score. It really was a GREAT game by both teams. Defense highlights were John Gavazza at catcher through out a runner at third to Graeg Roehm on a close play but a great throw to get the out. Brad Brulotte made a diving catch in LC as a rover at the warning track, Randy VanWagner had some nice stops at 1st base. Im sure Im missing a few plays, Top hitters were: Jay Schirpke, Bob Winkler, with 3 hits each. John Boland, Randy Vanwagner, J.D, John Nicodemo, Steve Katz, and John Gavazzo with 2 hits each. Welcome back J.D. from neck surgery, John Boland and John Gavazzo from vacation. with 3 games left and now with a tie for Canyon State and a Wyyerd win today this will be a sprint to the finish line. to all of the teams. Regardless of the outcome this year. This has been a well balanced 4 teams in the Copper division. Lots of fun with great people. Thanks umps and score tower.

Thunderbird managed to kiss their sister again; but held off a determined Canyon State team for the tie. Leading the way was Dave Fusaro who went 3/4. Going 2/3 was John Blevins and Tom Gibans. Going 2/4 were Don Ranieri, Dick Nunez, and Howard Sumner.

WyYerd Fiber - 18 Fast Signs - 6

I tried my best to pick up where Craig Nelson left off as official team cheerleader. I did ok, but can't replace that enthusiasm. Great day today WyYerd! First off..thank you to our subs Mike Hirsch and Dale McLaughlin. Mike went 2/3 with a walk and a key unassisted double play off a terrible hop! That was either going to be a double play or ten stitches in the chin. Dale 3/3 with a walk and made some fairly difficult plays look pretty routine in right field. Thank you both for helping out and great games by both of you. Rick "Ebay" Pearson was 3/5 with a game clinching hard line drive single that scored the 18th and final run of the game. Rick also had a couple nice defensive plays in left field. Jeff Heary 2/4 with a triple and excellent hustle on the base paths. Greg Allseitz 3/4 and some solid LC play, also did a nice job running the bases! Ray "Eagle Eye" Gibson 1/1 with 3 walks of which two he came across home plate in that inning. Ray also displayed defensive prowess at second base, scooping up a couple hard hit balls! Lisa Pelletier had a key base hit in the last inning and made some great plays as our wandering rover today! Tom Yurkunas continued his solid play at first base and went 3/4 with a bat that seems to be finally finding some cracks in the defense. Brian Pin successfully dodged a hard hit ball at third base to save a huge bump on his shin. Brian added a timely hit late in the game that eventually led to an important run. Bob "Let Me Run" Snelling had a heckuva day for WyYerd as well 3/3 and an additional appearance at first base via base on balls. Glenn Soles, 2/3 with a base on balls also hit well and kept our defense rolling along with some very good pitching. Glenn, the dugout door swings out just like it has for many years. Standing by it and not paying attention could lead to ten stitches in the noggin. Careful my friend you're dialed in and we need you! Mike Hirsch made the comment that WyYerd is Re-WyYerd . While we are playing very good softball right now, we're still a half game back of first place. The next three games will not be easy...but they will be entertaining. Keep up the hustle and energy from the first out til the last and we will be right there at the end. Should be fun. Good luck to all the teams as they are all still in the hunt for the championship.

In a game shortened 6 inning affair at The Field of Dreams, FastSigns came up on the short end of an 18-6 shellacking by the WyYerd eleven. It was not a pretty sight on the diamond today as we only scored 6 runs on 14 hits and only had one extra base hit. 2nd baseman Paul Jinneman was a perfect 2/2 scoring a run and driving in a run. Also with 2 hits were LCF Chip Robertson (he had the double), RCF Kirk Andes, 3rd baseman Ken Silva and RF Dan Newman. Rounding out the hits with one each were Pitcher Jeff Nickerson, 1st baseman John Hammel, LF Danny Wood and Catcher Jeff Watson. The defense could have been better, but the WiFi boys kept hitting where we weren't. Congrats to them. Thank you to Dave Fusaro and Jamie Sullivan for umpiring and Ted Powers in the tower. Thank you Jeff Smith for keeping our scorebook.


Games thru -  Thursday, May 9, 2024
Team Wins Losses Ties Win Pct.
Bronze Division
Tride and True 6 1 1 0.813
Petelin Vision 5 3 0 0.625
Char Wheeler 4 3 1 0.563
Susys Home Cleaning 3 5 0 0.375
Ranalls Realty 3 5 0 0.375
Nancy Muslin 2 6 0 0.250
Copper Division
Canyon State 5 3 0 0.625
Wyyerd 4 4 0 0.500
Fast Signs 3 4 1 0.438
Thunderbird Auto 3 4 1 0.438

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Bronze Division

Petelin Vision - 10 Nancy Muslin Realty - 7

Team Nancy Muslin started out slowly on this absolutely beautiful morning at the Field of Dreams, down 5 nothing after 2 innings. We found ourselves offensively, plating 4 runs in the top of the 3rd, making this a 1 run game. Team Petelin scored 1 in the bottom of the 3rd, and another 4 in the 5th inning, making it a 10 to 4 game. Team Nancy came back with 3 runs of their own in the 6th inning, making this a 10 - 7 ballgame. That was the final score. We were unable to put anything together in the 7th to come all the way back from our early deficit. Leading team Nancy offensively, all going 2 for 3 were Roy Carpenter, 1 run; Ed Hart, 1 RBI; Daren Proctor, 1 run; and Dave Swanson, 2 runs, 4 RBI, with an in the park grand slam HR. Sue Cary was 2 for 4. Kevin Katsuki was 1 for 2, 1 run, 1 RBI and a walk. Ray Hensley and Norm Lustig were each 1 for 3, with Ray contributing an RBI, and Norm a run scored. Ken Krzeminski hit the ball hard all game, but was held to 1 for 4, with a double and a run scored. Jim Witkowski walked. The outfield of Sue Cary, Bob Cary, Dave Swanson, and Daren Proctor all had nice catches on this stunning morning on the ball field. We played well, just not well enough to beat a very good Petelin Vision team. Thanks to Marilyn Leinberger for keeping the scorebook!

Ranall's Realty - 7 Tride/True Pest Mgmt - 18

"Ranalls Realty lost today against a good Tride and True team . Thank you to our sub Ron Silberman and score keeper Greg Church. On offense Ron Rogerson and Jerry Eastham were perfect at the plate. On defense, we held them in the 2nd inning.

"First of all Tride and True defeated Ranalls Realty 18-7 by playing the best defense andoffense I've seen from them do all season and that's saying something because they've been really good up to now. They improved to 6-1-1 but are still being chased by Petelin Vision and Char Wheeler Realty who are still a threat to take the league. The first pitch of the game a hard hit ground ball to the right of second base, chased down and caught by Joe Osowiec, who then threw to first just in time to record the out. By the way the runner was no slouch. Then two pitches later the inning was over, but still going into the third the score was only 2-0 in Favor of Tride and True. However the next 4 innings the
Exterminators, exterminated and scored 16 Runs, while Petelin Vision lost sight of the hard hit balls off the bats of T. and T. Defensively besides Osowiec who by the way made a couple of other good plays, the outfield trio of Hurd CF, Mike Kachurak RC and Ed Campbell LF continued to do their job. Campbell in the last inning of the game Jogged back and stuck his arm and glove to the limit and caught a ball that looked like it was headed to the warning track. Kuchurak and Hurd ran down several that appeared to be hits but instead went into their gloves. Bill Marchionni RF is not mentioned here because the opportunities weren't there but he has been catching balls and holding runners to singles on balls that were hits to Rightt Field all season long. Infielders (Doc) Jim Stocker continues to scoop up balls at First and Roger Lopossa SS and Dave Gjerstad 3B made several plays that kept Petelin from scoring. Then of course there's Sheldon Rosenthal, still always seems to be wherever the ball is hit. He is our Rover but you never know just where he might be. Offensively, Dave Gjerstad, Roger Lopossa and Joe Osowiece were all 3-3. Gjerstad 3 Runs Scored, 2 RBI and a Double, Lopossa 3 Runs Scored, 2 Doubles and 2 RBI, Osowiec 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Mike Kachurak, Kim Hurd, Sheldon Rosenthal and Bill Marchionni had 2 Hits apiece. Kachurak 2 Runs Scored and a RBI, Hurd 2 Runs Scored, Triple and 3 RBI, Rosenthal, Inside the Park Home Run, Double, 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI, Marchionni Run Scored and a RBI. Almost forgot but Ed Campbell had 3 Hits, Run scored, Double and 5 RBI (wow), how did I almost miss that. Jim Stocker a Hit, Double, Run Scored and RBI. "

Susy's Home Clean - 11 Wheeler-Riley Realty - 19

"On a beautiful day at the ball part the Cleaners could not keep up with the Realtors. The team got 18 hits , with some good defense at times. Big hitters, getting 3 hits were Gary Finer, Gary Armstrong (triple), Steve Willoughby, and Ron Swanson. Getting 2 hits each were Don Hanson and Jeff Smith. Next Game May 13th 9:30 Visitors.
Wednesday was a bright and sunny day with bright and sunny results for the Char Wheeler players. Char hung on for a well played 19-11 victory. There were many standout defensive plays from sub Annie Lowe including an outstanding over the shoulder catch. Robert Blaney also made a couple of nice stops on hard hit balls to 3rd base. On offense Chuck Gibson lead the way going 5/5. Robert Blaney was also perfect going 4/4. Larry Radant and Bruce Lowe were 4/5 while Dan Sykes and Don Trenda were both 3/4. Gene Fleck, Phil Murray and Annie Lowe also chipped in with 2 hits. Good hustle from everyone, especially Phil who literally stuck his face in front of a bad hop ground ball. Unfortunately Phil had to leave the game when 911 was called. Thanks to Ed Campbell for coming out of the stands to fill in for Phil. Also thanks to two nice people Don Trenda and Annie Lowe for subbing. Thank goodness Kat is back next week, she can take back this summary chore.

Thursday, May 9, 2024
Copper Division

Fast Signs - 3 Canyon State HVAC - 9

On a beautiful Spring morning at The Grand Field of Dreams, FastSigns took one on the chin, going down in defeat 9-3 to the hands of the Canyon State HVAC team. We only scored single runs in the 2nd, 4th & 6th (looks as though we just played the even numbered innings, not very well and with no "crooked" numbers). Defensively, we left a lot to be desired, but when you only put up 3 runs, you won't win very many games (if any)! Notable offensive achievements include SS Al Caillouette 3/3 with 2 doubles, 3rd baseman Jeff Nickerson with a double and an RBI and RF Kirk Andes had a single and an RBI and made a very nice running catch. 1st baseman Dan Newman (nice catch on the line drive) and LF Jeff Watson (some good catches) were the only FastSigns players with 2 hits. With only 12 hits in 33 AB's, we hit a season low .364 (by over .100 points), maybe the 8 o'clock game is just too early for us! As the season winds down, we stand 3-4-1 tied for last place with 4 games to go. . . . . .not too far out to salvage the season. Thanks to volunteer player/umpires Brian Pin and Greg Allseitz and golfer/player Mike Hirsch in the Tower. Poor scorekeeper Christina Silva didn't dull the pencil at all, but kept an "easy & always correct" book, thank you!

Canyon State has now strung 3 wins together to go over .500 for the first time this season. After shifting defensive positions with so much versatility on this team in the first couple of games to see where everybody plays better at, Canyon State defense is looking much better. This was another overall TEAM effort. Fast Signs did not hit like they usually do in this game and Canyon took advantage of it. Top hitters were Bob Winkler with 4 hits, John Nicodemo and sub Bill Parker with 3. Thanks subs Bill Parker, Craig Warner and Lloyd Newlands. Thanks Greg and Brian for umping and score tower.

Thunderbird Auto - 2 WyYerd Fiber - 14

Thunderbird had a dismal day at the plate. Both Dave Fusaro 3/3 and Eric Shouse 2/2 were perfect at the plate. Otherwise Dick Nunez 1/3 and Jamie Sullivan 1/2 were the only other players to get a hit: 7/25 will not win many games!! We'll try again next time!!

WyYerd had it clickin' today! Defense was on point the entire game. Offense...well everyone chipped in and that means enough runs to win a game! Well done guys and gal! Let's start with Gary Ambruz. I asked Gary to move to left field from his right field home in the Red League. He never complained and played left field like he'd been there his whole life. Effort and attitude is what Gary brought the entire time he was able to be with us. 3 for 4 in today's game, great job my friend. Now it's time to say goodbye to Gary for the summer while he goes back to AK and works hard to fill my freezer this fall! Also time to say happy trails to Craig Nelson. Craig said goodbye to his team by racking up two more home runs and 7 more RBI's. Craig , you motivated the team when necessary and provided the ultimate in leadership. I think I speak for everyone when I say..nice season and thank you for your many contributions. A tip of the hat to Lisa Pelletier, double plays and nice grabs of hard hit ground balls. On top of that, what an arm. Rockets and on target even! Always a pleasure to play with you Lisa! Glenn Soles tossed a complete two run game and had 3/3 day at the plate, atta boy Glenn. Bob Snelling 2/3 and cat like behind the plate! Great job and good team player Mr. Snelling. Thank you for your contributions. Brian Pin looked good at third base and also 3/3 today. Tom Yurkunas added steady play at first base as usual and continued to hit the ball hard. Ray Gibson knocking down line shots and collecting assists while adding a hit..always fun to watch! Greg Allseits added a hit and some speedy snags in LF...always hustling Greg, nice job! Jeff Heary, probably sitting in the hot tub after his wrestling match with third base. Jeff always gives 100% and we are counting on his bat big time the final two weeks. Rick "E-Bay" Pearson seems to have secured a decent bat finally...4/4 and solid OF play. Great job Rick! See everyone next Tuesday unless I land on The Murder Trial Of The Century! Hoping they don't need me on any Jury's the next two weeks.