Chapter 12 & 13 replaced Bylaws

With the introduction of Chartered Club Policies and Procedures (CC P&P), Chartered Club By-Laws are no longer required.  Instead, they have been replaced with "Chapter 12" contents. The General Membership approved the Chapter 12 & 13 documents at the 3.9.2023 General Membership Meeting. The CC P&P can be found at Scroll down and click on Cahrtered Clubs Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws dated 4.3.10`9 have been removed. Per the CCP&P regarding Chapter 12: This section will be used to document the additions a Chartered Club may have to Chapters 1 – 11. The Chartered Club will document the Chapter, subsection and their additions. All additions have been approved by a majority vote of the Chartered Club members present and voting at a General Meeting and approved by the Lifestyles Manager.