League Specific Rules Winter 2024

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White League Specific Rules Winter 2024

  1. A minimum skill level (rating) of 3.2 or better is required to play in the White League.
  2. Team managers are the only persons that may challenge an umpire’s call or ruling. In an effort to expedite play, managers are limited to two challenges (or request for the second umpire’s opinion) per game. (Please Note: this does not include appeals such as missing a base or leaving early on a fly ball/tag up situation).
  3. If a courtesy runner is on base and is due to bat, he/she is out at the base and comes in to bat for him/herself. If it is the third out, this batter is the lead-off batter in the next inning.
  4. We are going to use the Senior Softball sub running rule. A player can sub run once per inning.
  5. We are using an A, B, C etc. classification for subs (not the one tenth system) List will be provided.
  6. Once a substitute player has been requested and the substitute player has been contacted and has confirmed to play, the substitute player shall play in the game regardless of the team player' change of plans.
  7.  Players on the active roster and/or on the sub list may only play a maximum of 4 games a week per league. All players are limited to substituting for the same team 4 times a season. A player going in mid game for an injured player does not count against their total. Managers shall keep track of the subs used on their respective team in conjunction with the Commissioners of the White League.
  8. Each team is allowed three home runs over the fence/wall. Each home run over the teams limit is a walk and base runners shall advance one base only if forced.
  9.  An active player must have a skill (rating) of 3.0 or better to be a Manager in the White League. This will be implemented through attrition.


(Revised 01/15/24)