2018 Inductee

 2018 Inductee

Lamar Forque

Lamar became a member in 2003, shortly after he and his wife Judy moved to Grand. A Veteran, Lamar has always been one to be there to help others in need.  That is the one underlying trait that one recognizes if they are to know Lamar. In 1992, Lamar was the very first civilian to receive the Medal of Valor from the Department of Public Safety in Utah for his heroic action which saved the lives of three children which Lamar pulled from a burning vehicle while others looked on.

His Club contributions include team manager, sign sponsor solicitation and management, director of field operations and numerous charity events fund raising and donation solicitation.

Right after the Katrina storm hit New Orleans, Lamar organized a fund raising event through the Club which provided over $3000 to the Salvation Army to help those in need. Two years later when Cave Creek was on fire, Lamar collected funds from many of us to support the purchase of 100’s of phone cards for the firefighters so they could contact their loved ones back home. During the Willow Creek fire a few years later, our club raised funds to enable Lamar to deliver 100’s of pairs of socks and over 10,000 baby wipes to their headquarters at Pine Top so the firefighters could stay clean during that operation…AND Let’s not forget the time in 2008 when Lamar used his CPR training to save a life outside at Cimarron. We raised over $60,000 for those in need and Lamar was responsible for many of the items sold at auction and he continues to be the best hot dog cooker in Grand !!

We are all so  proud to be able to call Lamar a teammate and a friend.