Fall 2019 Standings

Saturday League Standings and Game Summaries for Fall 2019



Games thru -  Saturday, September 7, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 7 2 0 14
Wells Fargo Bank 5 4 0 10
Thomas Pham Dentist 4 5 0 8
Backbone Chiropractic 2 7 0 4
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, September 7, 2019

Wells Fargo - 19 Backbone Chiropractic - 10

Wells Fargo beat Backbone Chiropractic 19-10. This was Wells 4th win in a row. Wells will finish in 2nd place. Every team member had a hit. Leading hitters were: Jay Schirpke 4-4 2B HR 4RBI, Glen Ryan 4-4 2-2B 3B 6RBI, Bob Snelling 3-3 2B 4RBI, and Ed Campbell 3-3 2B 2RBI. Players with 2 hits each were Buck Craig, Jerry Eastham, John Bertholdy, Tim Skala and Jim Young. Thanks to Eileen for her scoring.

Wells Fargo broke the backs of Backbone Chiropractic with a 19-10 victory. A tough way to end a tough season, there were some bright spots both to the game and the season. Greg Allseitz had another great game offensively and defensively, 3 hitsincluding an Over the Fence Home Run, Double, 4 RBI and 2 Runs Scored and his usual several outstanding defensive catches in Left Center Field. Jim Mathews added 3 Hits and 3 Runs Scored. Joe Stempniewski also had 3 Hits along with a Run Scored. Bob Husick, Ray Kouns, Gene Fleck, Joel Last and Sub. Bill Marchionni had 2 Hits apiece. Husick Scored 2 Runs, Kouns had a RBI and Run Scored, Fleck a RBI and Last a RBI. Jeff Nickerson and Sub. Tom Goetz had a Hit each. Goetz had a RBI and Run Scored. and Nickerson a RBI. It wasn't a very productive season, we were only able to win 2 games but it was a great team to manage and everyone remained positive and gave it their all. I want to wish everyone on the team the best of luck on their next season and all the following seasons.

MidFirst Bank - 11 T Pham Dentist - 10

"MidFirst Bank came out of the chute fast, which has been their calling card the last several games, taking a 9 to 3 lead against a very good TP Dentist team after 3 innings. The MidFirst offense then went on a little hiatus and TP Dentist stopped the bankers 3 consecutive innings holding MidFirst scoreless. As a result, the dentists took a 10 to 9 lead after 6 innings. After TP Dentist scored in 4 consecutive innings, the MidFirst defense stiffened up and held TP scoreless in the top of the last. With 2 outs and runners at 1st and 2nd, Jim Opyd came to the plate and nailed a hit right down the 1st base line and drove in the tying and winning runs. Artie Stackpole and Klaus Holt were the winning battery, nicely done. Perfect from the plate today were Dale Schroeder, Dan Newman (triple, walk) and John Boland (2 doubles). Having very nice 2 for 3 days were: Dorothy Mazur, Greg Church, Ed Campbell (double), and Fred Lubs (double). Also with 2 hits were Don Trenda (triple) and Jim Opyd (game winner). Thanks to umpires Ed Hart and Buck Craig; Mark Jessen up in the tower; and to subs Dan Newman, Klaus Holt, Artie Stackpole, and Ed Campbell. Thanks to Kathy Boland for keeping the scorebook and coaching the bases after a rather gruesome injury suffered yesterday at practice. We missed her out in the field and at the plate today. Great game by TP Dentist and MidFirst Bank to end the season!
The team came out slow, going behind 9 to 3, but held the bankers scoreless for 3 Innings, while going ahead 10 to 9. Then in the bottom of the 7th the bankers got 2 runs for the win. The TEAM never gave up, losing by 1 run again, making this the 4th lose by one run. Perfect from the plate were Mike Heitman 3/3 and Sal Politi 3/3. Also getting 3 hits were Russ Figueroa and Glenn Soles (2 doubles and a triple). Getting 2 hits each were Ron Kaleta, Dick Steiman and Jon Chlebeck.


Games thru -  Saturday, August 31, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 6 2 0 12
Thomas Pham Dentist 4 4 0 8
Wells Fargo Bank 4 4 0 8
Backbone Chiropractic 2 6 0 4
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, August 31, 2019

MidFirst Bank - 12 Wells Fargo - 18

MidFirst Bank played very well for the first two innings building a 7 to 2 lead but then flattened out the rest of the game. Wells Fargo took the win at 18 to 12. MidFirst hit for a nice .614 on the day. Dan Newman had a perfect day from the plate at 4/4. Hitting for 3/4 were John Boland (double), Albert Miller, Don Trenda, and Joe Osowiec. 2 hits each for Jim Opyd, Fred Lubs, Dale Schroeder, Dorothy Mazur, and Les Bonde. Kathy Boland chipped in with a hit. Thanks to our umps Russ Figueroa and Ray Kouns; up in the tower, Mark Jessen; and to subs Joe Osowiec and Dan Newman. Congratulations to Wells Fargo on their win today. With only one game remaining on the schedule, MidFirst Bank has clinched first place. Way to go Mid First team on a very nice season!

Wells Fargo beat 1st place Mid First Bank 18-12. Wells played both defense and offense.. Jay Schirpke had 4 hits, 2B, HR 2RBI; Jerry Eastham 4-4, Glen Ryan 3-5 2RBI, Bob Snelling 3-5 1RBI, Jim Young 3-4 2RBI, Buck Craig 2-5 2RBI, Ed Campbell 2-4 1RBI, Tim Skala 2-3 3B BB 5RBI, Rick Leeds 2-3 BB 1RBI, and John Bertholdy 1-2 2BB 2RBI.

Backbone Chiropractic - 15 T Pham Dentist - 14

"Backbone Chiropractic finally did it, they won a 1 run game 15-14 against a tough Thomas Pham Dentistry. They previously had lost 3 of their last 4 games by 1 run. This game was a very hard fought game by both teams. In the first The Dentists scored 3 runs and The Chiropractors answered with 3 of their own. Then in the second The Dentists scored 4 and The Chiropractors answered with 3. Over the next 2 innings Backbone scored 5 unanswered runs but Thomas Pham tied it with a 4 run fifth. Backbone scored 2 in the bottom of the sixth and Thomas Pham took the lead with a 3 run seventh. In the bottom of the 7th after the first two batters walked Ray Kouns hit into a fielders choice, Gregg Allseitz kept running all the way home from second base and beat the throw, tying the game. On the throw home Jim Matthews got to second base and on a base hit from the bat of Ray Kouns ran to third, Gene Fleck hit a long fly to Right Center Field and Matthews tagged up and crossed the plate with the winning run. Fleck also had a triple, scoring 2 Runs with 2 outs so with his Sac Fly in the seventh he had a total of 3 RBI, a Run Scored and a leadoff single his first time up. Greg Allseitz had 3 hits, a Sac Fly, 2 Runs Scored, 5 RBI and a 2 out over the Left Field Fence 2 Run Home Run, putting the team ahead going into the seventh inning. Joe Stempniewski 3 Hits, 2 Runs Scored and a Double. Sub. Kathy Boland a perfect 3-3, walk, RBI, Run Scored and several very nice catches in Right field. Jim Matthews 2 Hits, 3 RBI, 2 Runs Scored and some fine defensive plays at shortstop. Jeff Nickerson had a Hit, Walk,. 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Ray Kouns had 1 Hit but it was a big one in the bottom of the seventh, putting the winning run on third base with 1 out. Sub. John Hammel also had 1 Hit right in the middle of the 3 Run First inning so that was a big Hit as it turned out. "

The team came out hitting, but stalled in the middle and then came back to take the lead in the 7th, only to lose another game by one run in the bottom of the 7th inning. The team collected 19 hits, with some good hitting by Russ Figueroa 4/4, Don Knowles 4/4(2 doubles) and Mike Heitman was 3 for 3. Getting 2 hits each were Jay Schirpke and Ron Rogerson. The team never gave up, but just could not hold them in the 7th. Next Game: Sat. Sept. 7th 8:15 Visitors


Games thru -  Saturday, August 24, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 6 1 0 12
Thomas Pham Dentist 4 3 0 8
Wells Fargo Bank 3 4 0 6
Backbone Chiropractic 1 6 0 2
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, August 24, 2019

MidFirst Bank - 13 Backbone Chiropractic - 12
In a tightly contested back-and-forth battle with Backbone Chiropractic, MidFirst Bank battled back in the bottom of the 7th to score 3 runs and took a 13-12 victory for our 6th win of the season. While MidFirst’s defense wasn’t quite as tight as we’d like, there were some highlights on catches by outfielders Jim Opyd & Dennis Haak, and a tag-em-out, throw-em-out double play by sub shortstop David Dorn. 3rd baseman, Albert Miller charged an infield chopper, and make a great play to Dale Schroeder at first. Dorn also took an outfield relay throw to nail a runner at third. Those plays helped to contain Backbone’s potent offense at critical times. The MidFirst offense was led by Opyd (4/4 with 2 RBI’s & 2 runs scored), sub Dan Newman (3/4, 2 RBI’s, 1 run), Dorn (3/4, 2 RBI’s, 2 runs), and Fred Lubs (3/4, 2 RBI’s, 1 run). Dale Schroeder went 2/3, hit one in, and scored 1. Don Trenda was 2/4, plated 2 more runs, and scored 1. The ever-patient Les Bonde walked twice and scored a run. Dorothy Mazur was 1/3 and scored once. Pitcher Greg Church’s hit in the 7th scored the tying run. It was another overall team effort, with everyone contributing, that gave MidFirst the win. Congratulations to Backbone and MidFirst on a well played game! Our thanks to subs Dan Newman and Dave Dorn, and to umpires, Ron Rogerson & Jeff Smith; and finally to the Master of the Scoreboard, Mark Jessen.

"Backbone Chiropractic had its proverbial back broken again with another one run loss 13-12, third time in four games . This time at the hands of Mid First Bank, who staged
a come from behind 12-10 score, rallying for three runs in the bottom of the seventh, to seal the victory. The lead changed hands several times during he game and Backbone had a 5 run top of the seventh to jump ahead for a short lived 2 run lead. Greg Allseitz once again lead the offense with a perfect 4-4 day, 3 Doubles, 3 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Jeff Nickerson (one of the hottest hitters on the team) had 3 hits, a Double, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Joe Stempniewski had 2 hits, a Walk, Double, Triple and 2 Runs Scored. Gene Fleck had 2 Hits, a Walk, Sac. Fly., Run Scored and 2 RBI. Ray Kouns, Jim Matthews and Sub John Hammel had 2 Hits each. Kouns had a RBI, Mathews a Run Scored and Hammel Triple, 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Sub. Don Knowles had a Hit, Sac. Fly and2 RBI. "

Wells Fargo - 14 T Pham Dentist - 6

Wells Fargo beat Thomas Pham Denists 14-6. Wells got 27 hits in 6 innings. Top six hitters were 17-20 and bottom 5 hitters 10-15. Leading hitters were Jay Schirpke 4-4, Glen Ryan 3-3, John Bertholdy 3-3, Rick Leeds 3-3, Jim Young 3-3 and Buck Craig 3-4. Players with 2 hits each: Bob Snelling and Ed Campbell. Tim Skala pitched a great game and played good defense.

The team scored 4 runs in 6 innings and got 17 hits, 5 of those in the 7th, so the bats were cold and the team was a little down in the dumps, but we will bounce back for our last two games. Big hitters getting 3 hits each were Mike Heitman 3/3, Don Knowles 3/4 and Glenn Soles 3/4, with Bob Craig chipping in 2 hits. Next Game? Sat. August 31st 8:15 VISITOR

Games thru - Saturday, August 17, 2019
    TeamWon*Lost*Tie*Total Points
Midfirst Bank51010
Thomas Pham Dentist4208
Wells Fargo Bank2404
Backbone Chiropractic1502
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, August 17, 2019

T Pham Dentist - 13 MidFirst Bank - 9
The bats were hot, for the Team got 26 hits with everyone getting at least one hit, and coming from behind in the 5th inning. The defense came around and some key plays were made by the infield, as well as some good catches in the Outfield. Good pitching by Ron Kaleta slowed the bankers down after a tough start. Lead off batter Russ Figueroa was a perfect 4 for 4, with Glenn Soles going 2 for 3 and 2 big doubles. Getting 3 hits each were Ron Kaleta, Dick Steiman, Sal Politi and Mike Kachurak. Getting 2 hits each were Curtis Rhoades, Jeff Smith and Joe Stempneiwski. Next Game: August 24th 8:15 Visitors
MidFirst Bank had one of those games where the fielding and hitting let them down on the same day against TP Dentist. The team hitting was below .500 today and defensively MidFirst couldn't seem to get out of their own way. One of those days at the senior softball field. Dennis Haak, Jim Opyd, Kathy Boland and John Boland were all 2 for 3. Thanks to umpires Glen Ryan and Joel Last; Mark Jessen in the tower and keeping the scorebook Eileen Figueroa.

Backbone Chiropractic - 9 Wells Fargo - 16
"The game was tied at 5-5 going into the top of the fifth inning, then it turned sour for
Backbone Chiropractic. Wells Fargo outscored them 11-4 for a final score of 16-9. Joe Stempniewski led the offense with a 4-4 day, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Bob Husick, Jeff Nickerson and Sub. Tom Yurkunas had 3 hits each. Husick 2 Runs Scored and a RBI, Nickerson Run Scored and RBI and Yurkunas a Sac Fly, Double, Triple, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Bill Janowski and Ray Kouns had 2 hits each, Kouns a Double and Run Scored, Janowski a Sac, 2 Doubles and RBI. Joel Last had a hit after 2 outs that scored 2 Runs and led to a four run inning that tied the game at the time. Stempniewski made a couple of nice catches in left field. Greg Allseitz made several running catches in Left Center."
A lot to be proud of! Although it has been a difficult session, Wells Fargo Bank doesn’t give up and continues to play hard. Today, it was a team effort with solid hitting and clutch fielding. Wells Fargo Bank came out swinging with a maximum 4 runs in the 1st inning. Backbone Chiropractic played well and the score was tied after 4 innings. In the 5th inning, Wells Fargo broke the game open, scoring 11 runs over the final 3 innings with Backbone Chiropractic scoring only 4 runs over the same innings. The 23 hits attack had many outstanding performances with every player getting at least 1 hit. Perfect at the plate was Jay Schirpke who had a 4 for 4 day with an inside the park home run and 3 doubles. Also, perfect at the plate were Bob Snelling (3 for 3, double, and a walk), and Tim Skala (3 for 3 with a sac fly). Other Wells Fargo Bank players who had excellent batting performances were Buck Craig (2 for 3 with a walk), sub Russ Figueroa (3 for 4 with an inside the park home run and a double), and Glen Ryan (3 for 4 with 2 triples). RBI leaders with 3 RBIs each were Buck Craig, Russ Figueroa and Glen Ryan. Wells Fargo played solid defense.In particular, Jay Schirpke and Bob Snelling made some crucial catches to stop potential rallies. Glen Ryan was the star infielder of the game making key plays. In particular, on one play, Glen went back on a pop fly and made a tremendous catch to stop a potential rally. Our pitcher, Tim Skala pitched a great game. A thank you to sub Russ Figueroa who made a significant contribution to the Wells Fargo Bank win with his excellent hitting and solid defense. Also, a thank you to Eileen Figueroa for keeping score.


Games thru -  Saturday, August 10, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 5 0 0 10
Thomas Pham Dentist 3 2 0 6
Backbone Chiropractic 1 4 0 2
Wells Fargo Bank 1 4 0 2
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, August 10, 2019

T Pham Dentist - 14 Backbone Chiropractic - 13
The Dentists came out swinging won a close game, with some very good fielding and pitching from Ron Kaleta. The team collected 24 hits with big hitters Glenn Soles 4/4 (double and triple), Russ Figueroa 4/4, Ron Kaleta 4/4, and Curtis Rhoades 3/3. Getting 2 hits each were John Gavazza, Bill Marchionni and Mike Kachurak. Everyone else contributed with at least one hit and some really good fielding from everyone. A good team effort. Next Game August 17th 7:00 HOME
Another one run loss for Backbone Chiropractic 14-13, this time at the hands of Thomas Pham Dentistry. The game ended with Backbone having the tying run on third base when the final out was recorded. Greg Allseitz had another great day at the plate with 3 Hits, including an over the fence Home Run, a Triple, 3 Runs Scored and 3 RBI. Bill Janowski also had an awesome day offensively with 3 Hits, 2 Doubles, a Triple, 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI. Jeff Nickerson and Sub. Dan Newman also had 3 Hits each, Newman 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI, Nickerson a Run Scored. Bob Husick, JIm Matthews, Ray Kouns and Gene Fleck had 2 hits apiece. Matthews had 3 RBI and Husick and Nickerson each Scored a Run. Joe Stempniewski and Joel Last each contributed a hit, Last had 2 RBI and Stempniewski a Double and 2 Runs Scored.

Wells Fargo - 6 MidFirst Bank - 11
Mid First Bank beat Wells Fargo Bank 11-6. Wells Fargo had 16 hits and 3 walks but could only score 6 runs. Jay Schirpke had 3 hits, 2-2B, HR and Ed Campbell also had 3 hits. Buck Craig, Bob Snelling, Sub Russ Figueroa and Jim Young had 2 hits each.
"Wells Fargo went toe to toe with MidFirst Bank for the first three innings today. The game was always in doubt as runs were at a premium for both teams. MidFirst Bank and Wells Fargo both went cold in the final 3 innings of the game. Each team was only able to muster one run each in the final 3 as both played very good defense. MidFirst posted a season low .476 batting average. The defense was incredible for MidFirst as 6 of the seven innings the pitching and the solid defensive play only allowed no runs or one run. Greg Church and Dale Schroeder were great as the winning battery today. Don Trenda pulled off a nice unassisted double play. The outfield of Jm Opyd, Dennis Haak, Kathy Boland and Dorothy Mazur were very busy defensively today. Offensively, everyone did have at least one hit. Greg Church, Dennis Haak (home run, 2 RBI's), Ray Kouns (double) and John Boland (triple, double, 4 RBI's) were all 3 for 4. A pair of hits for Jim Opyd and Don Trenda. Each with a hit were Albert Miller, Fred Lubs, Kathy Boland, Dale Schroeder and Dorothy Mazur. Thanks to umpires Joel Last and Artie Stackpole; Mark Jessen in the tower, keeping the scorebook Eileen Figueroa; and to sub Ray Kouns. Well played Wells Fargo and MidFirst Bank.


Games thru -  Saturday, August 3, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 4 0 0 8
Thomas Pham Dentist 2 2 0 4
Backbone Chiropractic 1 3 0 2
Wells Fargo Bank 1 3 0 2
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, August 3, 2019

T Pham Dentist - 15 Wells Fargo - 3

The Team came out really hitting this week, scoring in every inning and with everyone getting at least one hit. The team also played some really good defense, with good catches and good overall fielding. Perfect from the plate were Russ Figueroa 3/3(2 doubles), Glenn Soles 2/2, Ron Kaleta 2/2 and Dick Steiman 3/3. Getting 2 hits each were Mike Heitman, sub John Gavazza and Don Knowles. Next Game: Sat. August 10th 7:00 HOME

Thomas Pham Denists beat Wells Fargo 15-3 by mercy rule.. Wells Fargo forgot their bats and gloves today. Jay Schirpke was 3-3 2-2B 3B, Sub Rick Armentano 2-2 and Jim Young 2-2. Bob Snelling 1-1 Sac Fly 2 RBI’s.. thank you to Subs Rick Armentano, Greg Church and Bill Marcioni. Eileen for scoring.

Backbone Chiropractic - 10 MidFirst Bank - 11

"A tough loss for Backbone Chiropractic a great come from behind win for Mid First Bank, final score 11-10. Backbone led 10-4 going into the top of the sixth, Mid First scored 3 Runs, that went unanswered in the bottom of the sixth. Then Mid First scored 4 times, 3 of those Runs coming after 2 outs and twice batters had 2 Strikes. In the bottom of the seventh a lead off single for Backbone, then a line drive up the middle caught by the pitcher, who doubled up the runner at first. The next 2 batters singled and the next batter hit the ball to deep left field but left fielder Rick Armentano caught the ball at the wallwith his arm extended. Bob Husick had 3 Hits and 2 Runs Scored. Ray Kouns also had 3 Hits with a Run Scored and a RBI. Howard Sumner, Greg Allseitz, Joel Last and Sub. Russ Figueroa had 2 Hits apiece. Husick 2 Runs Scored and a RBI, Joel Last a Run Scored, Figueroa Run Scored and a RBI and Allseitz an over the fence 3 Run Home Run, 2 Runs Scored and 3 RBI. Howard Sumner and Greg Allseitz continued their great defense in Left and Right Center chasing down quite a few hard hit fly balls. "

Backbone took an early on MidFirst, 4-2, in the bottom of the first and by the bottom of the 5th they were up by a margin of 10-4. In the meantime, Mid-First excelled in posting a near record number of runners left-on-base. It wasn’t until inning 6 that the Orange team’s bats awakened, with the bottom half of the order plating 3 runs. Then, MidFirst held Backbone scoreless in the bottom of the 6th. Heading into the 7th inning, MidFirst still trailed 10-7. The unlimited inning saw the bankers deposit 4 more runs, while leaving a couple more runners in scoring position. Entering the bottom of the 7th with a one run lead is not the most secure of positions, but a bang-bang line drive double play from pitcher to first put the team in a good position to pull off the comeback victory. But the Chiropractors weren’t finished making adjustments. With the tying and winning runs aboard, sub Rick Armentano ran down a booming fly ball in left field and made an over-the-shoulder catch for the final out, preserving the 11-10 victory for the MidFirst Bank team. Albert Miller, Don Trenda, Dale Schroeder, and subs Mark Brenner, and Rick Armentano were all 3 for 4, giving the team the majority of its 21 hits. It wasn’t the prettiest of victories, but it was one of the most exciting. Thanks to our umps Jim Young and Bob Snelling; to scoreboard guy, Mark Jessen; to scorebook keeper, Eileen Figueroa; and to subs Joe Osowiec, Rocco Jankowski, Rick Armentano, and Mark Brenner. Fun game and well done by both Backbone Chiropractic and MidFirst Bank.


Games thru -  Saturday, July 27, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 3 0 0 6
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 2 0 2
Wells Fargo Bank 1 2 0 2
Backbone Chiropractic 1 2 0 2
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

 Saturday, July 27, 2019

MidFirst Bank - 8 T Pham Dentist - 7

"The MidFirst Bank bats were hot in the first inning today when the team posted a 4 run first. The bats cooled off, unlike the weather, the rest of the game. MidFirst could only muster 4 more runs in the last 6 innings. The pitching and defense by MidFirst, against a very good TP Dentist team, was incredible. Don Trenda and Albert Miller, the MidFirst battery, kept TP at bay for 6 of the 7 innings. Last at bat, the hammer, proved to be the deciding factor in this one. In the top of the last, MidFirst held TP Dentist scoreless. With the game tied in the bottom of the last, MidFirst loaded the bases with 1 out. Albert Miller came to the plate and nailed a hard ball to the right side of the infield and the winning run scored from 3rd base. Both TP Dentist and MidFirst Bank played very well today. Tom Yurkunas and John Boland both had 3 hits today. The following had a pair of hits: Albert Miller (game winner), Dennis Haak, Jim Opyd, Don Trenda (2B), Greg Church, and Kathy Boland (2B) who led off the 7th with a nice hit. Dale Schroeder chipped in with a hit. Don Trenda had 3 RBI's to lead the team and pitched very well! Thanks to subs Joe Osowiec, Klaus Holt and Tom Yurkunas; Ed Campbell, Jim Young, and Norm Volk for umpiring and Mark Jessen in the tower.
The Team came out cold with the bats and fell behind early, and tied it up in the 6th inning, but could not put the bankers away. In all the team collected 14 hits, with everyone getting at least one hit. Big hitters were Sal Politi 2/3, Dick Steiman 2/3 and Bob Craig 2/3. Next Game: August 3rd 7:00 HOME

Wells Fargo Bank - 14 Backbone Chiropractic - 6
Wells Fargo beat Backbone Chiropractic 14-6. Wells played good defense today but hit even better. The top six in order hit 19/22, an .864 average. They also had 13 of the 14 RBI’s and scored all 14 runs. Leading hitters were: Glen Ryan 4-4 2-HR 6 RBI, Sub Jim Oypd 4-4 2B 3B 3 RBI, Sub Rick Armentano 3-3 2 RBI, Jay Schirpke 3-4 3-2B, Buck Craig 3-4 2 RBI and Jerry Eastham 2-3.

"After last weeks come from behind win Backbone Chiropractic trailed Wells Fargo from the start but this time there was no come back. The final score was 14-6 but only because Backbone doubled their score with a three run seventh inning. Howard Sumner had a 3 hit game with 3 Runs Scored and a RBI. Greg Allseitz had 2 Hits including a Double and 4 RBI. Bill Janowski, Ray Kouns, Jeff Nickerson, Gene Fleck and Bob Husick got 2 Hits each. Husick 2 Runs Scored, Janowski a RBI, Fleck Run Scored, Howard Sumner made several put outs in Left Center, This game belonged to Wells Fargo, there are still two games with each team remaining so plenty of time to get back in the hunt.

Games thru -  Saturday, July 20, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Midfirst Bank 2 0 0 4
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 1 0 2
Backbone Chiropractic 1 1 0 2
Wells Fargo Bank 0 2 0 0
* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points



Saturday, July 20, 2019
Backbone Chiropractic - 12   T Pham Dentist - 11
A very exciting softball game Thomas Pham Dentistry led 9-4 going into the bottom of the
fourth and 11-6 going into the sixth inning. Then Backbone Chiropractic held them scoreless in the sixth, they scored 1 Run in the bottom half of the sixth, still trailing 11-7. Once again the Dentists were shut down in the seventh, the Chiropractors had the bottom four in their order coming up in the bottom of the seventh. All four got singles, then a walk to the lead-off hitter and Howard Sumner hit an inside the Park Home Run to end the game defeating Thomas Pham 12-11. By the way it was Howard's second inside the Park Home Run of the game, he was 3-4 overall with 2 Runs Scored and 6 RBI. Bill Janowski was 3-3 with 2 Doubles, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Bob Husick (who also had that big walk in the seventh) had 2 hits, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Joe Stempniewski, Joel Last and Sub. John Betholdy had 2 Hits each, Last had a Run Scored and a RBI (one of those coming in that seventh inning rally) Stempniewski  a Double and 2 RBI, Betholdy 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Jeff Nickerson and Gene Fleck each added a hit and Run Scored  (which were key hits and runs in that come from behind rally in the seventh). Greg
 Allseitz had a hit, an Inside the Park Home Run, a Run Scored and RBI. After a little shaky start the defense played well over the last 4 four innings, all the oufielders, Allseitz, Sumner, Janowski and Stempniewski made at least one good catch each. The Infield turned a key double play and played very well over the last four innings.
The Team came out hitting and leading the whole game, but the bats went cold and the Team did not score in the last 2 innings. The Backbone team came alive in the 7th with their bats. Some good defense by both teams. The Dentist did get 22 hits, with Ron Kaleta going a perfect 4 for 4 and Jay Schirpke getting a HR. Going 3 for 4 was Russ Figueroa and players getting 2 hits each were DonKnowles, Jay Schirpke, Sal Politi, Paul Larson, Dick Steiman , Daren Proctor and Dennis Karcher.  Next Game: July 27th at 7:00am and we are VISITORS.
MidFirst Bank - 17   Wells Fargo Bank - 13
The MidFirst Bank bats were as hot as the weather today, hitting for a very nice team average .714. The Wells Fargo team was up to the task as they kept the pressure on MidFirst the entire game. MidFirst took the win with a final score of 17 to 13. Game was tied as late as the 4 inning. Every MidFirst player had at least one hit, 10 of the 11 players had at least 1 RBI and Dennis Haak hit for the cycle (HR, 3B, 2B, 1B, 4 RBI's). Winning pitcher Don Trenda was perfect from the plate along with Dennis Haak; each with 4 hits. Going 3 for 4 were: Jim Opyd (2B), Fred Lubs (3 RBI's), Greg Church, Kathy Boland, Joe Osowiec, and John Boland (2B). Albert Miller chipped in with 2 hits, both doubles. Albert hurt his shoulder today, finished out the game, and we hope he gets healed up for next week. Rounding out the offensive onslaught were Dale Schroeder and Les Bonde, each with a hit. Good close game by Wells Fargo and MidFirst Bank. Thanks to sub Joe Osowiec, Eileen Figueroa for keeping score and Mark Jessen in the tower.
Mid First Bank beat Wells Fargo Bank 17-13.  Wells Fargo had 21 hits but lost on defense.  Getting 3 hits each were:  Buck Craig, Bob Snelling and John Bertholdy.  Players with 2 hits are:  Jay Schirpke, Jerry Eastham, Ed Campbell and Ed Hart.


Games thru -  Saturday, July 13, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Total Points
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 0 0 2
Midfirst Bank 1 0 0 2
Backbone Chiropractic 0 1 0 0
Wells Fargo Bank 0 1 0 0

* Won = 2  Lost = 0  Tie = 1 in Total Points

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Backbone Chiropractic - 12 MidFirst Bank - 20
First inning ended with a 4-4 tie then Mid First Bank took over and finished with a 20-12 victory over Backbone Chiropractic. Not the way you want to start the new season but there were some bright spots. Defensively, Greg Allseitz in Right-Center made an over the shoulder catch to prevent an extra base hit. Howard Sumner and Joe Stempniewski in Left-Center and Left made several good catches. First baseman Jeff Nickerson made a pretty spectacular catch chasing down a foul ball. Offensively, Bob Husick from the leadoff spot reached base all four times, 3 hits, a walk, 2 Runs Scored and a RBI. Greg Allseitz had 3 hits including 2 Doubles, 3 Runs Scored and 3 RBI. Howard Sumner 2 Hits, 2 Runs Scored and 3 RBI. Bill Janowski 3 Hits, Double. Run Scored and 3 RBI. Jeff Nickerson also had 3 hits including a Double. JIm Matthews 2 Hits and a RBI.
"MidFirst Bank had their bats ready for the first game of the session against Backbone Chiropractic. The bankers hit for a nice .653 today. Greg Church and Dale Schroeder were the winning battery. Dale was also on the backend of a real nice catch at the plate to cut down a runner stemming a potential rally by Backbone (Kathy Boland to the other Boland to Dale). Kathy Boland also turned a nice double play at 2nd base to Fred Lubs. A total of five players had 4 hits in the contest. They were Dennis Haak, Jim Opyd, Rick Armentano, John Boland (2b, 3B) and Greg Church (2B) helping his own pitching cause. Fred Lubs was a nice 3 for 4 today. Adding to the hit parade with 2 hits each were: Albert Miller, Kathy Boland, Dale Schroeder and Mark Brenner. Les Bonde also chipped in with a hit in the contest. Today was a very hot one and it was tough to stay fresh. Thanks to Eileen Figueroa for keeping the book, umpires Dick Steiman/Jeff Smith, Subs Rick Armentano/Mark Brenner and Mark Jessen in the tower.

T Pham Dentist - 19 Wells Fargo Bank - 9
The TEAM , with everyone getting at least one hit, came out with hot bats, getting 26 hits and scoring in every inning. Some good play from the defense was also a big help to holding the slugging bankers to 9 runs. Big hitters were sub John Boland 4 for 4 , Russ Figueroa 3/4, Don Knowles 3/4, Ron Kaleta 3/4, John Chlebeck 2/2, Dick Steiman 2/3, Sal Politi 2/3, Paul Larson 2/4, Ron Rogerson 2/4 and Bob Craig 2/4. Great start for the Team. Next game: July 20th 7:00 VISITORS
Wells Fargo lost to Thomas Pham Denists 19-9. Wells Fargo had 4 players get 2 hits each: Sub Dennis Haak, Bob Snelling, Glen Ryan and Buck Craig. Thank you Dennis for subbing and Eileen for scoring..