Summer I Weekday 2023 Rules

Summer I Weekday 2023 Special Rules

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Summer Weekday League Rules
1. Substitute players will be chosen with like numerical rating or higher. If necessary, substitute players may be no
more than .1 lower than the player being substituted for. As an example, a player with a 2.8 rating will be
substituted with another player at 2.8 or 2.9 as the first choice. If there are no available 2.8 or 2.9, then a 2.7
will be selected from the Sub List. If there are no substitutes available then a player from an existing Team will
be the next choice. The Commission can approve an exception but the first choice will be a 3.0 if no other
options and then a 2.6.
2. There will be a 4 run limit per half inning, except the final inning which will be unlimited.
3. If one game is rained out, all games are considered rained out even if some of them have been played to
conclusion. Unless, games can be rescheduled in later weeks.
4. Pitched balls hitting the screen will be called a ball.
5. Walk Rule - There will be one Intentional Walk allowed to any batter in any inning. It must be a true strategic
move and not just to pitch around someone. Strategic can be subjective but things that will raise concerns are
early innings, big leads etc. Walks are allowed in all innings. ***This is a Club Rule except this also applies to
Red League players
o Change to Club Rule XV L 2 – Red Leaguers can be walked but if it is obvious the pitcher was not giving the
batter pitches to hit the batter will walk but the pitcher will be subject to un-sportsmanlike conduct
discipline. Opposing Manager, Batter or Umpire can report it to the commissioner for review after the
game. If you feel there is an issue or could be headed toward an issue make sure you inform the
commissioner or alternate commissioner during the game so they can watch more closely if they are
there. Board Members in attendance can also report occurrences. The commissioner will talk to Umpire,
Batter, Pitcher and both Managers and make a ruling based on the information.
o This is also subjective but things to look for:
Consistent pitches too high, low, inside, outside
Same batter walked more than once
3 pitch walk (understand you can walk someone on 3 pitches while trying to throw a strike so this is not
always a cause for a warning)
6. An outfielder cannot attempt to throw a batter out at first base. A relay is allowed to an infielder. If the
outfielder attempts a throw to first they will be warned. The second offense resulting in a suspension and the
runner shall automatically be awarded 2nd base. All other runners are forced to the next base.
7. There is an imaginary line from third base to first base – fielders, other than the pitcher and catcher, must stay
behind that line until the ball is batted. One warning, second offense results in game ejection. Batter shall
automatically be awarded 1st base. All other runners are forced to the next base.
8. Outfielders must remain on the grass until the ball is batted. One warning, second offense results in game
ejection. Batter shall automatically be awarded 1st base. All other runners are forced to the next base.
9. Sub runners may only run once per inning and 3 times per game. If a potential sub runner touches a base, he or
she may come off the base and another sub may run, if the pitcher has not yet made a pitch. If a sub runner is
on base and is due to bat, the team can use another sub (counts towards the 3) but not until it is their turn to
10. Saturday Only Rule: 1 up Rule. Any Home Run after the one home run will be a walk until the other team hits a
homerun. Each base runner has to be forced to the next base. The batter is not required to touch first base nor
are anyone already on base required to touch the next base.
11. If you are assigned to a Duty, the player is responsible for getting a replacement. If you, or your replacement
does not show up it will be a one game suspension for the original person assigned (Players need to follow up to
ensure their sub remembers and not just ask once and hope).
12. Club Rule VIII D - says Batter Must Run to Orange Bag and cannot touch the white bag on a play at first. And
under no circumstance can the first baseman touch the Orange bag. To avoid a collision, if the first baseman
does drift onto the Orange bag, the runner can go to the White bag with no penalty.