Manager Duties

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Team Manager Responsibilties: Updated February 2024


Note: Effective February 2024 all equipment needed for game play, except for the paint-based line marker and batting tee, will be contained in 2 boxes in the stands area.

  • Base box (C key) located near the emergency gate.
  • Jobox (J key) located in the stands behind the away team dugout.

1) Combinations to the shed door and the new, larger black lock boxes under the electric panel and in the tower will be provided to you by your commissioners. The Electric Panel and Tower lock combinations are the same.

2) All keys needed to open the field for play are housed in the large combination box below the electric panel on the home field side. There is no longer any need to open the Electric Panel. The only keys still residing there are for the display cabinets, electrical outlets, and hose bib (Key D). The key (D) for the electric panel lock is in the old gray combination lock box positioned near the electric panel.

Backup keys for the Tower Jobox / Controller (key A), Gates (key C) and the Jobox (key J) are in the new combination lock box in the tower. Return all keys to the combination box, reset the keypad, and lock it immediately after use.

3) Use the Keys from the combination lock box to open the field up for play using the following steps. If the keys are missing use the backup keys in the tower and notify Field Maintenance personnel.

  1. Using the Gates Key (C)
    1.  Unlock home and visitor dugout gates.
      ii. Unlock the emergency gate.
      iii. Unlock the black base storage box near home dugout
  2. Using the Stands Jobox key (J)
    1. Unlock the Jobox behind the away team dugout. Insert the key and turn it. You should hear a click as the locking bar releases. If not, then with the key still twisted in the lock, give the key another slight pull to release the locking bar. Pull up the lid.
      1.  Remove the defibrillator, first-aid kits, defibrillator, face masks, umpire vests and, if needed, the bat warmer boxes from the box.
      2. Place the defibrillator and home first-aid kit along the home dugout wall. Place the visitor first-aid kit along the visitor dugout wall. Place the masks behind the home plate area on the hanger near where the additional game balls are stored.
      3. Place the umpire vests on the fence near the emergency gate.
      4. Place the bat warmer boxes, if being used, by both dugouts. (Do not over torque the knobs!)

4) Bring the hitting tee and a few balls out and place them at the hitting station.

5) Unlock the score tower storage bin and black scoreboard controller box using the Jobox (A) key. Unlock the chairs and the 9-1-1 phone using the Gate key (C) from step 3. Scoreboard Operator will be responsible for setting up Scoreboard.  Return all keys to their appropriate locations.

6) Note: We only use the tarp if rain is expected. If the tarp is covering the plate area. Remove the sandbags from the tarp. Fold up tarp and place next to black storage box if the plate area will be covered again or put it in the shed. Put the sandbags on the ledge behind the plate area.

7) If the field field needs to be lined, use the paint machine from the shed to paint the following lines. Return the line marker machine to the shed when done.

  1. Scoring line: Runs from the plate area base peg marker to the wall.  
  2. Scoring Commitment line: Runs perpendicular from the 3rd base foul line to the paint mark on the wall about 40’ down the line from 3rd base.
  3. Diagonal "No-Entry Area” line: From the plate area base plug scoring line marker to the point where the scoring commitment line and 3rdbase foul line intersect.

8)  Place the bases on the infield. Remove the plugs and place them along the fence on the 1st and 3rd base sides. If needed, use the tool on the fence to remove dirt from the stanchions. Place bases in the proper anchors (65’ or 70’) for your league.

9) If used, place the pitching screen in its designated area between the markers, add a towel if wet field conditions exist and make sure the field is free of any obstacles. Commissioners and/or Field Maintenance personnel will determine if the field is safe to play on in case of frost or poor weather conditions.

10) Place extra game balls behind home plate, in the first-base ball holder, and near the home and visitor dugouts (for warm-ups).

11) Open both bathroom doors.

12) Make sure all keys are placed back in their appropriate boxes and locked.

  1. Combination box under electric panel.
  2. Combination lock box in the scoring tower if used.

13) To turn on just the fans.

  1. Turn the switches for them on. The switches are near the electric box on the home field side. DO NOT turn on the pump switch. See the next item if using the misters and fans.

14) To turn on the misters and fans use the following steps.

    1. At the water pump outside of the field near the center entrance.
      1. Open the water valve to allow water to flow through pipes. 
      2. Turn the pump on. The on/off switch is on the opposite side of the pump housing. 
    2. By the home team dugout, near the electric box, turn on the pump and fan switches.


  1. Sweep off the whole home area mat (plate, batter’s boxes, and catcher mat).
  2. Note:: If rain is expected overnight then cover the plate area with the folded tarp. The tarp will either be in the shed or near the black base storage box. Place the tarp down with its silver side up and cover as much of the green batter’s carpet as possible. Put the sandbags down on all 4-corners and the pitching screen on top of the now covered plate area as additional protection from having the wind lift the tarp.
  3. Return bases to black storage box near home dugout. Insert plugs into the anchor slots.
  4. Remove any extra balls from the field, place them in the bucket in the black storage box. Lock the box once all items are inside it.
  5. Return the first-aid kits, defibrillator, protective masks, umpire vests and bat warmer boxes, if used, to the Jobox behind the away team dugout. Close the lid, slide the locking bar to the left and while holding it there, push the bottom of the lock until it clicks. Release the slide bar and give the lid a tug to see that it is locked.
  6. Put the hitting tee and balls back in the shed.
  7. Pick up anything that does not belong on the field or in the dugouts.
  8. Score Tower: Make sure the Last Scoreboard Operator has::
    1.  Stored the umbrella in the Jobox along with any heaters/fans that may have been used.
    2. Stored the Scoreboard Controller in the Black Box that is anchored to the floor.
    3. Locked all 4 locks  (Black Box, Jobox, Emergency Phone Box, and Chairs).
  9. Sweep out home dugout and area in front of bat rack using brooms found inside the fence. Do not sweep any debris other than dirt back onto the field. Use the dustpan under the bench to pick up debris and throw it into trash can. Return broom to its original position.
  10. Lock the Home gate, emergency gate, electric panel combination box (if still open), Jobox in the stands and black storage box. Before locking the electric panel combination lock box ensure that the Master keys (A, C & J) are inside the box. If any of the keys are missing, then contact the home team manager that was responsible for opening the field or Field Maintenance personnel.
  11. Check that the Visiting team has locked the Visitor’s gate and returned the Visitor’s first-aid kit and bat warmers, if used, to the Jobox. Check that the score tower area was properly locked down.
  12. Make sure the pitching screen is in its position on the third base side inside the field or on the home area.
  13. If just the fans are on, turn them off. Fan switches are by the electric box, home field side.
  14.  To turn off misters and fans:
    1.  On the Home field side of the stands near the electric box, turn off the pump and fan switches.
    2. At the water pump outside of field near the Main entrance, turn the pump off (switch is on the opposite side of the water valve).
    3. Close the water valve (valve handle should be 90 degrees to the pipe direction)

15. Close both bathroom doors.

16. Any leftover bats, gloves, shirts etc. can go in the lost and found area in the shed

17. Make sure shed door is locked. Sometimes the door needs to be slammed for the latch to connect.

18. Clean up left over trash and place recyclables in their proper containers.


  1. Return first-aid kit and bat warmer, if used, to the Jobox behind your dugout bench.
  2. Sweep out the dugout and in front of the bat rack area using the push broom found inside the fence. Do not sweep any debris other than dirt on to field. Use the dustpan (under the bench) to pick up debris and put in trash can. Return broom to original position inside the fence. Place the dustpan back under the bench.
  3. Clean up trash and place recyclables in their proper containers.
  4. Lock Visitor’s Gate.
  5. Any leftover bats, gloves, shirts etc. can go in the lost and found area in the shed.


  1. Ensure that players are wearing the proper uniform (i.e., Sponsor jersey visible on cold days, league issued ball cap, light gray pants or shorts, and only appropriate jewelry).
  2. Write up your team’s game summary, per your league’s instructions, for league distribution. Make sure to use the complete name of your sponsor (i.e., Liberty Buick vs. Liberty). 
  3. There is a concussion protocol that has been developed that must be strictly adhered to. Please be familiar with its contents.