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 As of 3.20.24: There are currently 34 sponsors, 24 Sign Sponsors and 10 Team Jersey Sponsors.

 Team  Jersey Sponsors

 1.The Softball Club has traditionally used 10 Team Jersey Sponsors to supply jerseys for 10 teams for Saturday play.  Some of these jerseys are often used for spring and summer leagues.  The equipment manager determines which jerseys are used if more or less than 10 sets of jerseys are required, based on jersey color (light colors are preferred in summer) and condition of the set of jerseys.  The jerseys used during spring and summer are determined by the equipment manager, with consideration of condition of the set of jerseys and exposure of sponsor.

2. Team sponsors are billed for their sponsorship due on May 1st. Because of jersey costs sponsors are requested to commit to a three year sponsorship .A 10% discount is offered to sponsors paying up front for all three years. All proceeds are kept by the Club. With the year beginning on May 1st, the need for any new sponsors can be resolved and new sponsor jerseys can be obtained prior to the Sponsor Picnic and the opening of the field after the fall over-seeding. When new Team Sponsors are required the sponsor committee solicits and then recommends potential Team Sponsors to the board.

3. Team jerseys are 100% purchased by the Softball Club. The Club will order 19 jerseys per team.. Team jerseys are inspected annually, and any that are in poor condition or damaged will be replaced at the Softball Club's expense. Team jerseys are expected to last 3 years or more.

4. Team Sponsor Jerseys are designed with Sponsor input and approved artwork.

5. Team Sponsors are given 1 jersey each time a new set is purchased by the Club.

6. Team Sponsors are given appreciation plaques and invited to the Sponsor Picnic.

7. Team Sponsors that wish to become outfield Sign Sponsors will be added to a list and notified when Sign Sponsorships become available. The list to be chronologically ordered with those Team sponsors that have waited the longest being contacted first

Sign Sponsors

1. The Softball Club has traditionally utilized 24 sign sponsors.

2. Jerseys for each sign sponsor utilizing sponsor approved artwork are purchased by the Club. Jerseys are assigned in four sub-groups of 6 and are rotated annually through the Red League, White League, and 2 sets of 6 for the Blue League.

 3. Due to the spacing of the brick pillars that form the outfield wall the number and size of the panels varies around the field. The signs are printed on 3m vinyl and applied to the sign board plywood, primed and painted green on the side seen through the fence.

4. In the past, signs were replaced approximately every three years, when a new contract was signed. Currently, we are placing the signs directly on sign board rather than vinyl wrapped foam. Utilizing the outdoor grade plywood it is expected that the advertising signs will last longer, potentially 4-5 years.

5. Cam is responsible for maintaining the fence, plywood backing and any required padding CAM currently pays for ½ of the sign costs (approx. $280 per panel, $560 is the total per each sign panel)

 6. Sign Sponsor Revenue is split 70% to CAM, 30% to the Softball Club.

7. The Sign Sponsor is responsible for artwork, obtaining artwork approval from the Club and ½ of the sign cost (approx. @$280 per panel).

8. Signs replaced prior to the full sign life (4-5 years) will be the responsibility of the sponsor. During the agreement should the advertiser wish to change the sign the cost shall be borne solely by the advertiser.

9. The Softball Club is responsible for:

   a. Obtaining Sign and Team Sponsors by approaching local businesses explaining the benefits to their bottom line by advertising in such a large, dynamic, and wealthy community.

   b. Maintaining relationships and contact with existing Advertisers and connecting them to the sign and uniform providers to design their Advertisements. Sponsors in a timely manner.

   c.Deliver contracts to advertisers in a timely manner.

   d. Painting the back green and installing the plywood panels after the sign vendor has placed the vinyl sign on the plywood.

  e. Maintaining the signs: inspecting twice a year, washing signs semi- annually, address minor damage, and notifying the sponsor when it's determined that their sign needs to be replaced  

  f . Purchasing team jerseys.

  g. Inviting Sponsors to the annual Sponsor picnic

  h. Distributing thank you plaques to all sponsors.


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