Field Summer 2020 Refurbish Project


2020 Softball Field Project

Project Leader: Terry O'Neill - Accurate Ballfield Services

Project Support Team: Rick Armentano, Ed Campbell, John Hammel, Norm Lustig, Jim Mathews, Ron Michalski, Jim Opyd, Pete Semenak, Dave Stehle

Other Support Groups: Gothic Landscaping, Aqua Trac, CAM, Evergreen Sod

Photographers: Jim Opyd, Norm Lustig

 Field Preparation

Soften field for regrading: 8 days of 4 watering cycles per day

2020 Field Project - Field Preparation

 Sod and Field Equipment Removal

Remove installed field equipment and sod from a 76 foot arc measured from the mound

2020 Field Project - Sod and field equipment removal

Initial Grading

Rough up playing surface and laser grade while adding Brown Stabilized Infield Mix

2020 Field Project - Initial grade

 Final Grading

Fine tune field grade and perform multiple drag mat and watering cycles to smooth and settle the surface

2020 Field Project - Final grade

 Sod and Field Reinstall

Align the field and replace all equipment. Re-sod, water and monitor the 76 foot arc sod area.

2020 Field Project - Sod & field reinstall

 Outfield Fence and Warning Track Project

Remove excess soil from under the outfield fence. Rough and final grade the warning track area.

2020 Field Project - Outfield fence and warning track project