Winter 2024 Standings

Blue League Winter 2024 Game Summaries & Standings


Games thru -  Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Team Wins Losses Ties Win Pct.
American League        
Happy Ears Hearing 13 5 0 0.722
Camino Del Sol 10 5 3 0.639
General Exterminating 10 8 0 0.556
Paul Tone Farmers Insurance 6 8 4 0.444
Tride and True 4 13 1 0.250
Ranalls Realty 3 12 3 0.250
National League        
Gothic Landscaping 14 4 0 0.778
Petelin Vision 13 4 1 0.750
Susys Home Cleaning 12 6 0 0.667
Barton Realtors 6 10 2 0.389
Nancy Muslin 6 12 0 0.333
Char Wheeler 3 13 2 0.222

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Barton Realty - 11 Camino del Sol - 14

All good things must come to an end. Today was the last day of softball games for the SCG Winter Season. The season didn't go quite as we had hoped, but we got to play a game that we all thoroughly enjoy. The Barton team would like to take this moment to say thank you to Ron and Catherine Barton for sponsoring our team. Without your support we wouldn't be able to play a game that we love. Barton Realtors played a rematch game against Camino Del Sol today and, unfortunately, we lost to them by the score of 15 to 11. So close but yet so far. The team had 19 hits, but we just couldn't get the hit we needed for the win. Sub Mike Kachurak was 3 for 3 with a double and 4 rbi's. Dale Huffine was 3 for 3 with a double and 3 rbi's. Kirk King was 3 for 3 with 2 rbi's. Chuck Gibson was 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and 2 rbi's. Bob Cary was 3 for 3. Sue Cary was 2 for 4. Dick Steiman had a single. Doreen Stevenson had 2 singles. Thanks to Mike Kachurak for subbing. Many thanks to Ken Carlson and Arlin Mead for staying with the team to coach the bases after their injuries prevented them from playing.​ Thanks to Joan Casazza, Marilyn Leinberger, and Yvonne Becker for keeping our scorebook all season and making our job much easier. A big thanks to all the players on the team for making it a real pleasure to play with all of you. Have a great summer everyone.

Well the Winter Season has come to an end and the Camino team has had a great season. We ended with a win over a good Barton Realty team for a season record of 10 wins, 5 losses, and 3 ties putting us in 2nd place in our division. With twice as many wins as losses all I can say is Great Job team. In today’s game both teams started out strong and the game was close all the way. In the 6th inning we had a lead so the flip-flop rule went into effect forcing us to stay on the field and get 3 more outs without a break which has not been our strong suit this season, but we’re able to hold them scoreless in the last inning for the win. Everyone had at least 1 hit and most had 3 or 4 hits. Many hits coming at just the right time to score additional points. A special thanks to our subs Doug Asleson, Lee Luft, and Dick Johnson for helping us with the win. Our Bench Coach Kris Koch for keeping our batting order straight. Ed Abrams for Coaching 3rd, and Marilyn for keeping the book. I feel we all made a lot of new friends and am looking forward to seeing you all in the Fall.

Happy Ears Hearing - 14 P Tone Farmers Ins - 5

Happy Ears Hearing squared off with a good Paul Tone team in our last game in the Winter season and pulled out a 14-5 win in a 6 1/2 inning game. Happy Ears started fast leading 12-3 through 4 innings and 14-4 through the 6th inning, closing the game out in the top of the 7th, 14-5. Happy Ears defense led the way with numerous catches in the outfield and plays in the infield, key hits and good pitching. A good team effort in a successful season. Happy Ears was led by Jim Tomich and Jerry Eastham 3x3 1 RBI each, Dave Michels 4x4, John Mancini 3x4 4 RBI’s 1 dbl, Dave Holub 3x4 2 RBI’s 1 dbl, Mike Kachurak 3x4, Bob Williams 2x3 2 RBI’s 1 dbl, Michael Wilton 2x3 2 RBI’s, Harold Enslen 2x4 1 RBI 1 dbl, Chip White 1x3 2 RBI’s, sub, Steve Foster 0x2 1 bb. Thank you to our sub, Steve Foster and Yvonne for doing our book.

Paul Tone scored only 5 runs on 17 hits and gave up 14 runs to a good Happy Ears Hearing team. Our runs came 1 in the 1st, 5th and 7th and 2 in the 4th. Happy Ears scored in every inning. The top of the order hit the ball, but mostly to Happy Ear Mike Kachurak. Roger Lopossa led the way going 3/4. Going 2/3 were our subs, Kirk King with a triple and an rbi, Dick Steinman with an rbi, and Chuck Hefferman. Richard Brinkley was 2/4 with a double and two rbi's and Lee Luft 2/4 with one rbi. Going 1/4 were Karen Olsen with a triple, Ed Campbell with a double, Jackie Couzins and Michael Sullivan. Art Molina drew a walk. The club ended with a record of 6 - 8 - 4 with 2 rainouts. Not a great record but a great bunch of teammates. They did a great job of supporting each other verbally with chatter and encouragement. Thanks team Paul Tone.

Gothic Landscaping - 11 Nancy Muslin Realty - 9

It seems like the beginning of the Winter Blue League on Feb 5th was just a few weeks ago. This season went so fast… suddenly, the calendar said April 10th and Gothic took the field for our last game. The weather could not have been better, the stands were full, and excitement was in the air. Our defense caught balls, threw balls, and made outs. Our bats were in tune and scoring runs throughout the game. It was a close game but we pulled it off 11-9 against Nancy Muslin. Denise Gibala and Annie Lowe were first time managers this season and it was so cool for Annie to make the first out of the game with a running catch in left field and for Denise to make the last out of the game by firing the ball to Joel Last at the plate. In between those outs were many awesome plays by all players. Denise and I want to thank all of our players for helping us along as we figured out the ropes of managing a team. You made our job easy by being supportive to all our players and working well together as a team. A special thanks to John Mancini and Bobby Dooling for subbing for us today. Also a big thank you to Judy and Monte McClendon for keeping score and coaching 3rd base.

Not much to report about, 4 hits, the rest all walks.

Ranall's Realty - 14 Susy's Home Clean - 15

This one crazy season as we had planned to go to the Senior Olympics' but things didn't work out for us this season. Today Susy's Home Cleaning challenged us to a good game today but we came in second place. First inning Susy's took the lead 3-2 the first inning. Second inning with some big bats Susy put up 4 runs and held us scoreless for a 7-2 lead. Third inning with some great defense we held them scoreless and put up 4 runs to make this game exciting 7-6. Fourth inning hurt us as Susy put up another 4 runs and held us scoreless again for a 11-6 lead. Fifth inning both teams put up 4 runs and Susy led 15-10. Ranalls never gave up and we did a flip and scored 4 runs but couldn't get that 1 extra run to tie the game and we ended up losing 15-14. Hot at the plate today was Duncan Abrams with 2 triples and 2 singles and 1 RBI, and CL Eversman went 4-4 also with 4 RBI's. Sherry Westland was hot at the bat, going 3-3 with 2 singles and a double and 1 RBI. Jim Perry was 3-4 and an RBI, going 2-4 today was: Norris Carpenter with 2 RBI's, Mark Wells (in the park homerun and 3 RBI's), and Norm Volk was also 2-4 with an RBI. Claire Lucas (1 RBI) and Billy Marchionni were both 2-3 today. Sam Bernhardt and Dave Howard both had a great hit. We had 26 hits today and everyone on the team had a hit today! Thank you all for a fun season and nobody got hurt and hope to see you all next season. Have a great summer everyone!

A fitting end to a great Blue League season. Susy’s Home Cleaning finished with a hard fought victory over a stubborn Ranalls Realty team. Just like the last game between these two teams it ended in a one run win for Susy’s to cap off a great season with a record of 12 - 6. That was good enough for third place in the National Division, but congratulations to Gothic and Petelin who would not falter down the stretch and Happy Ears (American Division winners). Against Ranalls, Susy’s led wire to wire but Ranalls would not go easily as they came furiously back with four in the fifth and four in the sixth. The game came down to the last out in the bottom of the sixth as home team Ranalls batted (flip flop) trailing by five runs. The realtors had the tying run on but good defensive positioning by Susy’s was able to snuff out their last inning rally and get the win. Once again Susy’s was led by big hitting third baseman Chuck Frazier (3/3, 2B, BB 1 run, 3 RBIs) who led the team this season with 18 doubles and 37 RBIs along with Dan Sykes who also had 37 RBIs for the season. Pitcher Dan Maguire (2/4, 2B, 2RBIs, 1 run) was a hitting machine making only 9 outs all season and finished with an 850 batting average. Other stats for the game: Gerry Boesche (3/3, BB, 3 RBIs, 2 runs), Ron Rogerson (2/2, 2 RBIs), Randy Selin (2/3, 2x2B, 2 RBIs, 1 run), Don Cleveland (SS and assistant manager), who didn’t miss a game all season and led the team in season runs scored with 38 (2/4, 2 RBIs, 3 runs), Ed Hart (2/3, 2 runs), Albert Miller (1/1, 2BB, 2 runs), Jim Witkowski (1/2, BB). Thanks to Jim Saltzman and Charlie Greer who played with Susy’s but had season ending injuries. Thanks to our subs today Phil Murray and Jake Grow who each contributed a hit. Thanks to all our scorekeepers for the season and Cris today. Great job Susy’s players, see you next fall, and Thanks to all. Gerry

Tride/True Pest Mgmt - 15 Wheeler-Riley Realty - 12

In a back and forth battle between two of the bottom teams, Tride once again found themselves down 12-10 after 5. With 2 outs, the Tride gang put the pedal to the metal and put up 5 runs to take a 15-12 lead. With the top of the order for Char Wheeler at bat, Artie Stackpole dug in and once again pitched a scoreless inning to close it out with a Tride win. Great play by Debby Bigelow for the second out and a game-ending catch looking into the sun for sub Pierre Boudreau. It all finally came together with these last two wins to finish the season on a definite high note. Fred Swan was 2 for 4, Larry Radant 4 for 4 with a triple, Steve Lunde 1 for 2 with a walk, Dale Sarragin 2 for 33 with a walk and 3 RBI, Sub Joe Gonski 2 for 2 with 2 walks and an RBI, Sub Pierre Boudreau going 4 for 4 with a double and 5 RBI, Debby Bigelow 1 for 3 2ith a walk and an RBI, Sub Bob Cary 4 for 4 with a double and 2 RBI, Les Notestine 1 for 3 with a walk and an RBI, Gary Smith 0 for 1 with 2 walks and an RBI and Artie Stackpole 0 for 2 with a walk and an RBI. Thanks to our subs and thanks to the entire team for never giving up the entire season, despite losing players to injuries and losing our pitcher.

Char’s All-Stars closed the Spring campaign with another tightly contested game on a warm and balmy Wednesday. Leading 12-10 as the game entered its last frame, the CW squad could not hold their lead and succumbed to Tride and True Pest Control 15-10. Defensively, the Stars shined with yet another home plate putout (Ash to Martin to Higgins to Mason), a clever back pick at third (Higgins to Jimenez) and their fourteenth double play of the year (Higgins to Martin). Rover Dave Martin was perfect at the plate (3/3, Double and 2 RBI). Also collecting three hits were Steve Coffman (3/4, RBI); Gary Christofferson (3/4, RBI) and Bob Higgins (3/4, Triple and 3 RBI). Gary Ash singled twice and drove in a pair of runs; while each of Wes Mason (BB, RBI), Laura Johnson (BB); Joe Osowiec and Norma Lucas contributed a safety. Sub Sue Cary (2 BB) and Marty Jiminez (BB) knocked in runs with fielder’s choices. Our thanks to Sue Cary for subbing for Kat Melton today and to Yvonne Becker for keeping our scorebook. The CW team stayed strong throughout a season filled with many close losses, evidenced by the turnout for its last several games. While many teams fielded numerous substitutes, the All-Stars remained generally intact from game 1 through game 18. A special shout-out to our rookie pitcher, Laura Johnson, who deserved a better fate in many of our losses.

Petelin Vision - 18 General Exterminating - 8

Going into todays game, Petelin Vision needed Gothic to lose for a chance at 1st place. Gothic won and Petelin was playing for 1st Loser. Petelin's opponent was a very good General Exterminating. The concern was, would we come out flat. We Did!!. After 1 it was General 4 Petelin 2. Both teams were blanked in the 2nd. Again in the 3rd General 4 runs to Petelin's 2 giving General a 8-4 lead. Both teams were blanked in the 4th and 5th innings. In the 6th Petelin blanked General and scored 3 to bring the score to 8-7 General. In the 7th the Home Team ( Petelin) went to bat in a Flip Flop. What happened next can only be described by Yogi Berra, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it" Petelin took that road for 11 runs and the WIN. Defensively Petelin held General scoreless after the 3rd inning. The out field of Laura Johnson, Mitch Craun, Wayne Moxley and Paul Pearson kept everything in front of them. The infield of Dave Gjerstad, Charlie Counts, Jim Tokar, Joe Jellison and Barney Armstrong made plays look routine. The battery of Ray Hensley and Chris Zerr had a strong game. Offensively perfect at the plate were Mitch Craun 4/4 (double 2 triples), Barney Armstrong 4/4 ( triple). Going 3/4 were Dave Gjerstad and Charlie Counts ( double ). Going 2/3 was Wayne Moxley, also collecting 2 hits were Ray Hensley, Jim Tokar, Paul Pearson (triple), Sub Laura Johnson (double) and Chris Zerr. Joe Jellison also had a hit. Petelin would like to Thank Laura Johnson for subbing today. We must Thank Marilyn, Yvonne, Joan and Kris for keeping the scorebook and encouraging us in the dugout all season long. Thank you to Mike Kachurak and Jeff Smith as our Commissioners. Bob Cary for making sure the scoreboard kept score. A Big Thank you to Petelin Vision for Sponsoring our TEAM. Finally to the Petelin Vision players, as your manager, you made my job EASY, THANKS.

Petelin destroyed GenEx in the last game of the Blue League Winter Season 18-8. GenEx led the game through 5 innings 8-4. In the 6th and 7th innings Petelin exploded for 14 runs and GenEx imploded on defense and could only put up goose eggs in the last 2 innings on offense. Defensive Note: Jack Braly at catcher caught several foul tips and pop ups behind the plate to record outs. GenEx hitters: Greg Church 3-3 (rbi), Tom Gobin 2-3 (2rbi), (Sub) Gerry Boesche 2-3 (3B/3rbi), Pat Moriarity 2-3 (2rbi), (Sub) Pierre Boudreau 2-3, Jack Braly 2-3, Kathy Boland 2-4, Ken Kessler 2-4, (Sub) Fred Swan 1-3, and Gene Fleck 1-3.