Fall 2019 Standings

Saturday League Standings and Game Summaries for Fall 2019



Games thru -  Saturday, January 18, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Northwest Physical Therapy 5 1 1 0.786
Thomas Pham Dentist 4 3 0 0.571
Core Institute 4 3 0 0.571
Dillons Restaurant 4 3 0 0.571
Broward Factory Services 4 3 0 0.571
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 3 3 1 0.500
Mid First Bank 3 4 0 0.429
Vital Care Rehabilitation 2 4 1 0.357
Backbone Chiropractic 2 4 1 0.357
Angelas Kitchen 2 5 0 0.286


Games thru -  Saturday, January 11, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Northwest Physical Therapy 4 1 1 0.750
Broward Factory Services 4 2 0 0.667
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 3 2 1 0.583
Thomas Pham Dentist 3 3 0 0.500
Mid First Bank 3 3 0 0.500
Dillons Restaurant 3 3 0 0.500
Core Institute 3 3 0 0.500
Vital Care Rehabilitation 2 3 1 0.417
Angelas Kitchen 2 4 0 0.333
Backbone Chiropractic 1 4 1 0.250

 Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sunrise Valley Pharmacy - 20 NW Phys Therapy - 21

The bats were hot for both teams, with the therapists scoring 16 runs in the first 4 innings, but the pharmacists came back, but did only score 4 runs in the bottom of the 7ths to lose by one run. The bats were hot, with the Team getting 32 hits. Getting 4 hits each were Tom Yurkunas (a triple and double), Dave Doran (2 doubles), Paul Larson (2 triples) and Neil Clewell. Getting 3 hits each were Ron Kaleta, Kandi Patrick, Jeff Smith and Russ Figueroa. Getting 2 his each were Mark Brenner and Don Hansen. Good come back and we never gave up. Next game: January 18th 12:15 VISITORS

Northwest Physical Therapy and Sunrise Valley Pharmacy were tied for first place and both teams played like champions. The score was tied 16-16 after 6 innings. NWPT scored 5 runs in top of 7th. Northwest almost turned a triple play in bottom of 7th then Sunrise scored 4 runs in bottom of 7th. Sunrise had the tying runner make the 3rd out at the plate, on a good play by Sub catcher Artie Stackpole and pitcher Greg Church. Buck Craig, Don Knowles and Ken Krzeminski were a perfect 4-4. Jay Schirpke John Hammel, Marv Mathews, Jerry Eastham and Greg Church were 3-4. Jim Stocker and Al Miller were 2-4.

T Pham Dentist - 16 CORE Institute -13

TP Dentist for the second straight game came out hot racking up 23 hits and 4 walks against a CORE that did not back down matching the Dentist hit for hit until the 7th when they were held scoreless in top of the inning. John Conacher then ended the game with a 3-run homerun for the 16-13 win. In a tie game in the bottom of the 6th TP’s Manager, trying to take the lead, pinch ran but got caught at third base when CORE used their intentional walk to force the final out as he could not be sub’d for. But, maybe that was his plan as it forced the visitors in pitching to John in the final inning. Offensively 5 players (2nd thru 6th in the order) were perfect at the plate going a combined 16 for 16 plus 2 walks – John Conacher 4 for 4 (homerun, 4 runs, 5 RBI), Chuck Gibson 4 for 4 (4 runs), Tim Schiewe 3 for 3 (walk, double, 4 runs, 2 RBI), Bill Janowski 3 for 3 (2 doubles, run, 4 RBI) and Barry Delano 2 for 2 (walk, double, run, 3 RBI). Three others had two hit games – Rocco Jankowski (run), John Hardy (2 RBI) and sub Fred Swan. Jack Indig had a hit and Lonnie Saiz was walked twice and scored to round out the offense.

Another close game due to a few innings with solid hitting for both teams---special nod to Dale and Ray perfect at the plate. Stellar base running as well. Thank you subs, Mike Heitman, Jay Schirkpe and Joe Stempniewski, helping both the outfield and infield. Enjoy playing with the entire team. Bright and early game next Saturday.

Broward Factory Serv - 14 Dillon's Restaurant - 6

Scoring in every inning except the 3rd inning, Broward Factory Services defeated Dillons Restaurant under sunny blue skies, holding Dillons to just 6 runs, no runs in the first 3 innings, allowed 1 run in the 4th, 4 runs in the 5th and 1 final run in the 6th. BFS’s defense was stellar today with Mike Dakak getting under the final out of the game. Everyone was on their offensive game today, the bats started out hot and stayed that way throughout the game. Mike Dakak went 1/4, including 1 SAC and 1 RBI. This was followed by Howard Sumner going 3/4, including a HR and 1 double and 2 RBI’s. Glen Ryan had a great day at the plate going 3/4 including a double and 1 RBI. Ted Grove pounded out a 3/4 day as well with 3 RBI’s. Sub Noris Carpenter, playing 2B helped our offensive effort with a 3/4 day. Ray Hensley struggled a bit at the plate but managed 1 hit and 1 RBI. Bob Charette was steady at the plate with 3 hits and 2 RBI’s. Ron Rogerson banged out a 2/3 day to help our cause. Sub Joe Osowiec, playing 3B went perfect at the plate with 3 hits and 1 RBI. Bob Zech helped our offensive charge with a 2/3 day and 1 RBI. Lastly, Les Bonde managed 2 hits for 3 at bats and 2 RBI’s. The team thanks Subs Noris Carpenter at 2B and Joe Osowiec at 3B for playing for us today.

Dillons was out hit and out fielded in today's game losing to Broward 14 - 6. Ray Gibson drove in 3 of Dillon's runs with an inside the park home run. Daren Proctor was perfect at the plate with 3 hits, including a double. Greg Allseitz was also perfect at the plate with a triple, double and a walk. Greg also threw out a Broward runner at home plate with an excellent throw and a fine catch by Klaus Holt. Allen Bellew added two hits and an RBI. Don Trenda and Mike Ryan each had 2 hits. Klaus Holt (1 RBI), Bob Husick (1 RBI) and Vern McMurray each contributed a hit. Thanks go to our Sub Lee Visker for helping out today at 1st base.

Vital Care Rehab - 18 Backbone Chiropractic - 8

Vital Care played its best game of the season, in defeating Backbone Chiropractic 18 to 8. The Vital Care attack was lead by Ed Mitchell, with 3 hits and 4 RBI, and Jim Mathews with 4 hits and 2 RBI. Also,lead off hitter, Ron Swanson had 4 hits followed by Ed Campbell, and Brian Holliday with 3 hits each. Our sub players Rod Wilterdink, and Greg Allseitz chipped in with a total of 6 hits and 7 RBI.

When you look at the hitting statistics for the game, Backbone probably should have fared better than an 18-8 defeat. Fred Jensen was 3 for 3 with a RBI. Paul Jinneman with homerun and 2 RBI, Norris Carpenter, Becky Holliday with a triple and RBI, Dan Sykes with a triple and RBI, Bill Marchionni with a RBI and Jim Young with a double each were 2 for 3 on the day. Jim Opyd had a triple and RBI. The defense was not as sharp as it could be.

Angela's Kitchen - 13 MidFirst Bank - 10

Angela's Kitchen defeated a really tough hitting MId West Bank team 13-10 with some good defense and key hits. Joe Stempniewski, Joe Osoweic and Sub. Mike Dakak led the offense with 3 hits each. Stempnieweski had a Double and 2 Run Scored, Osoweic 2 Runs Scored and Dakak a Double, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Bob Snelling, Paul Larson, Dan Newman and Sal Politi had 2 hits apiece. Snelling Double, 2 Run Scored and a RBI, Newman 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI, Larson Triple, 2 Runs Scored and 2 RBI and Politi added a Walk, Run Scored and RBI. Jeff Nickerson and Tom Sanders both had a hit, Nickerson Double, Run Scored and RBI and Sanders 2 RBI. Defensively, Bob Snelling made a great running catch in Left Center Field and Doubled the runner off of second base. Joe Stempniewski made several good catch's in Left Field and Joe Osoweic at Rover and Sal Politi at Second Base made a couple of good plays on hard hit ground balls in key situations.

Mid First Bank fell behind from the beginning not scoring any runs in the first 2 innings, and Angelas Kitchen pulled ahead with 6 runs. Mid First Bank scored only 10 runs in the next 5 innings with a total of 4 scoreless innings. Mid First Bank was led by Skip Pavitt (4/4), Dave Anthony (3/4), CL Eversman (3/4) and John Berthody, Kirk Andes (Triple and Home Run), Dale Hoffine, Curt Rhoades, and Dennis Karcher all went 2/4. Thanks to our sub, Mike Kachurak, who went 2/3. The overall team had 23 hits, but it was not enough to beat Angelas Kitchen’s strong offense. As usual, Dennis Karcher pitched an excellent game. Thanks to umpires Ed Mitchell and Dale Schroeder and to Dennis Haak in the tower Russ’s wife, Eliane, for keeping the scorebook.


Games thru -  Saturday, January 4, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Northwest Physical Therapy 3 1 1 0.700
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 3 1 1 0.700
Mid First Bank 3 2 0 0.600
Dillons Restaurant 3 2 0 0.600
Core Institute 3 2 0 0.600
Broward Factory Services 3 2 0 0.600
Thomas Pham Dentist 2 3 0 0.400
Vital Care Rehabilitation 1 3 1 0.300
Backbone Chiropractic 1 3 1 0.300
Angelas Kitchen 1 4 0 0.200

 Saturday, January 4, 2020

Dillon's Restaurant - 10 T P Dentist - 19

Today's game was dominated by the Thomas Pham Dentist team, whose pitching, fielding and hitting whooped the Dillons Restaurant team. Dillons' Greg Allseitz (4 hits, triple, double) and Ray Gibson (3 hits, triple, double and walk) each had 4 RBI's and accounted for 8 of the team's RBI's. Ray Gibson made some really fine defensive plays at shortstop. Allen Bellew (1 RBI), Sub Jerry Eastham (double) and Daren Proctor, each had 2 hits. Joel Last (double, 1 RBI), Don Trenda, Fred Lubs, Vern McMurray, Mike Ryan and Klaus Holt each added a hit.

TP Dentist started hitting early right out of the gate and kept on hitting (probably in their best game of the season) and played some great defense to beat a very good Dillons team. They built a big lead and flip flopped in the 7th so they only batted 6 times with three of those 6 they did not make a single out batting a whopping .795 as a team. 4 were perfect on the day with 4 hits each – Tim Schiewe (4 runs, 3 RBI), John Conacher (double, triple, 3 runs, 3 RBI), Bill Janowski (2 runs, 2 RBI) and with three hits John Hardy (run, RBI). Three others weren’t perfect but had three hits each, Sub Dave Fusaro (3 runs), Chuck Gibson (triple, 3 runs, 2 RBI) and Barry Delano (double, 3 RBI). Jack Indig, Bob Lessard (2 RBI) and Lonnie Saiz (run, RBI) each had two hits. Sub Fred Swan rounded out the attack with a hit, runs and 2 RBI. Barry Delano pitched a great game keeping Dillons off-balance the whole game though they tried to return the favor with two pop-ups back to back that hit maybe 10 feet in front of the plate and just stopped…no spin to help have them go foul. Defensive standout of the game as John Conacher at shortstop. He made play after play including one he ended up not making but I am sure left a mark – on a line drive that moved enough to prevent a catch but not enough to miss his arm. Though I think he made more plays after that one than he did before so in the future we will need to keep that in mind as a motivator. Thanks to Dave and Fred for subbing and Dave did his best Rocco by where a bright colored shirt to offset the bright color shoes missing.

Broward Factory Serv - 9 MidFirst Bank - 17

"Broward Factory Services lost today to the Mid First Bank team in a one sided contest. Apparently BFS had a bit too much time off for the holiday break. The day was sunny but cold and we just could not get our bats working. We had two innings where we had 2 outs and then gave up 4 runs, then flipped in the 7th inning. We played really good defense but couldn’t stop the line drives which were numerous. On the offensive side, our bats started out cold and stayed that way throughout the game.
Mike Dakak really drove the ball hard but unfortunately right at someone, going 0/4. Howard Sumner banged out a 3/4 game but was held to all singles. Glen Ryan played excellent at SS also drove the ball hard but right at someone, went 2/4. Ted Grove went 2/4 including a triple and banged out 3 RBI’s. Randy Van Wagner was steady at the plate with a 4/4 game including a double. Ray Hensley went 2/4 as well. Bob Charette managed a 2/3 game including a double, followed by Ron Rogerson who also went 2/3. Larry Smith, Bob Zech & Les Bonde each helped our cause going 1/3 each. As a whole, the team had 20 hits to 39 at bats. Percentage wise, that’s not bad, we just couldn’t keep up with Mid First hitting. Should be warmer next week and we will come back.
The Mid First Bank sponsored softball team in the SCG Saturday league opened the new year by defeating the Broward Factory Service sponsored team 17-9 on January 4th. The Bankers scored 3 runs in top of first inning and led the entire game. It was the second straight game the Bankers scored 17 runs, this time batting only 6 times. Curt Rhoades went 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs. John Bertholdy, Kirk Andes and Tim Skala each had 3 hits, one of Tim's a triple. CL Eversman and Dave Anthony each contributed 2 hits and 3 RBIs .Pitcher Dennis Karcher had his sinker pitch working, inducing lots of ground balls turned into outs by an excellent Mid First infield defense. In particular, third baseman Dale Huffine turned several hard hit grounders into force outs at 2b, while rover John Bertholdy and second baseman Tim Skala each made good plays on several grounders or line drives. It was the Mid first teams best defensive game of the season,

Backbone Chiropractic - 15 Angela's Kitchen - 13

Backbone Chiropractic escaped with a 15-13 victory over Angela's Kitchen to open up the year. Backbone was led by Becky Holliday 4 for 4 with a double and 3 RBI and key run-saving fielding plays. Paul Jinneman with a triple and 2 RBI, Jim Opyd with 2 triples and 2 RBI, and sub winning pitcher with a RBI each went 3 for 3 on the day. Fred Jensen with a double and 2 RBI, and Bill Marchionni each were 3 for 4. Dan Sykes with a RBI, Dale Schroeder with a RBI, and last minute fill-in Brian Holliday had 2-hit games. Norris Carpenter with a RBI and Dennis Haak with 2 RBI each had a hit.

"Angela's Kitchen suffered a tough defeat today 15-13 at the hands of Backbone Chiropractic. For the first five innings they trailed by no less than 3 runs, then in the sixth inning they out scored Backbone 4-1 and came to within one run behind. Backbone plated a run in the the bottom of the sixth and Anglela's was held scoreless in the seventh sealing the deal. The offense for Angela's was led by Dick Hansen 4-4 with 2 Doubles, a Triple, 2 Runs scored and 3 RBI. Next came Sub. Tim Schiewe with 3 Hits, a Double, Run Scored and 2 RBI. Jeff Nickerson also had 3 Hits, a Double anbd 3 Runs Scored. Bob Snelling, Dan Newman and Sub Marty Jiminez had 2 hits each, Snelling had a Run Scored, Newman a RBI and Run Scored. Paul Larson Hit a Double with 2 RBI and Tom Sanders had 1 Hit but added 3 RBI. Allen Bellew had a Double and also played excellent defense in Left Field making several good catches fighting a bright sun in his eyes. Bob Snelling in Left Center also made some good catches
chasing down fly balls deep into the outfield. "

CORE Institute - 18 NW Physical Therapy - 12

Well rounded game today against NW Therapy with Core coming out on top. We pulled together as a team with the entire Core roster doing a great job at the plate, half the team hitting perfect. We had 5 excellent defensive innings with keeping NW Therapy with less than 4 runs. Exciting and fun game. Thank you to our subs, Russ Figueroa and John Gavazza. Thank you, guys!!

Core Institue beat Northwest Physical Therpy 18-12. Northwest did have 23 hits. John Hammel made a great shoe string catch in the outfield. Marv Mathews made a laser throw to home to nail a runner. Jay Schirpke, Buck Craig, Don Knowles, John Hammel and Jerry Eastham were all 3-4. Marv Mathews, Ken Krzeminski and Jim Stocker all had 2 hits.

Sunrise Valley Pharmacy - 15 Vital Care Rehab - 15

Both teams came out strong and scored in every other inning, and the Pharmacy had to come from behind in the bottom of the 7th scoring 5 runs to secure a tie. Perfect from the plate going 4 for 4 was John Boland (3 doubles 1 triple) and Kandi Patrick was 4 for 4 also, with both players making some good plays from the field .Also having a good day at the plate were Russ Figueroa 3/4(2 doubles), Tom Yurkunas (one triple), Ron Kaleta 3 for 4, Dick Nunez 3 for 4 and Neil Clewell was also 3 for 4. Both teams were a little rusty coming off of 2 weeks off from the field. Next game January 11th 8:30 HOME

Vital Care Rehabilitation played to a tie against Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 15 to 15, in a game that the Sun played a major role in the final decision. Leading hitters for Vital Care were Rob White and Brian Holliday with 3 hits each. Vital Care had to sub players; with Greg Allseitz with 4 hits and 4 rbi, and John Gavazza with 3 hits and 5 rbi. Finally, Mike Wunsch played a steady left center field and chipped in with 2 hits and 5 rbi.


Games thru -  Saturday, December 14, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Northwest Physical Therapy 3 0 1 0.875
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 3 1 0 0.750
Dillons Restaurant 3 1 0 0.750
Broward Factory Services 3 1 0 0.750
Mid First Bank 2 2 0 0.500
Core Institute 2 2 0 0.500
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 3 0 0.250
Angelas Kitchen 1 3 0 0.250
Vital Care Rehabilitation 1 3 0 0.250
Backbone Chiropractic 0 3 1 0.125

 Saturday, December 14, 2019

Sunrise Valley Pharnacy - 10 MidFirst Bank - 17

Well the prescription team left their prescription at home, for the gloves were cold and they could not put the hits together at the right time. The Bankers really out slugged the home team even though the losing team put together 22 hits. Big hitters were sub John Conacher with 4 hits and Russ Figueroa and Joe Stempniewski with 3 hits each. Getting two hits each were Kandi Patrick, Ton Yurkunas, Ron Kaleta, Dick Nunez and Neil Clewell. Next Game: January 4th, 2020 1:30 HOME Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

The MidFirst Bank sponsored softball team in the SCG Saturday league came from behind to defeat the Sunrise Valley Pharmacy sponsored team 17-10 on Dec 14th. The Bankers started slowly, leaving bases loaded three times and trailing 6-3 after four innings. Their batters kept attacking and hits began finding holes as they produced 4, 4 and 6 runs in the last three frames to pull away for the victory. Leadoff batter John Bertholdy went 5 for 5 and scored three runs to lead the 30 hit MidfFirst attack in which every batter had at least 2 hits. Pitcher Dennis Karcher was 4 for 4 and scored twice. Kirk Andes, Tim Skala and Roy Carpenter each were 3 for 4. The MidFirst defense played error free game to support the walkfree pitching of Dennis Karcher. Catcher Barry Bergen caught a long throw from rover Bertholdy to put out one runner trying to score, while sub rightfielder Tim Brown made several good catches of fly balls and doubled a runner out a first base after spearing one line drive.

NW Physical Therapy - 10 Backbone Chiropractic - 10

Backbone Chiropractic and Northwest Physical Theraapy tied 10-10. NWPT did not play defense today and Backbone did. Northwest had 20 hits but only scored 10 runs. Jay Schirpke 4-4 3B 1RBI, Ken Krzeminski 1-1 2BB Don Knowles 3-4 1RBI Thanks to Mark Brenner for subbing the last 2 weeks.and Jim Stocker 3-3 3RBI were leading hitters.

Backbone Chiropractic tied first place Northwest Physical Therapy 10-10 with a relatively strong defensive effort. On offense, all players had at least one hit with Norris Carpenter with 2 RBI, Dennis Haak with 3 RBI and Jim Young with a RBI each going 3 for 4. Paul Jinneman 2 for 3 with a double, Becky Holliday, Dan Sykes, and Bill Marchionni 2 for 4 with a double each added a RBI. Jim Opyd, Fred Jensen, and Paul Plapp each were 2 for 4. Dale Schroeder had a hit and a walk and scored twice.

Vital Care Rehab - 23 Dillon's Restaurant - 22

Hey Hey Vital Care Rehab. 23 and Dillons 22. Vital Care pushed across 8 runs in the bottom of the seventh and beat the undefeated Dillon's team, and gave Vital Care's its first victory of the season. Leading the attack for Vital with four hits were Ron Swanson, Ed Campbell, Mike Wunsch, Jim Witkowski and subs Dan Newman, and Bob Snelling .Brian Holliday and Jim Mathews each had 3 hits, and Mathews had the key hit to drive in the winning run.

Today's game was exciting with huge double digit runs scored by each team. Going into the bottom of the last inning, Dillons was ahead by 7 runs. Vital Care's bats were hot and they scored 8 runs to win the game, 23 - 22. Greg Allseitz (2 home runs, 2 doubles, 5 hits and 6 RBI's) and Ray Gibson (3 triples, 4 hits, 1 walk and 2 RBI's) were perfect at the plate today. Don Trenda (home run, 4 RBI's) and Allen Bellew (3 doubles, 1 RBI) each had 4 hits. Fred Lubs (1 RBI), Vern McMurray (double and 2 RBI's) and Sub Kevin Gillette each had 3 hits. Mike Ryan (2 RBI's, walk) and Klaus Holt (1 RBI) each had two hits. Daren Proctor (2 RBI's) and Bob Husick (1 RBI) each contributed a hit. It was a really competitive game and our congratulations to the Vital Care team for their outstanding game finish, outscoring Dillon's 12 to 8 runs in the last two innings.

Angela's Kitchen - 13 CORE Institute - 12

Suffered a loss to Angela's Kitchen------pre holiday game as half of our Core team was not with us but a big thank you to our 5 subs. Greg Allseitz, Ray Hensley, Brian Holliday, Ed Campbell, and Pat Moriarity. We had a stellar first and seventh inning in the offensive department but the innings between we struggled. Kudos to Ray Kouns who was perfect at the plate and Dale Halder with a home run. Enjoy your holidays and see you on the 4th. Merry Christmas Coach Chlebeck

Broward Factory Serv - 18 T Pham Dentist - 6

"Broward Factory Services played the last game of the day. It was warm and just right for softball. The weather seemed to agree with the BFS team as the defense shut down TP Dentist, allowing only 6 runs in 6 innings. The dentists didn’t score any runs until the 4th and 5th innings. On the offensive side, BFS scored in every inning where we ended the game 12 runs ahead. Leading the offensive charge were Mike Dakak and Ted Grove both going 4/4, Ted with a walk. Mike Dakak delivered a triple, 2 doubles and a single. Ted delivered a triple and 2 singles and had the walk. This was followed by both Glen Ryan and Howard Sumner with 3/4 days at the plate. Howard gave us 2 singles and a double. Glen Ryan drove the ball to the wall 3 times. Ray Hensley banged out a 3/4 day as well. This was followed by Bob Charette with a 2/4 day and Randy Van Wagner, hitting the ball hard, also banging out a 2/4 day, followed by Ron Rogerson also with a 2/4 day. Larry Smith went 2/3, 1 BB and 1 double.
Sub Klaus Holt, playing catcher banged out a 1/3 day as well. Lastly, Les Bonde, playing RF, managed a 1/3 day. In all, BFS’s bats delivered 28 hits to 42 at bats, a really good day at the plate. The Defense was so tight that we didn’t allow anyone to cross the plate until the 4th inning, allowing only 2 runs. We swayed a bit in the 5th and allowed 4 runs, other than that, the defense pretty much shut down the Dentists. The Team thanks Klaus Holt for filling in at the catcher spot on our last day before Xmas break. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Christmas.
Can’t blame the shoes this week as TP Dentist was kept in check by a good Broward Team. TP Dentist did not get on the scoreboard until the fourth inning while Broward scored in every inning and eventually ended the game early. There were some highlights…Chuck Gibson (2 runs, RBI, double) and Bill Janowski (homerun shy of the cycle) were a perfect 3 for 3 at the plate. Also perfect at the plate with 2 hits each were Jack Indig (run) and Bob Lessard (run, double). Tim Schiewe (run, RBI) added a couple hits. Contributing a hit each were sub Pierre Boudreau (RBI), Rocco Jankowski (run, 2 RBI) and John Conacher. Barry Delano rounded out the offense with a sacrifice fly. Thanks to Pierre for subbing. Happy Holidays to all as we head into the break and the Dentist will re-group and be ready to come out strong in the new year.


Games thru -  Saturday, December 7, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 3 0 0 1.000
Northwest Physical Therapy 3 0 0 1.000
Dillons Restaurant 3 0 0 1.000
Core Institute 2 1 0 0.667
Broward Factory Services 2 1 0 0.667
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 2 0 0.333
Mid First Bank 1 2 0 0.333
Vital Care Rehabilitation 0 3 0 0.000
Backbone Chiropractic 0 3 0 0.000
Angelas Kitchen 0 3 0 0.000


Saturday, December 7, 2019

CORE Institute - 8 Broward Factory Serv - 6

Bit of a defensive battle with BFS --- and you know how I love defense! We had 3 double plays along with several other excellent infield moves. Outfield did its job as well when called upon thanks to Art Molina, Pete Semenak, sub Greg Allseitz and Ray Kuntz. As for offense, a special note goes to Art Molina, Pete Semenak, Russ Figueroa, Bob Dooling & Greg Allseitz. Thank you to our subs this week--- Greg, Russ, Mike and Fred. We could not have done the game without you....literally.

Broward Factory Services on our 3rd game of the season lost to the Core Institute 6 to 8 in the final inning of our 8:30 am game due in part to a controversial call and closing the door on any chance of going ahead. The morning was cool and cloudy and our bats just couldn’t get hot. Defense was stellar, holding the Core to just 8 runs. BFS was ahead by 1 at the end of the 4th inning but lost that edge in the 5th where Core put up 4 runs to our 2. In the 6th Core put up 1 more run giving them a 2 run lead. Then in the 7th inning the BFS bats started to warm up but could not put any runs across in the top half of the 7th. Offensive charge was lead by Mike Dakak with 4 hits with 4 at bats. Howard banged out a 3/4 game including our only double. Ted Grove went 1/2 and drew our only walk. Everyone else had at least 1 hit. It was a great game. The team would like to thank Paul Larson playing at 2nd base, helping us with a 2/3 day. We’ll come back next week.

Dillon's Restaurant - 12 Angela's Kitchen - 11

Throughout the game the score was close or tied and it wasn't until the last inning that Dillons gained its win. Greg Allseitz led our team's batting production with 2 home runs and 2 singles to drive in 6 of the Dillons team's 12 runs. Bob Husick (2 RBI's), Don Trenda and Fred Lubs each contributed 3 hits. Vern McMurray (1 RBI), Joel Last (1 RBI), Daren Proctor, Mike Ryan and Jeff Silversteen each had 2 hits. Allen Bellew (2 RBI's) and Klaus Holt each added 1 hit.

"A well played game by both teams but a tough loss for Angela's Kitchen with Dillon's Restaurant squeeking out a 12-11 win. Angela's down by 2 runs in the top of the seventh plated 1 run and had runners on second and first when the final out was recorded. Bob Snelling led the offense with a 4-4 day, 3 Runs Scored and RBI. Sub Jay Schirpke had an awesome game 3 Hits including 2 Inside the Park Home Runs, 2 Runs Scored and 7 RBI. Also with 3 hits Jeff Nickerson and Bob Hudson. Hudson had a RBI and Nickerson and 2 Runs Scored. Dick Hansen and Joe Stempniewski had 2 hits each, Stempniewski a Double, 3 Runs Scored and Hansen an Inside the Park Home Run to lead off the game, RBI and Run Scored. Angela's is a much better team then our 0-3 record would indicate. Hopefully, we will get on the right track next Saturday.

NW Phys Therapy - 16 T Pham Dentist - 6

"Northwest Physical Therpy and Thomas Pham Dentists were tied 4-4 at the end of first inning. Northwest won 16-6 with good defense and timely hitting and great pitching. The bottom 5 in the lineup hit 600 and each team mate had an RBI. Leading hitters were: Ken Krzsminski 3-3 BB 3B 4RBI, Greg Church 2-2 BB RBI, Jay Schirpke 3-4 2B 3B HR 2RBI, Buck Craig 3-4 2RBI. Players getting 2 hits: Don Knowles, Sub Pete Semenak, Marv Mathews and Jerry Eastham.

"TP Dentist came out hot with the first 6 of 7 getting hits and the other was a sacrifice fly to score 4 runs quickly. Too bad the game did not end there though. The novocain must have kicked in as the Dentist’s did not inflict any more pain and the Physical Therapists extracted a 16-6 win. The team could not string many hits together after that and 15 of the 16 hits were singles. Leading the way with three hits each were Chuck Gibson (run) and Tim Schiewe (run, RBI). Jack Indig and Bob Lessard had two hits each. Bill Janowski (run, RBI) had three productive at bats with the only extra base hit (double), a walk and a sacrifice fly. John Conacher (run) had a hit, sacrifice fly and the only one with multiple RBI (2). Contributing with one hit each were sub Jim Opyd (run), Barry Delano, John Hardy (RBI) and Doug Johnson (RBI). Lonnie Saiz rounded out the offense with a walk and a run scored. Barry pitched well to keep the team in striking distance for most of the game until late and the defense did their job as Northwest PT just hit the ball well. John was solid at shortstop with 3 assists and putout, Chuck at second base with 4 put outs, Jim with three nice catches in left center and Bill with three putouts at first. Rocco will be back next week with his glow in the dark shoes…we won’t blame him for the loss but will blame him or not leaving the shoes for the replacement manager. Thanks to Jim Opyd for subbing.


MidFirst Bank - 12 Vital Care Rehab - 6

The MidFirst Bank sponsored softball team in the SCG Saturday league defeated the Vital Care Rehabilitation sponsored team 12-6 on Dec 7th to win their first game of the rain interrupted fall season. Defenses of both teams dominated the first 3 innings, and the Bankers trailed 3-1 going into bottom of the fourth inning. Their bats then came alive as they banged out season high 24 hits and scored 11 runs in final three frames. Dave Anthony. Barry Bergen Skip Pavitt and Curt Rhodes each had 3 hits, while John Bertholdy, Dale Huffine, Dennis Karcher Tim Brown and Roy Carpenter each had two. Hitting throughout the batting order complemented a nearly flawless defense which included a John Bertholdy to Tim Skala to Curt Rhodes double play and the excellent pitching and fielding of Dennis Karcher.
Vital Care lost for the third time, and was defeated by Mid First Bank 12 to 6. Mike Wunsch had three hits to lead the 12 hit attack of Vital Care. Finally, Ron Swanson had an in the park home run for the only highlight of the Vital Care team.

Backbone Chiropractic - 9 Sunrise Valley Pharmacy - 12

Backbone Chiropractic dropped its third game of the season, this time by a 12-9 margin. The team defense was spotty, allowing a number of unearned runs; yet, ironically it could have been worse if not for several runners thrown out at the plate and second base from the outfield. Paul Jinneman 2 for 3 with 4 RBI led the offense. Becky Holliday and sub David Bagwell each were 2 for 3 with 2 RBI. Sub Howard Sumner with 2 doubles and a triple and Jim Opyd with 2 double and a RBI each went 3 for 3. Norris Carpenter had a strong game in left field and was 2 for 3 .

Despite the poor judgement of the manager, at times, the team still pulled out a win today. Good defense and some timely hitting were the key factors in the Team effort, for the team collected 21 hits, and shut the opposition down in 4 of the 7 innings. Big hitters were John Conacher, going 4 for 4, Don Hansen 3 for 4, Ron Kaleta 3 for 4 and Dick Nunez 3 for 4 (5 RBI's). Collecting 2 hits each were Tom Yurkunas and Russ Figueroa (getting a HR and 3 RBI's). Next Game: December 14th 8:30 VISITORS

Saturday November 30 - Thanksgiving break - No games played

Saturday November 23 - Rain out - No games played


Games thru -  Saturday, November 16, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 2 0 0 1
Northwest Physical Therapy 2 0 0 1
Dillons Restaurant 2 0 0 1
Broward Factory Services 2 0 0 1
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 1 0 0.5
Core Institute 1 1 0 0.5
Vital Care Rehabilitation 0 2 0 0
Mid First Bank 0 2 0 0
Backbone Chiropractic 0 2 0 0
Angelas Kitchen 0 2 0 0

 Saturday, November 16, 2019

Broward Factory Serv - 13 Backbone Chiropractic - 12

"Broward Factory Services fought a hard battle today against a good hitting Backbone Chiropractic team winning by a score of 12 to 13. We were all tied up until the 5th inning where Backbone edged ahead by 1 run, no scores happened in the 6th. Then in the top half of the 7th, the Backbone 11 pounded 3 runs giving them a 4 run lead. In the bottom half of the inning, the sun came out and our bats got hot scoring 5 runs for the one run win. Our defense was strong again this week. The offense showed up with 25 hits against 40 at bats, not a bad day. Glen Ryan and Howard Sumner both had 4/4 days at the plate. Howard delivered 2 doubles, a triple and a single with 2 RBI’s. Glen ripped 3 singles and a double and 4 RBI’s. Ted Grove was steady at the plate with a 3/4 day including a double and one of our 2 walks. Bob Charette at 1B went 3/4 as well and drew our 2nd walk of the day. Ray Hensley had a stellar day going 3/4 with 3 RBI’s. Everyone else had at least 1 hit in our winning effort. One defensive highlight was when Mike Dakak in RC charged in on a short fly ball, diving for the ball at the last moment and making a great catch.
Backbone Chiropractic carried a 12-8 lead heading to the bottom of the 7th inning before yielding 5 runs en route to a tough 13-12 loss. Jim Opyd 3 for 4 with a double and Dan Sykes 2 for 4 each drove in 3 runs. Becky Holliday 3 for 4 with a triple had 2 RBI on the day. Norris Carpenter 3 for 4 with a triple, Dennis Haak 2 for 3, Fred Jensen 1 for 4 and Bill Marchionni each drove in a run. Paul Jinneman was 3 for 4 and Jim Young 2 for3 as Backbone suffered its second one run loss in a row to open the season.

NW Physical Therapy - 16 Vital Care Rehab - 10

The Northwest Physical Therapy Team and Vital Care both put up 4 runs in the 1st inning and again in the 5th in a tight game. The Physical Therapy guys added four more in the 3rd and the 6th to take control behind some solid team defensive plays that shut down some Vital Care rallies. The Northwest Team had 23 well placed hits with every player contributing at least one hit especially at the lower part of the lineup. Jay Schirpke lead the way going 4 – 4 with 2 doubles. Jack Madio (3 – 3), Greg Church (3 – 3 with a triple), John Hammel (3 – 3 with 2 doubles), Buck Craig (2 – 2 with a double), and Marv Mathews (2 – 2 with a double) were also perfect at the plate. Don Knowles also added a hard hit double. Thanks to sub Don Coles (2 – 3) who played fine defense filling in for our fearless leader Jerry Eastham at 3rd who will probably have some words for us about base running (: LOL) Jim Stocker at 1st base and pitcher Greg Church turned in some solid defensive plays also.

Vital Care Rehabilitation started strong ,but could not contain the Northwest team, and lost for the second time 16 to 10. Mike Wunsch and Brian Holiday had strong games, with 3 hits each. The surprise hitting star was catcher Bob Craig, with 2 hits and 4 rbi. Vital Care plays next Saturday, November 23, at 11:00 AM.

Angela's Kitchen - 8 Sunrise Valley Pharmacy - 20

Sunrise Valley Pharmacy put a hurtin' on Angela's Kitchen today 20-8. The only time Angela's held a lead was after the first inning 4-2 after that it was all the Drugists outscoring Angela's 18-4. Sub. Dale Hadler led the offense from the leadoff spot getting 3 hits including 2 Doubles, 2 Runs Scored and a1 RBI. Joe Stermnpiewski, Bob Snelling and Dan Newman added two Hits each, Stepmnpiewski had an RBI and Run Scored, Snelling 2 Runs Scored and Newman a Double RBI and Run Scored. Paul Larson hit a Triple, 2 RBI and Run Scored. Bob Snelling also made the defensive play of the game, running full speed in Left Center and making a backhanded shoestring grab of a line drive headed for the gap.
The team came out hitting and

had 4-4run innings out of 6, scoring in every inning. The defense was superb with some great plays by John Boland and Russ Figueroa. Along with overall good fielding and hitting was some really good pitching by Ron Kaleta. John Boland led off the hitting by hitting the cycle (single, double, triple and a HR), followed by Russ Figueroa going 4 for 4. Getting 3 hits with a double and a triple was Tom Yurkunas. Getting two hits each was Don Hansen, DickNunez, Bob Boche, Jeff Smith and Kandi Patrick (a triple). Also getting triple while at bat were Ron Kaleta and Neil Clewell. Great team effort in the game today by all, with Norm Lustig playing a good first base catching those hard throws. Next Game: Nov. 23rd 9:45 HOME

T Pham Dentist - 17 MidFirst Bank - 12

The team came out hitting this week and did not give up on the hitting throughout the game. Some good defense by all. Getting 4 hits with a HR and 2 doubles, a single and 3 RBI's was Rocco Jankowski. Chuck Gibson was also 4 for 4 with a triple and 4 RBI'. Getting 3 hits were Tim Schiewe, Barry Delano and Bill Janowski. Going 2 for 2 and getting a HR was Bob Lessard. An overall good effort by all brought home the victory. Next Game Nov. 23rd 11:00 VISITORS

The MidFirst bank sponsored team in the SCG Saturday softball league lost 17-12 to the Thomas Pham Dentist sponsored team on November 16th. The game was close for three innings, but the Dentists pulled away by outscoring the Bankers by 7-3 over the final four innings. John Berthodly went 4 for 4 and scored three times to lead an improved MidFirst offense. Kirk Andes went 3 for 3 with 2 RBIs and Dale Huffne went 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs. Skip Pavitt, Curt Rhoades, Don Cole and Dennis Karcher each contributed 2 hits.

Core Institute - 13 Dillon's Restaurant - 14

Great game against Dillons. We ended up losing by a point, well rounded teams on both sides. At the plate, kudos to Art Molina and Bob Dooling, perfect for the day and Dave Zucker was our home run hitter. Defensive notable plays include: Wayne Siers----strike out, Dick Steiman---caught a well thrown ball from Dave Zucker to keep a run from scoring, Art Molina---a couple of outs in left field. Thumbs up to to the infield with multiple outs. Looking forward to next week but suspect the game will be a tough one. So spend the week eating Wheaties and cut back on the Bud Light. We are in training. (<------ Editor's note: Priceless!)

Today's game was very competitive with The Core Institute scoring 4 runs in the 5th and 6th innings to come within two runs of the Dillons Restaurants team. Going into the bottom of the 7th inning, Dillon's was ahead by two runs. Core scored one run and had runners on base with two out when Daren Proctor made a great game winning running catch to end the game. Earlier in the game, Mike Ryan made a fine deep outfield catch to avoid Core realizing an extra base hit. As to team hitting, Greg Allseitz hit two home runs and a double, batted in 5 runs and was intentionally walked. Fred Lubs and Joel Last also were perfect at the plate with 4 hits. Fred Lubs hit a double and 2 RBI's and Joel Last had 1 RBI. Vern McMurray (1 RBI) and Daren Proctor each had 3 hits. Allen Bellew ( 3 RBI's), Don Trenda (double, triple and 1 RBI), Klaus Holt each had 2 hits. Sub Lisa Pelletier (1 RBI), Bob Husick and Mike Ryan contributed a hit.

Games thru -  Saturday, November 9, 2019
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Northwest Physical Therapy 1 0 0 1.000
Sunrise Valley Pharmacy 1 0 0 1.000
Core Institute 1 0 0 1.000
Dillons Restaurant 1 0 0 1.000
Broward Factory Services 1 0 0 1.000
Vital Care Rehabilitation 0 1 0 0.000
Thomas Pham Dentist 0 1 0 0.000
Backbone Chiropractic 0 1 0 0.000
Angelas Kitchen 0 1 0 0.000
Mid First Bank 0 1 0 0.000



Saturday, November 9, 2019

Angelas Kitchen - 13 NW Phys Therapy - 23
Not a good day for Angela's Kitchen losing 23-13 to a hard hitting Northwest Physical Therapy team. Plus pitcher/manager Art Stackpole out for at least two weeks with an injured thumb. There were some bright sports offensively Dick Hansen, Bob Snelling, Dan Newman and Paul Larson had 2 hits each. Hansen had 2 RBi and 3 Runs Scored, Snelling 2 RBI and 1 Run Scoed, Newman 2 RBI and 1 Run Scored and Larson 2 RBI and 2 Runs Scored. Tom Sanders also had 2 hits and came in to pitch in relief of Stackpole. Jeff Nickerson, Bob Hudson, Joe Osoweic and Sal Politi each had a hit. Hudson had a Triple, RBi and Run Scored, Nickerson a Double Rbi and Run Scored and Osoweic had 2 Runs Scored.
Northwest Physical Therapy led 14-11 after 4 innings. Northwest won 23-13. Every member of the team had 2 hits or more, 35 total hits and 10 extra base hits. Team members with 4-4 were: John Hammel, Ken Krzeminski, Jerry Eastham and Jim Stocker. Jack Madio was 3-3. Jay Schirpke, Don Knowles, Marv Mathews and Al Miller were 3-4. Marv Mathews had 5 RBI’s. Buck Craig and pitcher Greg Church had 2 hits.

Dillon's Restaurant - 18 MidFirst Bank - 6
The Dillons Restaurants team dominated today's softball game against Mid First Bank scoring the maximum allowed 4 runs per inning in 4 of the first 5 innings, and scoring 1 run in the 2nd inning. In the bottom of the 6th inning Dillons was ahead 17 to 6, and with two outs, Greg Allseitz hit an in the park home run to end the game with a score of 18 - 6. Once Dillons was ahead of the game by 12 runs, the game was ended according to the Softball Club's Mercy Rule. The Dillon's team had 26 hits in this abbreviated game for a team batting average of .722. Noteworthy is that the win was the result of a total team effort, as both the top 5 and bottom 6 of the batting order had batting averages over .700. Individual player batting stats are as follows: Greg Allseitz (4 for 4, 2 home runs, double, 2 RBI's), Allen Bellew (3 for 3, triple, double, 3 RBI's), Joel Last (3 for 3, 1 RBI) and Vern McMurray (2 for 2, walk, 1 RBI) were all perfect at the plate. Sub Russ Figueroa (3 for 4, home run, 4 RBI's), Don Trenda (3 for 4, double, 1 RBI), Bob Husick (2 for 3, triple, double, 2 RBI's), Fred Lubs (2 for 3, 1 RBI), Klaus Holt (2 for 3, 1 RBI), Daren Proctor (1 for 4, triple, 1 RBI) and Mike Ryan (1 for 3, 1 RBI). Congratulations also to Don Trenda for a game well pitched and many thanks to our shortstop substitute, Russ Figueroa, our RBI leader. Defense is as much a part of winning as hitting and Dillons only allowed 6 runs. The team's defense was outstanding with particular mention given to Greg Allseitz for spectacular running outfield catches and to Klaus Holt for two catches at home plate that avoided scores by our opponents. Others on the team also played well on defense.
The MidFirst Bank sponsored softball team opened its fall 2019 SCG season November 9th with a 18-6 loss to the Dillons sponsored team. The game was tied 5-5 after 2 innings, but the Dillons team dominated the rest of the game, with their hitters regularly finding open outfield grass while long hits from MidFirst batters were repeatedly run down by Dillons star outfielder Greg Allseitz. Leadoff batter Skip Pavitt had 3 hits and scored twice to lead the ineffective Midfirst bank offense. John Bertholdy, Dave Anthony, Dale Huffine Curt Rhoades and Tim Skala each had two hits.

Broward Factory Serv - 14 Vital Care Rehab - 8
"Broward Factory Services opened the Fall season with their 1st win over the Vital Care Rehabilitation team with a score of 14 to 8. In the first inning we gave up the maximum 4 runs while putting up 2 runs for ourselves. Then we settled into a very good defensive game, holding Vital Care to just 4 more runs in the next 6 innings. Offensive highlights were Howard Sumner getting an in-the-park home run with a 4/4 day. Glen Ryan blasted his first at bat over the wall with a 3/4 day. Ted Grove was stellar at our rover spot and gave us a 4/4 day including two doubles. Our newest player. Randy Van Wagner at 2nd base providing super back-up contributed with a 3/3 day at the plate. Everyone on the team delivered at least 1 hit for our win. The team thanks sub John Gavazza for playing RF and helped with a hit and double. The team also thanks Mark Brenner subbing at Catcher who also helped with a nice hit.
Vital Care lost to Broward Factory 14 to 8 . Vital Care could only muster 18 hits, and 8 runs, in a game that looked like they had been out 4 months, and they had. Rob White had four hits, and Mike Anderson, Brian Holiday ,and Ed Campbell chipped in with 3 hits each.

T Pham Dentist - 10 Sunrise Valley Pharmacy - 19
The Dentist came out strong keeping the game close, but then they let the game get away from them with a few miscues and not being able to put hits together. The team did collect 21 hits, with everyone getting a least one hit, but could not get the runs across at the right time. Going 4 for 4 and getting 2 doubles was John Conacher, and chuck Gibson going 3 for 4. Getting 2 hits each were Tim Schiewe, Barry Delano, Bill Jankowski, John Hardy and Jack Indig. Next Game: Nov. 16th 12:15 HOME
The Team came out hitting the ball and never let up, scoring in every inning, getting 27 hits in all. Along with the hitting was some good fielding from the team as a whole, making some key plays at the right time. Big hitters were Don Hansen 4 hits and 2 doubles, Tom Yurkunas 4 hits and one double , and Dick Nunez getting 4 hits, in his first game at SCG. Getting 3 hits each were Rick Watson (a triple and double), and Ron Kaleta. Getting 2 hits each were Russ Figueroa, Mike Kakak and Norm Lustig. Great pitching from Ron Kaleta and good team effort from all. Next Game November 16th 11:00 VISITORS

CORE Institute - 8 Backbone Chiropractic - 7
The CORE Institute Team started the new season with a new color and with new jerseys and with a hard fought win. It was a pitchers battle with CORE coming out on top 8-7. Backbone scored 3 in the first and CORE matched them. Backbone scored three again two innings later and CORE matched them again. Finally in the 5th CORE took the lead on a two run home run by sub Greg Allseitz (though he did run through a stop sign and scored with a half step to spare) and then held on as Backbone scored one in the 7th and threatened to tie or take the lead but ended the game on a line out. Greg led the team going 3 for 3, scored 3 times and drove in 3 (double, HR). Art Molina (3 for 3, run scored, 3 RBI) and sub Tim Schiewe (3 for 3, 2 runs, double) were also perfect at the plate. Three others had multiple hit games - Pete Semenak (2 singles and a run), Bob Dooling (2 doubles, 2 RBI) and Ray Kouns (2 singles). Dick Steiman and Wayne Siers chipped in singles to round out the offense. Backbone threatened a few times but the defense continued to come up with big plays with throwing runners out on the bases, turning double plays and making great catches on line drives and deep fly balls. The key to the game however was the excellent coaching decisions made during the game - which was basically stand there and do nothing and let the team play so he did not mess anything up until Manager Jon Chlebeck is back next week to lead the team. Thanks again to the subs Tim Schiewe and Greg Allseitz.
"Backbone Chiropractic opened the season with an 8-7 loss to a tough Core Institute team in a well-played pitchers battle. Losing pitcher Paul Plapp, Paul Jinneman, Fred Jensen with a RBI, and Becky Holliday with 2 RBI each had 3 hits. Jim Opyd and Dennis Haak with a RBI each had 2 hits. Dan Sykes and Bill Marchionni each had a hit and RBI.