League Specific Rules Winter 2024

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document.   This file sprints to two pages.

   Blue League Specific Rules Winter 2024

1. No tie breakers permitted.

2. Each Manager is allowed two challenges or an “ask” for help” per game. (Please note: This does not include appeals, such as missing a base or leaving early on a fly ball/tag up situation because umpires do not call these proactively and a manager must make an appeal to the umpiring team.)

3. A runner on any base whose turn it is to bat, may have a substitute runner WITHOUT an out being declared.

4. The four-run rule (for half inning) will apply except for the last inning which will be unlimited.

5.  All teams will field 11 players with positions designated as follows; 1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 5 infielders, 4 outfielders. All players bat. No more than five infielders are allowed on the infield dirt, prior to a ball being hit. An infielder has the option of positioning on the outfield grass, anytime during an at bat.

6. All infielders shall position outside an imaginary line drawn from the first base bag through the pitching rubber, to the third base bag: But they shall be allowed inside that line once a pitched ball is hit.

7. After a batted ball, if there is a play on a runner going to first base, the runner must touch some portion of the orange base extending into foul territory. The runner will be called out if they fail to do so. lf the runner is avoiding a collision, then the runner may touch any portion of the white or orange bases. This is an umpire judgement call and not subject to appeal.

8. All substitute players will be acquired through the sub czars. The sub czar will choose a sub from the sub list FIRST with a rating variance of no more than .1 +/- from the player being replaced. lf no player is available from the sub list, sub czar may contact a rostered player with a rating variance of no more than .1 +/- from the player being replaced. Once a sub is acquired, that sub plays in the game regardless of requesting team's change of plans.


a. All subs must be requested through the sub czars until 7PM the night before the game. Any player cancellation after 7PM, the manager must contact a Blue League Commissioner to request a substitute player. The player will be obtained by the Commissioner from the rostered player list using the same .t +/- rating.

 1) lf there is a cancellation at game time and a player of .1 +/- cannot be found a commissioner can give permission for the manager to play with 10 players.

2) The manager of the opposite team shall be advised by the Commissioner of a late player substitute or the team playing with 10 players prior to the start of the game.

3) Players on the active roster and/or on the sub list may only play a maximum of 4 games a week per league. All players are limited to substituting for the same team 6 times a season. Managers shall keep track of the subs used on their respective team in conjunction with the Sub Czars keeping track. There shall be no disciplinary action taken against any Manager, Team or a Sub Czar in the event an honest mistake is made regarding this subject.

b. Players who will miss their umpire duty must report their absence to their manager or Sub Czar involved.  They are not to find their own replacement.  The Manager and Sub Czar are required to report to the Umpire Czar for a replacement.

10. Games will be 7 innings in length with a 60-minute time clock with the clock starting with the first pitch of the game. lf the 5th inning is finished with any time on the 60-minute clock, the game will end on the completion of the 7th inning. lf the 5th inning is completed and there is no time left on the clock the game will end on the completion of the 6th inning. The team behind going into the 7th inning of all games will bat first whether visitor or home team. The last game of the day will be called as completed, by the commissioner on duty at 4:30PM. lf an inning has not been completed the final score will revert the score at the previous inning completed.

11. ln case of frost delay of 15 minutes or more the following occurs: All games for that day will be 55 a minute clock and limited to 6 innings. The clock will start with the first pitch of the game. Commissioner on duty is to send a text to 12 managers as soon as decision to delay is made.

12. Any game completed on a rain day will count with rained out games being ties.