Hall of Fame Criteria & Nomination Form

2021 Hall of Fame Nomination Form: Click on file below to print the form 

 Hall of Fame Criteria

Wall of Honor - Hall of Fame Criteria & Process - updated 11.2019


 Overall softball prowess may have little to do with a member being considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.  To be considered, a member must be a:

  • Member in good standing in the Softball Club for a minimum of (5) five years
  • Must be a major contributor to the success of the Club during the minimum (5)

    Five- year period.  Examples: Board Member, Commissioner, Committee head, etc.

  • Member with strong ethics in character, leadership and someone who is respected and       Admired and who in turn shows respect to others.

The number of members for induction consideration in a given year rule of thumb:

The HOF has been in existence since 2012.  During the period between 2012 and 2015, there have been between 2 to 5 inductees in an effort to catch up.  Beginning in 2020 and going forward there will be no numerical requirement as to the number of inductees per any given year, but it is hoped that the accomplishments and service of a single individual will rise above the level of other nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame.

Consideration for the Hall of Fame Honor

The Wall of Honor/Hall of Fame members (made up of living Hall of Fame inductees) may nominate potential candidates.  Potential candidates may also be brought forward to the HOF Committee by any club member submitting a nomination form by March 31th of each year.  Softball Club Board members are not eligible for nomination while serving on the Softball Club Board.

Recommendations for a potential inductee(s) will be submitted by the HOF committee to the SCG Softball Club Board by the 3rd Friday in April of each year.

Hall of Fame Committee

The HOF committee will be comprised of all current HOF members.  The President of the current Softball Club Board or his/her designee will be invited to all HOF committee meetings.

The HOF committee will elect a Chairperson to head the committee and act as a liaison with the Softball Club Board.  He/She will coordinate and conduct all HOF meetings, keep in contact with all HOF members, meet all time frame requirements and coordinate everything necessary for the HOF induction ceremony. 

Time Line

February:     A Club blast will be sent out to announce the opening of nominations for the HOF.

March:   Nomination forms will be made available at the March General meeting of the Softball Club.  Forms will also be available on the Club website.  All nomination forms must be received by the HOF designee by March 31st for consideration.

April:  The HOF Committee will meet to go over all nominations and make their recommendation to the Softball Club Board by the 3rd Friday in April.

May:  The Softball Club President and the Chair of the HOF will jointly notify the new inductee(s).

September:  Award for the new inductee(s) will be ordered by the Director of Softball Operations for presentation at the HOF Awards ceremony during the Sponsors Picnic.

October: Director of Softball Operations will make arrangements to have the name of the new inductee(s) added to the Wall of Honor.