League Specific Rules Winter 2023

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document.

As of 3.17.23

Paragraphs 9, 10, and 11 are new

RED League Specific Rules
Winter 2023
1. Subs:
    a. Call players on sub list first. (Each sub can be used 4 times per team) A player going in
    mid game for an injured player does not count against their total.
    b. We are using an A, B, C etc. classification for subs (not the one tenth system) List will
    be provided,
    c. Any exceptions see a commissioner,
2. Maximum of 5 subs can be used per game. (Because of tournament play and the early
departing of players heading home, the commissioners and/or assistant commissioners may
make an exception to this rule).
3. Sliding is allowed at all bases except at home plate line. Sliding at the home plate line will be
called out.
4. Red league will utilize the 70'base paths.
5. We are going to use the Senior Softball sub running rule. A player can sub run once per inning.
6. First base: We are going to use the Senior Softball rule in regards to use of white and orange
7. ln the event of a tie for first place, we will request a game be played between the tied teams
on Friday following the last game of the session.
8. Only players with a minimum rating of 2.7 or better are allowed to sign up for the Red League

9. In the event that 2 of the 3 Red League games are completed, those games completed will be posted per
the results of those games (Win = 2 points, Loss = 0 points or a Tie = 1 point). During the game that results in a
stoppage of play due to weather, the league will do its best to reschedule that game - regardless of at what
point it is - full game or some portion of the game. If the league can’t get the game rescheduled, it will result in
a tie for those two teams. If a game is stopped before being considered a complete game (4 1/2 innings), upon
resuming the game, it will be played to completion - 7 innings or a mercy game. In the event only one game is
completed, it will result in a “tie” for all 6 teams resulting in 1 point for each team. (Please note, this is at the
discretion of the Red League Commissioner (s) for the rescheduling of a game.)

10. Follow Senior Softball rules which allow for unlimited walks. (Please note: It is the commissioners desire
that managers don’t overuse the intentional walk. If this becomes a bigger problem than we think, we will
discuss alternatives for next year.)

11. Each Manager is allowed two challenges or an “ask for help” per game. (Please note: This does not include
appeals, such as missing a base or leaving early on a fly ball/tag up situation because umpires do not call
these proactively and a manager must make an appeal to the umpiring team.)