2021 Inductee

 2021 Hall of Fame Inductee, William 'Buck' Rapley

 Buck became a member of our softball family in 2008. Buck and his bride, Lonnie, had purchased a home only a block away from our field. As a kid who grew up loving the game and tossing the ball with his dad, bad knees kept him from competitive ball but the allure of this great field only a block away from home could not be resisted any longer.

Few, other than Buck, can tell you there are 71,631 square feet within our fences and within that area, there is 45,108 square feet of grass (more than an acre (43,560)) vs 44,000. Buck can also tell you how long the gas weed trimmer will run on a tank of gas and how many blades of grass it will cut per tank when trimming the foul lines.

The job of Director of Field Operations is not an easy one. Many times, you are not the most popular member of the club. Buck was one of the best!