Summer 2022 Standings

 Saturday League Summer 2022 Standings


Games thru -  Saturday, July 16, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Liberty Buick 2 0 0 1.000
Angelas Kitchen 2 0 0 1.000
Thomas Pham DDS 0 2 0 0.000
Karen Olsen Realty 0 2 0 0.000

 Saturday, July 16, 2022

Angela's Kitchen - 11 Karen Olsen Realty - 4

Angeles had a solid game both offense and defense. Pounding out 20 hits and holding KO's team to 4 runs. Hot bats today go to: Ed Deussen 3 for 3, Craig Warner 3 for 3, Dave Elkins 3 for 3 and Sheldon Rosenthal 3 for 3. Close by was Tom Gibans and George Ponomaroff each going 2 for 3. Our defense ended the game with an unheard of 7-11-3 double play. Great game for our guys.

The Karen Olsen team had a rough day getting hits. They only had 12 for the game. John Boland, Danny Wood, and Dave Swanson were the only players with 2 hits. No one was perfect at the plate. Thank you Laura Johnson for subbing. Laura had a couple of good plays in the field.

T Pham Dentist - 9 Liberty Buick - 17

A lopsided loss today, Thomas Pham on the wrong side of a 17-9 loss handed to them by Liberty Buick. Our offense was led by Ken Krzeminski with 4 Hits. 2 RBI and 2 Runs Scored. He was followed by Sub. Dave Swanson with 3 Hits. 2 RBI and 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Steve Katz, Jeff Nickerson, Sub Daren Proctor and JIm Matthews 2 Hits apiece, Katz 2 Runs Scored, Nickerson a Walk, Double, 2 Runs Scored and RBI, Proctor RBI and Matthews Walk, RBI. Bob Snelling and Dick Steiman both had a hit, Snelling Run Scored and RBI and Steiman 2 RBI.

Liberty Buick defeated Thomas Pham DDS 17-9. Liberty Buick had an all-around good game. Everyone contributed offensively with at least one hit. The team defense was stellar. Greg Roehm at shortstop and Jim Opyd at third base made several big league plays. In his first game of the season, Barney Armstrong was solid at first base. Les Zirbel played his usual big-time defensive game at Rover. Subs Jaime Sullivan and Jay Schirpke caught everything hit their way! TOP HITTERS: (Sub) Jaime Sullivan 4-4, (Sub) Jay Schirpke 3-4 (2B/HR), Rick Pearson 3-4 (2B), Les Zirbel 2-4 (2B/3B), Greg Church 3-4 (2B), Jim Opyd 2-4, Al Miller, Jim Young, and Wes Mason were all 2-3, and Barney Armstrong was 1-3.


Games thru -  Saturday, July 9, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Liberty Buick 1 0 0 1.000
Angelas Kitchen 1 0 0 1.000
Thomas Pham DDS 0 1 0 0.000
Karen Olsen Realty 0 1 0 0.000

 Saturday, July 9, 2022

The Colonnade - 15 Angela's Kitchen - 16

Opening day Colonnade lost a close game 16-15 to a tough hitting Angela's team. It was a slugfest right up to the last inning, when Angela's plated 4 Runs to ice the game. Offensively, the Dentist did well plating 15 runs but fell one short for the victory. Bob Snelling led the offense with a 4-4 game, including a Double, Triple, 2 RBI and 3 Runs Scorded. Along with Jeff Nickerson also 4-4, Double, Triple, 3 RBI and 2 Runs scored. Sub. Don Cole, and Arthur Stackpole both 3 Hits, Cole 2 RBI and a run scored, Stackpole 2 Runs Scored and 1 RBI. Jim Matthews. Ron Rogerson, Steve Katz and Sub. Ron Swanson had 2 hits apiece, Matthews ! RBI and 1 Run Scored, Rogerson 1 RBI, Swanson a Run Scored and Katz 2 RBI and 2 Runs scored. Dick Steinman a hit and Run Scored and Ken Krzeminski a Hit and 2 RBI.
Angelas trailed the majority of the game but pulled off a 4 run 7th to win.

Winning run was a "walk-off" hit by George Ponomaroff in the bottom of the 7th. Hitting was good with ALL players getting hits. Dave Elkins was a perfect 4 for 4 with an out of the park homerun. Curtis Rhoades was also a perfect 4 for 4 with a double. Ed Deussen and sub Gregg Roehm were near perfect at 3 for 4. Tom Gibans, Joel Last, Wayne Moxley, George Ponomaroff and Ed Campbell each pitched in with 3 hits each.

Karen Olsen Realty - 5 Liberty Buick - 9

The Karen Olsen team had trouble scoring runs to start the game. Liberty was ahead 9-0 after 5 innings. The KO team scored 4 in the 6th, then held Liberty to no runs in the top of the 7th. The KO team was in a good spot to try and come back. However, a double play and a great catch made by Les Zirbel ended the game. Going perfect at the plate was John Boland 4/4 and Dave Swanson 3/3. Dick Nunez, Tom Yurkunas, and Dale Schroeder were all 2/3. Thank you to Tom and Laura Johnson for subbing.

Liberty Buick opened up the Summer Saturday League with a well-played 9-5 win over Karen Olsen. Solid defense led by the infield duo of rover Les Zirbel and shortstop Russ Figueroa turned several rally-killing double plays. Outfielders Jay Schirpke, Ron Swanson, and Al Miller made several outstanding catches. Top Hitters: Jay Schirpke 1-3 (HR), Greg Roehm 1-4 (3B), Jim Opyd 2-3 (3B), Greg Church, Ron Swanson, Ed Campbell, Jim Young, and Mark Brenner were all 2-3.



Games thru -  Saturday, July 23, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Liberty Buick 3 0 0 1.000
Angelas Kitchen 2 1 0 0.667
Thomas Pham DDS 1 2 0 0.333
Karen Olsen Realty 0 3 0 0.000


Saturday, July 23, 2022

Karen Olsen Realty - 8 T Pham Dentist - 15

The Karen Olsen team hit better, but still came up short. The TP team had a lot of great defensive plays to keep any sustained rallies in check. Perfect at the plate were Bob Williams and Dick Nunez, going 3/3 and 2/2 respectively. Going 2/3 we’re Danny Wood and Dave Swanson. Going 2/4 we’re Greg Allseitz and John Hammel. Thank you Greg for subbing.

Thomas Pham Dentistry finally broke into the win column big time defeating Karen Olsen Realty 15-8. The offense was le by Jeff Nickerson 4-4 with a Double, 3 Runs Scored and 4 RBI. He was followed by Bob Snelling and Sub. Ken Silva with 3 hits apiece, Snelling also had a Walk, RBI and 3 Runs Scored and Silva a Triple and 3 RBI. Jeff Smith and Sub. Curtis Rhodes added 2 hits each, Smith a Double and a Run Scored, Rhodes a Run Scored. Steve Katz, Sub. Fred Lubs, JIm Matthews, Dick Steiman and Mike Sullivan all contributed a hit, Katz a RBI and 3 Runs Scored, Lubs a Sac, Run Scored and 3 RBI, Matthews RBI, Steiman RBI and Run Scored and Sullivan a Walk and Run scored.

Liberty Buick - 15 Angela's Kitchen - 4

"The Liberty Buick Team played Angela’s and secured a 15-4 win. LB played an all-around good game on both offense and defense. Defensively Jim Young at 2B was a monster making several outstanding plays of hard-hit balls. Tom Yurkunas (sub) was solid at 3B filling in for injured Russ Figueroa. SS Greg Roehm, rover Les Zirbel and Barney Armstrong at 1B were vacuums and the outfield of Jim Opyd, Pete Semenak, Rick Pearson and Al Miller hauled in everything! Top Hitters: Pete Semenak was 4-4 (3B), Les Zirbel 4-4 (2B/3B), Greg Roehm 3-4 (2B) Rick Pearson (2B/3B), Tom Yurkunas and Barney Armstrong were both 2-3. Jim Young and Greg Church were 2-3, each with a 2B hit. Al Miller was 1-3 (2B)

Not a good day for Angelas. 15 hits and 4 runs will not win many games. However 2 teammates had a good day pounding 6 hits with all (4) of our runs batted in. Ed Deussen was 3 for 4 and Curt Rhoades 3 for 3. The other 9 hits were spread over 8 hitters. .

Games thru -  Saturday, August 6, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Liberty Buick 3 1 1 0.700
Angelas Kitchen 3 2 0 0.600
Karen Olsen Realty 2 3 0 0.400
Thomas Pham DDS 1 3 1 0.300


 Saturday, August 6, 2022

Liberty Buick - 8 T Pham Dentist - 8

Liberty Buick and Thomas Pham played to an 8-8 tie. Liberty led most of the game and led 7-0 after 4 innings. TP scored 8 runs in the final 3 innings and Liberty could only squeeze out 1 run. Top Hitters: Greg Roehm 3-4 (3 2B), Les Zirbel, Greg Church, Paul Jinneman and Wes Mason were all 2-3. Pete Semenak and Rick Pearson were 2-4. Barney Armstrong, Al Miller, Jim Opyd, and Jim Young were 1-3.

Thomas Pham Dentistry faced off against the first place Liberty Buick Team and for most of the game it looked like Liberty was going to dominate. After four innings of play the score was 7-0 Liberty. Then the Dentist's came to life, scoring 2 in the fifth and 3 runs each in the sixth and seventh. Meantime, holding the Buick Dealership to just 1 run over the last three innings. Offensively, Jeff Nickerson led the way with 3 hits, including a 3 RBI Inside the Park Home Run, which by the way plated the tying run in the top of the seventh. Steve Katz, Jim Matthews, Ron Rogerson and Sub. Dick Nunez added 2 Hits apiece, Katz had a RBI and Run Scored, Matthews Run Scored, Rogerson, RBI and Nunez 2 Doubles, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Dick Steiman, Ken Krzeminski and Sub. Ron Swanson each had 1 Hit, Steiman a Run scored, Krzeminski a Double, Walk, Run Scored and RBI. Defensively, Steve Katz in Right Center made a fabulous catch running full speed and reaching over his head to catch a hard hit ball right at the warning track. Bob Snelling in Left Center made several great plays and was responsible for throwing out a runner trying to stretch a single. into a double. In the seventh inning with the game tied Ken Krzeminski caught a shot down at third base and threw out the runner for the first out. The final out of the game was caught by Jeff Nickerson at shortstop running out to short left field and reaching out to catch the ball to seal the tie.

Karen Olsen Realty - 13 Angela's Kitchen - 12

The Karen Olsen team locked horns with Angela’s in a game that went down to the wire. Tied 6-6 after 4, Angela’s jumped out to a 12-8 lead going into the bottom of the 7th. After 4 straight hits, Dick Nunez 3/4 ended the game with a 3 run home run to give the Realtor’s a one run win. John Hammel led the team in hitting going 4/4. John Boland went 3/4, and Dave Swanson and Bob Williams both went 2/3. Everyone on the team had at least one hit. Thank you Fred Lubs for subbing.

Angela's played an outstanding game until the bottom of the 7th, giving up 5 runs and losing the game. Outstanding bats today were Tom Gibans going 4 for 4 (a double), Rick Pearson 3 for 3 with a SAC fly and Sheldon Rosenthal going 4 for 4 with 2 rbi's. Sub Jon Chlebeck was 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and 4 rbi's. Ed Deussen, Dave Elkins and George Ponomaroff each chipped in 2 hits each.