Summer 2023 Standings

 Saturday League Standings and Game Summaries for Summer 2023


Games thru -  Saturday, May 27, 2023
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Backbone Chiropractic 5 2 0 0.714
Angelas Kitchen 5 2 0 0.714
Carrousel Travel 4 2 1 0.643
Homesmart Realty 1 4 2 0.286
Northwest Physical Therapy 0 6 1 0.071


Saturday, May 27, 2023

Angela's Kitchen - 5 BackBone Chiropractic - 9

In a battle with the 2nd place team Angelas came up short and lost to a determined Backbone team and ended up tied for 1st place to end the season. Lack of hitting and untimely errors were the demise for Angelas. Leading the team today was Ken Silva going 3 for 3 with a triple and 2 rbi's. Ed Campbell was 2 for 3 and a triple. Sub Brian Swenson was 2 for 3. Jim Opyd had 1 hit for a triple and an rbi. Sub Gale Hiser was 1 for 3 with a double. Sub Greg Church was 1 for 3 with a triple. Bob Cary was 1 for 3 with a rbi. Rick Pearson, Mike McGinn, and Wes Mason each had a hit.

After losing 2 of the first 3 games of the season by yielding 4 and 5 runs to Angela's and Carousel Travel respectively in one run 7th inning losses, BackBone Chiropractic reeled in 4 consecutive wins to finish tied for 1st with Angela's in a 9-5 pitchers battle over Angelas today. Glenn Turner 4 for 4 with an RBI finished the season 19 for 20 and fittingly caught 2 linedrives in the 7th inning to close out the game. Greg Roehm 2 for 4 with a doublehad 2 RBI. Ray Gibson 3 for 4, winning pitcher Ray Hensley with a hit, Mike Kachurak 2 for 3, Jim Mathews with a hit, an Ed Hart each added an RBI. Ted Grove and sub Greg Allseitz with a double each went 2 for 4 on the day. Sub Marty Jiminez double and scored once.

Carrousel Travel - 10 Homesmart Realty - 9

Carrousel Travel won today against a good Homesmart team to end the season. Thank you to Mike Kachurak for subbing. On the offense today, the highlights were Joe Eschenbrenner going perfect at the plate with a single, double and a triple and Jim Young hitting for a double to start the 3rd inning. On the defense, Ron Kaleta had three strike outs plus a catch for an out. The entire squad did their part to end the season on a high note. It was great playing with everyone!

"Homesmart was defeated 10-9 by Carrousel Travel. “MIA” team defense (an abundance of errors) was Homesmart’s demise in Carrousel’s two big innings. Seven of the Homesmart hitters had multiple hits including seven extra-base hits. TOP HITTERS: John Boland 4-4 (2 3B), Curt Rhoades 4-4, John Bertholdy 3-3, Dave Swanson 3-4 (2B), Al Miller and Greg Church were both 2-3, John Nicodemo 2-4 (3B), Dick Steiman 1-3, and Barney Armstrong turned in a 1-4 day.


NW Physical Therapy - 9 Russ' All Stars - 16

"The NWPT team was no match for Russ’s All Stars, but we tried! Leading the hitting were subs Ken Silva and Rick Pearson going 3/3. Dick Nunez also went 3/3. John Hammel and sub Ray Hensley both contributed 2 hits. It was a tough season for the Therapist’s; but fortunately this season is done, now off to the next one! Thank you to the team for all your efforts!
In the final game of the Saturday Spring session a makeshift team of players from the Sub List +1 came out on top 16-9 against Northwest PT. The entire line up contributed top to bottom as everyone had at least 1 hit. The team had 29 hits and scored the maximum number of runs in 4 of the 7 innings. Perfect at the plate going 4 for 4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI was Don Trenda who also pitched a great game and Sheldon Rosenthal 3 for 3 and scored once and also made a couple big plays at second base. 6 others went 3 for 4 – Paul Jinneman (4 runs, RBI) set the tone as the leadoff hitter, Paul Larson (run, 2 RBI) chipped in with a triple, Don Cole (3 runs, 4 RBI) had a big 3 run homerun in the final inning, Kurt Kanouse (2 runs, RBI) had a double and a couple catches in left, Phil Murray (2 runs, 2 RBI) also had a double and Ron Swanson (2 RBI) with both his RBIs capping off two separate 4 run innings. Debbie Kanouse (ht, run) had a solid hit to left field that was part of the 4 run 4th inning that would secure the win. Greg Allseitz (hit, run, RBI) rounded out the offense while playing a solid left center with a couple catches and a nice throw to second to stop a rally. Thank you to all the Subs that came together quickly and played well together.


Games thru -  Saturday, May 20, 2023
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Angelas Kitchen 5 1 0 0.833
Backbone Chiropractic 4 2 0 0.667
Carrousel Travel 3 2 1 0.583
Homesmart Realty 1 3 2 0.333
Northwest Physical Therapy 0 5 1 0.083

 Saturday, May 20, 2023

NW Physical Therapy - 10 Angela's Kitchen - 14

It started as a disaster. Angela’s ran out to a 14-0 lead after 4 innings. However, the Therapist’s battled back scoring 10 in the next 3 innings while holding Angela’s scoreless. However, we went scoreless in the 7th. Leading the way going 3/4 were Bob Snelling, Ed Deussen, Brian Pin, Daren Proctor, and Ed Musgrave. Adding 2 hits were Dick Nunez, John Hammel, and Joel Last.

"Angela's Kitchen came out of the box hitting up a storm against Northwest Physical Therapy. They plated 4 in the first, 3 in the second, 4 in the Third and 3 in the fourth and then were shut out over the last three innings. Meantime. Northwest scored none in the first 3 innings but then a fire was lit under them, plating 10 runs in the next three innings. So the score going into the last inning was 14-10 and that turned out to be the final score. The first five hitters in Angela's line-up were 3-4. Kathy Boland, Jim Opyd, Ken Silva, Rick Pearson and Jerry Feldman. Boland scored 3 Runs, Opyd 2 Triples, 2 Runs Scored and RBI, Silva an Inside the Park Home Run, 2 Runs Scored and 3 RBI, Pearson 2 Runs Scored, 2 Doubles and 2 RBI and Feldman Run Scored. Four batters after that had 2 Hits apiece, Ed Campbell, Sub. Ron Swanson, Sub Bob Higgins and Wes Mason. Campbell Run Scored and RBI, Swanson RBI, Higgins Triple, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI and Mason Run Scored and RBI. There was very good defense especially early in the game but the one that stood out was an over the head catch by Ken Silva in Left Field for the final out of the third inning, leaving the bases loaded and no Runs Scored. "

NW Physical Therapy - 13 Carrousel Travel - 22

The Therapist started out better in the second game, but still pulled up short in the end. Leading the way going 4/4 was Dick Nunez, Brian Pin, and Daren Proctor. Going 3/3 was Ed Deussen, John Hammel, and Daren Proctor. The Therapists put forth a great effort especially in the first game; and overall, we never quit!!

Carrousel Travel won a high scoring game today. Thank you to our subs Jeff Cretors and John Nicodemo. Offensively everyone hit great today. Perfect at the plate were Michael Sullivan (Sully), Russ Figueroa, Danny Wood and Tom Gibans. Defensively..... Jim Young had a great out at home. Ron Kaleta had a strike out. Sully took it himself at 2nd for a last out to close to 2nd inning. Russ Figueroa had several great catches and throws playing shortstop. Dan Newman had the defensive play of the game. From the ground in the outfield, a perfect throw to 1st for an out.

BackBone Chiropractic - 10 Homesmart Realty - 8

Homesmart Realty gave BackBone almost all it could handle before BackBone scored 6 unanswered runs in the 5th and 6th innings to take a 10-7 lead into the 7th. Homesmart scored once and threatened before taking the loss. With the win, Backbone Chiropractic will play next week with a chance to share the league championship. Jay Scirpke 3 for 4 with a double and triple, Ray Gibson 2 for 4 with a double and triple, Greg Roehm 3 for 3 with a double and triple, and Glenn Turner 3 for 3 each had 2 RBI. Ted Grove and Jim Mathews each had a hit and RBI. Ed hart went 3 for 3 with a double and run scored. Winning pitcher Ray Hensley had 2 hits and Mike Kachurak one. Lonnie Saiz scored the game winning run after reaching base on a fielder's choice. Thanks to Dale Schroeder for filling in today and being on the receiving end of two runners thrown out at the plate!

The team played some good defense at times and collected 17 hits, but came up short. Big hitter was John Boland 4 for 4 with a double. Getting 2 hits each were Jon Nicodemo, Paul Jinneman, Greg Church and Albert Miller. Next game Sat. May 27th 7:00 and we will be Visitors


Games thru -  Saturday, May 13, 2023
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Angelas Kitchen 4 1 0 0.800
Backbone Chiropractic 3 2 0 0.600
Carrousel Travel 2 2 1 0.500
Homesmart Realty 1 2 2 0.400
Northwest Physical Therapy 0 3 1 0.125

 Saturday, May 13, 2023

Angela's Kitchen - 17 Carrousel Travel -16

First game of a double header and it was a slugfest for both teams. The Final result was a 17-16 victory for Angela's Kitchen over Carousel Travel. Carousel jumped out to a 9-3 lead after 2 1/2 innings. After that it was mostly back and forth with Angela's trailing 16-13 going into the bottom of the seventh. In that inning the first five batters got hits, with the winning run at third base and one out, Mike Kachurak was intentionally walked to load the bases. Mike Mcginn hit the ball up the middle for a base hit to end the game. Offensively, Jim Opyd and Jerry Feldman led with 4-4 at bats, Feldman had a Run Scored and 4 RBI, Opyd a Double, 3Runs Scored and 2 RBI/ Ken Silva and Ed Campbell followed the leaders with 3 Hits each, Campell a Run Scored and RBI, Silva 3 Doubles, 3 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Kathy Boland, Mike Mcginn and Art Stackpole had 2 Hits, Stackpole 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI, Mcginn RBI (Game Winner), Boland 2 Runs Scored. Rick Pearson also had 2 hits, Double, Triple, 3 Runs Scored and 5 RBI. Wes Mason added a Hit, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Sue Cary who got hurt and had to be replaced had a hit in 2 at bats and Scored a Run, She was replaced by Mike Kachurak who had a Hit, Walk (int.} and Run Scored.

Carrrousel lost a close one today against Angelas. Thankyou to our subs Gary Armstrong, Larry Radant and Dick Steiman. Everybody contributed to the 16 runs, Russ Figueroa went 5 for 5 at the plate.

Angela's Kitchen - 9 Homesmart Realty - 11

"Second game of the double header, a little less offense then the first game by both teams. This game after three, Angela's Kitchen was winning 2 to 0, then each team had matching innings. Both teams scored 3 in the fourth and 4 in the fifth, leaving Angela's still ahead by 2. However HomeStead Realtors plated 4 in the top of the sixth to take a 2 Run lead. Shutting down Angela's in the sixth and after they didn't score in the top of the seventh, they shut down Angela's again in their half of the seventh for the win 11-9. Ed Campbell and Jim Opyd led the offense with 3 Hits each, Feldman Run Scored and RBI, Campbell 2 Runs Scored. Kathy Boland, ken Silva, Jerry Feldman, Mike Kachurack, and Mike Mcginn had 2 hits apiece. Boland Run Scored, Silva 2 Runs Scored, Inside the Park Home Run and 3 RBI, Feldman Run Scored and RBI, Kachurak 2 RBI and Mike Mcginn RBI. Rick Pearson and Bob Cary had a Hit each, Pearson Triple, Run Scored, Sac Fly and 2 RBI. " 

Another come back, but this time the team did not come up short and won with some good hitting. Everyone got at least one hit, as the team collected 21 hits after 3 scoreless innings to start the game. Big hitter was John Nicodemo with 3 hits. Getting 2 hits each were Paul Jinneman, Dave Swanson(triple), Barney Armstrong, Chuck Gibson, Ed Musgrave, Laura Johnson, Dick Steiman and John Silva . Getting a big triple, driving in 3 runs was John Boland. Good Team effort. Next: May 20th 9:30 VISITORS

NW Physical Therapy - 5 BackBone Chiropractic - 15

The Therapist started slow and only managed one productive inning when we scored 4 in the 5th inning. We struggled as a team both offensively and defensively. The high points were Bob Snelling and Ed Deussen both going 3-3. Bob is hitting .923 for the season. Brian Pin and Bob Craig were both 2/3. The rest of the team only combined for 3 hits. Credit has to go to the Backbone team and pitcher Ray Hensley.

After a scoreless 1st inning for both teams, BackBone Chiropractic scored 4 runs in each of the next two innings to lead 8-0 and coast to a 15-5 decision over Northwest Physical Therapy. Jay Schirpke with a a double, Ted Grove with a triple and 2 RBI, Greg Roehm with a triple and 4 RBI, and sub Don Cole with a RBI each had 3 hits on the day. Ray Gibson with a double and 2 RBI, Jim Mathews with a RBI, Mike Kachurak with 2 RBI, and sub Larry Radant with a double and 2 RBI each added 2 hits. Winning pitcher Ray Hensley and Ed Hart each had a hit and RBI. Thanks to Larry Radant, Don Cole Cole and Dale Schroeder for filling in today!

Games thru - Saturday, May 6, 2023
    TeamWonLostTieWin PCT
Angelas Kitchen3001.000
Carrousel Travel2110.625
Backbone Chiropractic2200.500
Homesmart Realty0220.250
Northwest Physical Therapy0210.167

 Saturday, May 6, 2023

Homesmart Realty - 14 NW Physical Therapy - 14

The bats were hot, the team getting 23 hits and the team came back in bottom of the 7th to pull out a tie. Big hitters, getting 4 hits (triple) Russ Fugueroa, getting 3 hits each were John Nicodemo (triple), Dave Swanson(triple), Barney Armstrong(triple) and Chuck Gibson. Getting 2 hits each were Curtis Rhoades and Greg Church.

The Therapist finally found their bats, running up 14 runs. Unfortunately, the Homesmart team kept pace. The Therapist took a 14-9 lead going into the bottom of the 7th. Homesmart responded with well placed hits as their first 5 hitters all scored. The Therapist were able to shut the door to preserve a tie. Bob Snelling and Daren Proctor led the hit parade going 4/4 with a double. Also perfect at the plate was Howard Sumner and Brian Pin both going 3/3. Brian had to leave the game after being hit in the face by a bad hop. Rick Armentano stepped in for him and was 1/1. This made the top 4 hitters a combined 14/15. Dick Nunez was 3/4 with 2 doubles and 4 runs batted in. Sub Artie Stackpole was 2/3 and pitched a good game. Thank you to Rick, Artie, Ray Gibson, and Mike McGinn for subbing.

Homesmart Realty - 10 BackBone Chiropractic - 18

The team came out a little tired after playing a good game, but held in there as a team, collecting 22 hits. Big hitters were John Nicodemo 4 hits. Getting 3 hits each were Dave Swanson, Greg Church and tag SS Rick Armentano and Fuss Figueroa. Getting 2 hits each were Curtis Rhoades, Laura Johnson, Albert Miller and Klaus Holt.

BackBone Chiropractic led from start to finish as the team ;secured and held a big lead in the early innings. Jay Schirpke 3 for 3 with a doubel and 3 runs scored, Ray Gibson 4 for 4 with 2 RBI and 4 runs scored, and Ted Grove 4 for 4 with 2 RBI and 3 runs scored were perfect at the plate in the 1-2-3 batting positions. With the table set, Greg Roehm with 2 hits including a triple and Glenn Turner with 3 hits including a double and triple batting in 4 and 5 runs respectively. Winning pitcher Ray Hensley with 2 RBI and Jim mathews each were 3 for 4 on the day. Mike kachurack with 2 hits and Lonnoie Saiz with a hit each added an RBI. Mike also made several fine outfield catches to keep Homesmart realtyat bay. Ed hart added a hit and sub Dale Schroeder a walk as all players reached base at least once on the day.

Carrousel Travel - 7 Angela's Kitchen - 15

Carrousel Travel lost today against a good Angelas team. Thankyou to our subs Rick Armentano, Ted Grove, Jeff Cretors and Lonnie Saiz. We had some good plays defensively. On offense Jerry Eastman was perfect at the plate.

"Angela's Kitchen defeated Carousel Travel 15-7 thanks to some very timely Hitting, very good Running and excellent Defense. Jerry Feldman was one of the offensive leaders with a 4-4 day with 2 RBI. He was followed by Subs. Ron Silberman, Howard Sumner and Ken Silva who all had 3 hits. Silberman had a Double and 3 RBI, Sumner also a Double and 3 RBI and Silva Double, Triple and an Inside the park Home Run along with 5 RBI. Kathy Boland, Mike Mcginn, Ed Campbell and Jim Opyd added 2 Hits apiece, Opyd had a RBI, Mcginn also had a RBI. There were many outstanding defensive plays by Sumner in Right Center, Silva in Left Field, Opyd in Left Center. Also the infield of Boland ss, Mcginn 3B, Silberman Rover, Higgins 2B and Feldman at first made some excellent putouts.


Games thru -  Saturday, April 29, 2023
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Angelas Kitchen 2 0 0 1.000
Carrousel Travel 2 0 1 0.833
Backbone Chiropractic 1 2 0 0.333
Homesmart Realty 0 1 1 0.250
Northwest Physical Therapy 0 2 0 0.000

 Saturday, April 29, 2023

Carrousel Travel - 9 BackBone Chiropractic - 8

"Carrousel Travel won a close game today at 7am, the 1st of a double header. Thank you to our subs: Paul Jinneman, Al Miller and Ted Koch. Reviewing the offense, it took us a while to find our bats but things came together in the 7th. In the bottom of the 7th with bases loaded, Jerry Eastman knocked in two runs to win the game. Way to go, Jerry! Our defense was more solid. Multiple plays handled by Russ Figueroa and Tom Gibans."

BackBone Chiropractic led 8-2 through the first 5 frames; but yielded 7 unanswered runs in the 6th and 7th innings to drop a one run decision. Jay Schirpke with an inside the park homerunand a triple, Greg Roehm, and Glen Turner each went 3 for 3 with a RBI. Ray Gibson with a double and 2 RBI, Ted Grove with a RBI, and Ray Hensley with a double and 2 RBI each were 2 for 3 on the day

Carrousel Travel - 14 Homesmart Realty - 9

"Carrousel Travel won today against a tough Homesmart team. Thank you to our subs---- Paul Jinneman, Larry Radant and Gary Armstrong. Highlights of the game: Offense - Everyone on the Carrousel Travel team were solid at the plate. Perfect at the plate: Tom Gibans and Russ Figueroa with Russ having a home run. Defense - Jim Young had two great outs at home. Joe Eschensbrenner and Dan Newman excellent catches in outfield in the 3rd inning. Russ Figueroa and Tom Gibans working well together for multiple outs.
The team had a good day at the plate, getting 23 hits, with everyone getting at least one hit. Big hitters, getting 4 hits was John Nicodemo(double), getting 3 hits each were John Boland(triple & double) and Curtis Rhoades. Getting 2 hits each were Barney Armstrong(triple), Chuck Gibson, Greg Church, Laura Johnson and Dick Steiman.

Angela's Kitchen - 15 NW Physical Therapy - 10

"In a highly competitive game Angela's Kitchen pulled out a 15-10 victory over Northwest Physical Therapy. The lead changed hands several times over the first five innings, going into the bottom of the sixth Angela's was ahead 11-10 but managed to plate four runs in that innings and then held Northwest scoreless in the top of the seventh. Offense was led by Lester Zirbel with a 4-4 game, including a Double, 3 RBI and 4 Runs Scored. He was closely followed by Rick Pearson and Jerry Feldman both 3-3, Pearson also had a Walk 2 Doubles, 2 RBI and 3 Runs Scored, Feldman Walk, Double, Run Scored and 4 RBI. Jim Opyd, Sub. Ron Silberman, Kathy Boland, Sub. Laura Johnson and Wes Mason added 2 hits apiece. Opyd a Walk and 3 Runs Scored, Silberman a Double and 3 RBI, Boland a Triple and 2 Runs Scored, Johnson RBI and Mason a RBI. Ed Campbell had a Hit, Double, RBI and Run Scored. Mike Mcginn had a hit to round out the offense. Defensively the team turned 3 Double Plays including a key one in the top of the seventh."

The Therapist’s got off to another fast start scoring 4 in the first. Unfortunately, we had several 0’s as well. We are still having trouble finding our defensive groove, but our effort was good. Leading the hitting was Bob Snelling 3/3 and a triple. Howard Sumner and Brian Pin were both 3/3. Dick Nunez, Daren Proctor, sub Greg Church, and John Silva were all 2/3. Thank you to Greg for pitching for us.


Games thru -  Saturday, April 22, 2023
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Angelas Kitchen 1 0 0 1.000
Backbone Chiropractic 1 1 0 0.500
Homesmart Realty 0 0 1 0.500
Carousel Travel 0 0 1 0.500
Northwest Physical Therapy 0 1 0 0.000

 Saturday, April 22, 2023

BackBone Chiropractic - 11 Angela's Kitchen - 12

BackBone Chiropractic dropped the season opener in the first game of a double header 12-11 after yielding 4 go-ahead runs in the top of the 7th inning. Although BackBone responded with 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th, the team left the tying and winning runs on base. Jay Schirpke was 4 for 4 with 2 doubles, an inside-the-park homerun and a RBI. Ted Grove with 2 RBI,Greg Roehm with a double and 3 RBI, and Glenn Turner with 2 doubles and 4 RBI each had 3 hits on the day. Ray Hensley added a hit and RBI.

Angela's started out badly trailing 4-0 after 2 innings, then they outscored Backbone Chiropractic 7-3 over the next 2 innings. The final three innings both teams scored 4 Runs and the final score was 12-11 Angela's. The offense was led by Rick Pearson who not only was 4-4 but hit for the cycle, Single, Double, Triple and Home Run. In addition he Scored 3 Runs and had 4 RBI. He was followed by Jim Opyd, Lester Zirbel and Jerry Feldman who were all 3-3, Feldman had 3 RBI and Run Scored, Zirbel Double, RBI and 2 Runs Scored and Opyd 2 RBI and 2 Runs Scored. Ed Campbell, Sub. Don Cole and Wes Mason 2 Hits each. Campbell RBI and 2 Runs Scored and Mason had a Run Scored. Sue and Bob Cary added a hit apiece, Sue had a RBI. The Defense did a good job of keeping Backbone from scoring even more runs than they did.

BackBone Chiropractic - 12 NW Phys Therapy - 8

BackBone Chiropractic defeated Northwest Physical Therapy 12-8 in the 2nd game of the morning. Ray Gibson 3 for 3 with a double, 2 inside-the-park homeruns and 4 RBI led the way. Ted Grove with a double and RBI, Greg Roehm 2ith 2 double and a RBI, Rwinning pitcher Ray Hensley with 2 RBI, and Glenn Turner with 2 RBI also were 3 for 3. Jay Schirpke with a double, Lonnie Saiz with 2 RBI, and Jim Mathews each were 2 for 3 in the game. Mike Kachurak with a hit played an outstanding game defensively with an acrobatic run saving catch. Ed Hart with a hit and Norm Lustig also played well defensively.

The NWPT started out hot scoring 4 in the first and 3 in the third. Unfortunately, we only scored 1 more run losing 12-8. We were a little rough defensively, but part of that was due to how well Backbone was hitting. Sub Dave Fusaro led the hit parade going 3/3 and a double. Bob Snelling was 2/3 with a home run, Dick Nunez was 2/3 with a double, Howard Sumner, John Hammel, and John Silva were all 2/3. Thank you Dave for subbing.

Homesmart Realty - 13 Carrousel Travel - 13

Homesmart team came back in bottom of 7th to pull out a tie. The team collected 22hits. , big hitters getting 4 hits each were Barney Armstrong and sub Ron Swanson. Getting 3 hits each were Dave Fusaro (2 doubles) and Curtis Rhoades. Everyone else got at least 1 hit. The team played some good defense, getting 3 double plays. Next game April 29th 8:15 VISITORS