League Specific Rules Summer I 2024

 Saturday League Specific Rules Summer I 2024

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Summer League Specific Rules Weekday 2024
2. Each Manager is allowed two challenges or an “ask” for help” per game. (Please note: This does not include appeals, such as missing a
base or leaving early on a fly ball/tag up situation because umpires do not call these proactively and a manager must make an appeal to
the umpiring team.)
3. A runner on any base whose turn it is to bat, may have a substitute runner WITHOUT an out being declared.
4. The four-run rule (for half inning) will apply except for the last inning which will be unlimited.
5. All teams will field 11 players with positions designated as follows;
1 pitcher, 1 catcher, 5 infielders, 4 outfielders. All players bat. No more than five infielders are allowed on the infield dirt, prior to a ball being hit. An infielder has the option of positioning on the outfield grass, anytime during an at bat.
6. After a batted ball, if there is a play on a runner going to first base, the runner must touch some portion of the orange base extending into foul territory. The runner will be called out if they fail to do so. lf the runner is avoiding a collision, then the runner may touch any portion of the white or orange bases. This is an umpire judgment call and not subject to appeal.
7. Team managers will get their own subs from the sub list. If a player is rated 1.5 to 2.2, managers should attempt to go up or down .1 on rating if no sub with exact rating is available. If they cannot find a sub up or down .1 on the sub list, they can select any sub in the 1.5 to 2.2 range. Managers must adhere up or down .1 on rating if selecting a sub from the regular player list. If a player falls outside the 1.5 to 2.2 category, managers should attempt to go up or down .1 on rating if no sub with exact rating is available, If the manager is unsuccessful in securing a sub from the sublist, the manager should attempt to get a sub from the regular player list going up or down .1 on rating if no sub with exact rating is available. If a sub pitcher is required, managers should attempt to secure a sub pitcher closest in rating to the missing player, In this case, if multiple players are needed, the Manager should attempt to get subs in a way
that does not result in an improvement in overall ratings. All substitutions require a comment in the Sub Tracker Sheet and Commissioner approval and entry. If managers need any assistance in getting a sub they should contact a Commissioner.
lf there is a cancellation at game time and a player of .1 +/- cannot be found a commissioner can give permission for the manager to play with 10 players.
The manager of the opposite team shall be advised by the Commissioner of a late player substitute or the team playing with 10 players prior to the start of the game. Players on the active roster and/or on the sub list may only play a maximum of 3 games a week per league. All players are limited to substituting for the same team 4 times a season. Managers shall keep track of the subs used on their respective team in conjunction with the Commissioners keeping track.
9. In the event of minor non-head injuries, when a player feels capable of continuing to play, they may stay in the game or return to the game within one inning. A board member, commissioner, or umpire has the authority to overrule a player's decision should they determine the player is not safely capable of playing or able to protect him/herself from further injury.
10. In accordance with Club Rules for mixed leagues, the pitching screen is MANDATORY. A pitched ball hitting the screen is a BALL, A hit ball is a DEAD BALL if the batter has two strikes or a STRIKE if the batter only has one strike.