League Specific Rules Winter 2023

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Special White League Rules Winter 2023
The most currently revised and approved Sun City Grand Softball Club Rules shall be
adhered to. The Club Rules are available for review online at:

White League additions to Club Rules:,
1. A minimum skill level (rating) of 3.2 or better is required to play in the White

2. Team managers are the ONLY persons that may challenge an umpire’s call or
ruling. In effort to expedite play, managers are limited to two challenges (or
request for the second umpire’s opinion) per game.

If a courtesy runner is on base and is due to bat, he/she is out at the base and
comes in to bat for him/her self. If it is the third out, this batter is the lead-off
batter at the next inning.

A substitute player for a game will be chosen from the sub-list with the same
rating as the missing player. If none are available, then a sub-list player with a
rating number of .1 higher will be selected. If none are available, then a sub-list
player with a rating number of .1 lower will be selected. If no sub-list players are
available, a player from the regular roster will be selected using the same criteria.
Once a substitute player has been requested and the substitute player has been
contacted and has confirmed to play, the substitute player shall play in the game
regardless of the team players’ change of plans.

5. Club Rule XV. Ground Rules, E., Home Runs
Each team is allowed one homerun per game until the opposing team hits a homerun. If
the team that first hits a homerun subsequently hits another homerun before their
opponent hits a home run, it will be a walk.