Winter 2021 Standings

Saturday League Standings for Winter 2021 


Games thru -  Saturday, February 13, 2021
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Backbone Chiropractic 2 0 0 1.000
Vital Care Rehabilitation 2 0 0 1.000
Northwest Physical Therapy 1 0 1 0.750
Thomas Pham Dentist 1 1 0 0.500
Thunderbird Auto Services 1 1 0 0.500
Dillon's Restaurant 1 1 0 0.500
Broward Factory Services 1 1 0 0.500
Angela's Restaurant 0 1 1 0.250
Mid First Bank 0 2 0 0.000
CORE Institute 0 2 0 0.000

 Saturday, February 13, 2021

Core Institute - 4 Backbone Chiropractic - 8

On a cold and damp day at the ball park the teams bats were cold also. The Core team collected 9 hits , with Glenn Turner and Don Cole getting 2 hits each. The Team never gave up, but could not get the bats warmed up, for the Team played some good defense in the 7 inning game. Next Game: February 20th 12:45 VISITORS

Backbone Chiropractic and Core Institute played the first game of the day on this Saturday in the cold conditions. Not only was the weather cold but the bats were as well, for both teams. Going into the final frame Backbone held the slimmest of leads at 4 to 3. To be fair, both Backbone and CORE played solid defense throughout the contest to keep the scoring down. The final inning proved to be pivotal in this one. Backbone put up a 4 spot as the visiting team. Then the defense held CORE to 1 run in the bottom of the last to close out the game for an 8 to 4 win. Kathy Boland was a perfect 3 for 3 from the plate. Going a nice 3 for 4 were Lisa Pelletier (home run), Mike Anderson (triple), and John Boland (2 triples and a double). Chipping in with 2 for 3 days were Paul Becker and Steve Wedemar. Lonnie Saiz and Lee Roulson each had a hit in the contest. Defensively, we're giving out gold gloves to the entire team. Outfieders: Steve Wedemar, Lisa Pelletier, Kathy Boland and Lee Roulson hauling in everything. The infield of Mike Anderson, Lonnie Saiz, Ed Abrams, John Boland and Tom Rinehart kept the CORE runners at bay and limiting scoring opportunities. Paul Becker and Norm Lustig were a formidable battery today. Congratulations to Core Institute and Backbone Chiropractic for a well played defensive game. Thanks to Ralph McKeever/Darin Young for umpiring, Mark Jessen in the tower; and to Sherry Degerman for keeping our scorebook. Last but not least the Covid monitors, especially Eileen Figueroa who helps the league out all day on Saturday.

Broward Factory Service - 9 Vital Care Rehab - 19

Broward Factory Services ran into a buss saw team in Vital Care Rehabilitation, losing 19-9. Broward did have two HR by Jay Schirpke(inside the park) and Darin Young(over the fence). Players with 3 hits were; Paul Jinneman, Jim Opyd and Ken Krzeminski. These players had 2 hits each: Jay Schirpke, Robert Blainey, Daren Proctor and Jerry Eastham.

"With 3 players having to sit out this game, out Vital Care squad didn't skip a beat as we rolled to a 19-9 victory over Broward Factory Services as our subs stepped in just fine. It was a close game for the first 3 innings with the Broward boys holding a 7-6 lead at that time. From that point on, our bats got hot while our defense was holding Broward to only a two runs over the last 4 innings. Offensively, our pitcher Rod Wilterdink led the way getting on all five times including a triple and driving in 5 runs in the process. However, he was far from the only hot hitter as all 11 players came through when needed. Sub Rick Pearson was hot with 3 doubles on his 4-4 day and fellow sub Joe Osowiec also avoided making an out. Mike McGinn, sub Mike Mahon, Bill Marcharoni and Chuck Gibson had only a single out. Bob Craig got on twice while Greg Roehm has a single and a walk. Rounding out the offense with a single hit were Dave Anthony and Ralph McKeever. Our bats have been hot over the first two games and hopefully they will continue to smoke as we move forward with our 2-0 record."

Angela's Restaurant - 13 NW Physical Therapy - 13

Angela's Restaurant took a three run lead into the top of the 7th, but could not hold the lead. Northwest Physical Therapy scored four times in the seventh, and Angela's could only score once. The result was a 13 to 13 tie. The leading hitters for Angela's were Tim Skala and Dan Sykes, with three hits each, and a combined five RBI. Angela's record now stands at one loss and a tie.

"Northwest Physical Therapy ended in a tie today, playing Angela's Kitchen. Thank you to our subs, Pete Semenak, Jim Young and Tom Gruzs as well as Rick Armentano for stepping in as manager. Tied it up today with 25 hits total for our offense. "

T Pham Dentist - 16 Thunderbird Auto Service - 6

Stellar offense combined with a solid defense propelled Thomas Pham Dentist to a 16-8 victory over Thunderbird Auto Services. Four TP Dentist hitters were a perfect 4 for 4 including Jim Saltzman, Dale Halter, Ed Hickox and winning pitcher Ron Kaleta. Becky Holliday, Ron Rogerson and Jim Young added two hits apiece followed by sub Joe Osowiec and Bob Zech with a safety each. There were several run saving defensive plays both in the outfield and infield.

We had 20 hits, but left 12 runners on base, not enough to match the drilling of the dentists. Bob Snelling and Joel Last were perfect at the plate, Jim Mathews had 3 hits. We had a great comeback started in the 7th inning until the Dentists applied their Lidocaine to our bats and ended our pain.

MidFirst Bank - 17 Dillon's Restaurant - 16

Mid First Bank defeats Dillons Restaurant by a 17-16 final score. The Bankers managed to score in every inning and held just a one run lead from the 3rd thru the 6th innings. Mid First then played fine defense in the 7th, holding Dillons scoreless to secure the win in this very close contest. An intense and exciting win was achieved thru nice infield defense and even better total team offense. Mid First hitting, led by perfect Howard Sumner and Jeff Nickerson, both smacking a 4/4 plate day with two doubles each. Howard knocked in 2 rbi and Jeff knocked in one. All blasting 3/4 plate performances were Ray Kouns (2 dbles & four rbi), Ken Carlson (dble & four rbi), Bill Janowski (four rbi), and winning pitcher Greg Church. New addition to the team, Bruce Lowe batted 2/3 including a triple and rbi. "Welcome home" Bruce Lowe-- great start!!! Jules Nagy managed a 2/4 day with an rbi. Fabulous day raking -- all you guys. Nice job, "pitching", fielding and team hitting. Let's keep piling up the wins! Big time "thanks" to sub -Tom Ciaviarella for subbing for us! Next game is 9:55 am, Be there!

The Dillons Restaurants sponsored softball team lost a 17-16 slugfest to the Mid-First Bank sponsored team on February 13. Each team scored the 4 run maximum in 3 of their at bats, due mostly to hard hitting rather than errors. Dillons led 4-2 after first inning, The lead then changed several times as Mid-First hitters responded to further Dillons scoring and took a one run lead into the final inning when a double play ended the game with Dillon's tieing and leading runners on base. Tim Schiewe had a career hitting day for Dillons, going 4/4, scoring 4 times and driving in ten runs with a 2 run inside the park home run, a 3 run over the fence home run and 2 triples. Greg Allseitz had a single, double and over the fence blast which counted only as a walk after Schiewe's blast. Dick Nunez went 4/4 with 2 RBIs, Dave Dompier went 3/4 and scored 3 times, Ray Hensley had 3 hits and 2 RBIs. Bob Lessard and Paul Larson each had 2 hits to the 23 hit Dillon's attack. There were no outstanding defensive plays in this game dominated by hitters!


Games thru -  Saturday, February 6, 2021
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Win PCT
Thunderbird Auto Services 1 0 0 1.000
Vital Care Rehabilitation 1 0 0 1.000
Broward Factory Services 1 0 0 1.000
Northwest Physical Therapy 1 0 0 1.000
Backbone Chiropractic 1 0 0 1.000
Thomas Pham Dentist 0 1 0 0.000
Dillon's Restaurant 0 1 0 0.000
CORE Institute 0 1 0 0.000
Angela's Restaurant 0 1 0 0.000
Mid First Bank 0 1 0 0.000

 Saturday, February 6, 2021

Angela's Kitchen - 12 Broward Factory Service - 14

" Angela's started strong with 3 runs in the first, but then hit a dry spell, and scored 6 runs in the 6th inning. Angela's had 22 hits, led by Dan Sykes with 4 hits, and five players with 3 hits. The RBI leader with 4 was Ray Gibson, and Dave Archer, Curtis Rhoades, and sub Mike Mahon, with 3 RBI. Thanks again to Mike Mahon and Greg Church for subbing.
Broward Factory Services beat Angela’s Restaurant 14-12. Both teams had strong hitting and each had good defensive plays. Every Broward player had at least one walk, hit or RBI. Leading hitters were Jay Schirpke 4-4 2-2B 2RBI, Paul Jimemam 3-4 2B 5RBI, Jim Opyd 3-4 2B 1RBI, Ken Krzeminski 3-4 2RBI, Robert Blainey 2-2 BB and Darin Young 2-4. Ed Musgrave and Dale Schroeder each had a hit and a walk in 3 at bats.

Dillon's Restaurant - 8 Thunderbird Auto Services - 17

The Dillons Restaurants sponsored softball team was soundly beaten 17-8 by the Thunderbird Auto sponsored team in their first game of the winter season of the SCG Saturday league on February 6. Each team scored twice in the first inning, but the Dillons team could not keep up while the Thunderbird team continued to pile up hits and runs, aided by several Dillons errors. Dillons batters had five extra base hits--triples by Dave Dompier, Tim Schiewe and Greg Allseitz (two) and a 2 run over the left field fence home run by Dick Nunez.--but only 15 total in the six inning game. Tim Schiewe and Dick Nunez each were 3/3 while Dave Dompier and Greg Allseitz each were 2/3. Several good catches of long drives by outfielders Allseitz, Schiewe and Ron Swanson were the only defensive highlights for Dillons.

Great start to the session on a beautiful day. The Thundering Birds came to play with outstanding pitching and defense to go with 27 hits. Mike Wunsch, Bob Snelling, Roger Neumann and Jim Mathews were perfect at the plate. Russ Figuero and Randy Cihlar both 3 for 4 with 4 RBI's each. Joel Last was on base twice scoring 2 runs. Everyone had hits and RBI's.

Core Institute - 16 Vital Care Rehab - 18

The team started out slow, with few miscues and only getting 1 one in the first 3 innings, then the bats came alive and the Team never gave up. The team got 25 hits with everyone getting at least one hit. Big hitters, going 4 for 4 was Ron Coleman, getting 3 hits each were Peter Semenak ((2 doubles), John Cavazza and Glenn Turner. Getting 2 hits each were Gary Kuhlman, Gary Armstrong, Fred Swan and Paul Plapp. Next Game Sat. Feb. 13th HOME

"In a game that was marked by lots of hitting by both teams, it was an excellent defensive play by left fielder Greg Roehm that ended the game. It was a game where Vital Care boys scored every inning, but still had to withstand a furious rally by the Core squad who mustered an 8 run flip flop sixth inning before the running catch concluded the game

Vital Care had only 9 outs in their five innings on offense and every one had at least one hit. Doug Snow led the way with a double followed by 3 long dingers with the latter two counting as walks. Ralph McKeever, winning pitcher Scott(call me Gus) Gramoll, Mike Heitman, and Bill Marcharoni were all perfect at the plate. Bob Craig had a big bases loaded double as a key hit, Defensively, the whole outfield was solid and was highlighted by a running catch at the warning track by Ralph. Mike McGinn snagged a shot hop liner at 2B and went 2-3 while Dave Anthony had 5 RBI's on his 3 hits."

T Pham Dentist - 8 NW Physical Therapy - 13

Thomas Pham Dentist ran into a hard hitting NW Physical Therapy eleven and succumbed 13-8 in six innings. The Dentist’s managed just sixteen safeties led by seven teammates going 2 for 3 each including Becky Holliday, Jim Saltzman, Ed Hickox, Dale Halder, Brian Holliday, sub Bill Coulter and Bob Higgins. Pierre Boudreau and sub Dan Davidson had a hit apiece.

"Northwest Physical Therapy played first game of the fall season this past weekend and came out with a win when the game officially ended in the 5th due to time. Offensively the entire team hit great, except for yours truly! Perfect at the plate was Dave Fusaro, John Bertholdy and Vernon McMurray. In the defensive department, we were consistent and well rounded holding them to a single digit score. Notable plays included a double play in the infield and several catches in the outfield. Looking forward to a fun season!

MidFirst Bank - 15 Backbone Chiropractic - 17

"The Mid First Bankers dropped a heartbreaker to a very strong Backbone Chiropractic team by a 15 -17 final score. The game was tied 13-13 after 5 innings. The final inning yielded a 4-2 amount of scoring in favor of Backbone. A few dropped fly balls amounted to the ""difference"" in this close contest. Our offense was led by perfect Howard Sumner, Bill Janowski and Jeff Nickerson! Howad smacked a 4/4 plate day with a homerun, dble and 3 rbi. Bill smashed a 3/3 day with a homerun, two dbles and 2 rbi. Jeff crushed a 3/3 plate day with an out of the park homerun, triple and 3 rbi. Great day raking - Howard ,Bill and Jeff!! Jules Nagy batted 3/4 with 2 rbi. Dennis Merkel and (Sub) Les Zirbel both hit 2/3. Les included a triple. A bigtime ""thanks"" to Les for subbing. All in all, a quite fun and satisfying start to the new season. Let's win the next one! Game time is 2:10 . "

Backbone Chiropractic and Mid First Bank battled back and forth in a tightly contested game. Backbone Chiropractic took a 4 run lead into the final frame and held Mid First to 2 runs to secure an opening day win at 17 to 15. Both teams played well and some timely defensive plays from Backbone held off a hard charging Mid First team. Rock solid at 3rd base was Bob Dooling. Ed Abrams came up with a key play to throw out a player at first base. Allen Bellew made a great catch running hard towards the infield to snag a nicely hit ball. Mike Anderson made several nice plays from the mound to record outs. Just as Mid First was mounting a nice comeback, Lonnie Saiz made a super play on a hard grounder to the right side and threw out the batter for the last out of the game. On the offense side, the team hit for an incredible .736. Mike Anderson and Paul Becker led the way with 4 hits each. Bob Dooling, Lonnie Saiz and John Boland had 3 hits each. Hitting for a nice .666 were Kathy Boland, Ed Abrams and Lee Roulson. Allen Bellew and sub Don Cole had 2 hits each and Norm Lustig had a key hit in a 4 run inning for Backbone. Great game and great team effort! Thanks to Marv Mathews/Russ Figueroa for umpiring, Vern McMurray in the tower; and to Sherry Degerman for keeping our scorebook.