Special COVID Reopening Procedures

Changes approved by SCG BOD on 3/25/2021

(shared in an email to Club on 3/26/2021)

The SCG Board of Directors yesterday approved 4 modifications to our club Covid Procedures.  Effective immediately, the following changes will take place: 

  1. Balls will no longer need to be washed before games or when thrown in from out of bounds.  
  2. Umpires/Catchers will no longer need to wear a mask at home plate.  (They do still need to stay 6 feet apart.)
  3. Temperatures will no longer be taken.  We will still be checking players into the “bubble” each game.
  4. Masks will only need to be worn as players come thru the gate from the field, once situated away from team mates you can drop your mask as long as you social distance from your fellow team members.  (Yes, social distancing is still 6 feet apart)

Players may continue to wear masks at umpire or on the bench if they wish, and any player uncomfortable with these changes should contact their manager immediately if they no longer wish to continue to play.

Further relaxation of covid procedures will be considered at the appropriate time, with approval from SCG Board of Directors.  

The Softball Board of Directors would like to thank all of you who have taken it upon yourselves to abide by our procedures!  It is your cooperation that has made our being able to play softball during these times a huge success.

And a special thanks to all the members who continue to volunteer as Monitors and do other extra duties to make this work, including the leadership of all four league Commissioners who have been instrumental in keeping us open and safe.


As of November 1, 2020:

Below are the Softball Reopening Procedures that will be followed.  They are not open for debate.  If you want to play you will need to follow all the rules.  If you are not happy with the rules or are fine with some but not all, then do not sign up to play.  The SCG Softball Club has put these together so that they are manageable while still doing what we can to keep everyone safe.

The link for the SCG required liability waiver form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSXVc6fyaj0zSN0fSBVNtSK8rjJ_tBPDyTutW5KeoPGR5Mzg/viewform