Commissioner Duties


Approved by Board 1/1/2009; revised 10/2/2009; revised with Board & Commissioner Approval 4/6/12, 1-31-14

The SCG Softball Club Board will work with the outgoing league commissioners to identify potential volunteers to appoint as incoming commissioners for the softball calendar year. This process may involve managers from each league making a recommendation to the outgoing commissioner(s). Ideally a Chief Commissioner and two assistants are appropriate for each league. The Commissioners typically serve until they voluntarily retire, or are replaced by the above process.

Commissioner responsibilities are:
1. Selecting team Managers for their respective League and oversee the drafting of players per Club Rules.

  1. Ensuring that Club rules are enforced.
  2. Appointing a Head Umpire, if applicable for your league or personally assuming the task of scheduling umpires for their respective League.
  3. Oversight of team Managers to ensure that Manager’s adhere to the league rules and responsibilities as described in the Team Manager Responsibilities document.
  4. Handle the distribution of uniforms, scorebooks and club caps to each manager following the draft. The commissioners will ensure that anyone on the sub list also receives a club cap. Also supervise umpire and scorekeeper lists following the draft.
  5. Verify CAM cards for subs in your league. Retrieve CAM verification forms from League managers.
  6. Receive any and all complaints and protests from their League and determine the appropriate action to be taken. Present the issue and resolution to the Board in writing. Should the Commissioners be unable to resolve the problem, the issue shall be referred to the Board for final determination.
  7. Inasmuch as the Commissioners position is designed to be the conduit between the players, the managers and the Board, and vice versa, it shall be the responsibility of the Commissioners to present to the Board, in writing, any League-specific requests for changes, additions, deletions or variations of any rules of the Sun City Grand Softball Club. The Board will review the request prior to League implementation. (Our Club rules state that the Board cannot over rule a proposed League rule unless that rule poses a safety problem or violates CAM guidelines.) Commissioners are also asked to submit approved rule changes with an effective date to the webmaster for posting on the Club website.
  8. The Chief Commissioner their designated assistant/alternate attends monthly Board meetings.
  9. The Commissioner or their representative is responsible for declaring the field open and ready for play. This is especially important when we have the potential for inclement weather such as frost and rain. Dragging the infield between games will be determined under the advice and discretion of the League commissioner in conjunction with the Director of Field Operations.
  10. In general, the commissioners ensure the smooth operation of league games and that umpire and scorekeeper’s duties are met.