Spring 2022 Standings

 Saturday League Spring 2022 Standings


Games thru -  Saturday, June 25, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 7 1 1 0.833
Liberty Buick 5 4 0 0.556
Ranalls Realty 5 5 0 0.500
Thomas Pham DDS 4 5 0 0.444
Angelas Kitchen 1 7 1 0.167

 Saturday, June 25, 2022

Karen Olsen Realty - 13 Liberty Buick - 12

Karen Olsen edged out Liberty Buick for the Saturday Spring League title. It was a hard fought game from the start. The Karen Olsen team took a 10-6 lead going into the 7th inning. Liberty scored 2 quick runs. A close call at second base which would have ended the game; gave Liberty a chance to continue their rally. They scored an additional 4 runs taking a 12-10 lead. In the bottom of the 7th, sub Mike McGinn opened with a walk. Dale Schroeder who was a perfect 3-3 followed with a huge hit. Pete Semenak walked, Russ Figueroa 3-4 followed with a double, scoring 2 runs to tie the game at 12 with no outs. Dick Nunez 3-3 was intentionally walked loading the bases. Paul Jinneman who was 3-4 provided the game winning hit. Dick had a couple of web gems at first base, and Ron Swanson, sub Gary Armstrong and Sal Politi all added 2 hits. Paul lead the way with 4 RBI’s.

Liberty Buick lost a squeaker to the first place (Championship) team Karen Olsen 13-12. KO led most of the game but LB came back in the top of the 7th to take a 12-10 lead. This lead quickly evaporated when KO scored 3 runs to win in the bottom of the seventh to win the game and clinch first place. Top Liberty Buick hitters: Jay Schirpke 4-4 (HR/2B), Ken Krzeminski 4-4 (2B), Greg Roehm 4-4 (2B), Bob Snelling 3-4 (3B), Ed Campbell 3-4, Les Zirbel and Al Miller both were 2-4, Bob Craig and Ed Hart both 1-3, Greg Church 1-4.

Ranall's Realty - 15 T Pham Dentist - 12

Ranalls Realty beat Thomas Pham DDS 15-12 in a very exciting end of the game. In the bottom of 6th Jeff Nickerson hit a 2 run home run to put Ranalls up 15-7. Thomas Pham with Sheldon Rosenthal’s home run, scored 6 runs in the top of 7th to come up 2 runs short. Ranalls had great defense by Norm Lustig, Jim Young, Jon Chiebeck, David Swanson and Jeff Nickerson. David Elkins was 4-4 2-2B 3RBI’s, Jeff Nickerson 4-4 2B HR 5RBI’s, Jerry Eastham 3-3, Jon Chiebeck 3-4 2RBI’s, Batters with 2 hits each: David Swanson, Rick Pearson, Enrie Huxford, Ray Kouns, Jim Young and Gene Fleck. Thanks to Eileen Figueroa for doing our scoring all season.

Dear Diary, today Shel Rosenthal got a 3 run-home run, we just wanted to note this date in history. Before we get to the "almost" incredible comeback by the Thos. Pham Dentistry team, we wanted to take the time to thank our maintenance team members, Norm Lustig for using up cases of white spray paint to keep us on the straight and narrow, Mark Jessen for doing the scoreboard EVERY SINGLE GAME, Rick Armentano for helping commish and first aid and last, but not least, the dynamic Dodger duo Eileen and Russ Figueroa for making us laugh and keeping us ALL in line. About that comeback, we had a 5 run 7th all scored on 2 outs. The 7th inning hot and humid heroes: Danny Wood 3/4, Greg Allseitz 4/4 RBI, Tom Yurkunas 2/4, Sub Craig Warner 3/3 double and 4RBIs, Shel Rosenthal 4/4 HR, 5RBIs. WOW! Thank you subs Jerry Feldman 2RBIs, Dave Milagro 1/4. Mike McGinn 2/3, Mark Brenner 1/3, Joe Rizzuto 1/3 and Artie Stackpole scoring a run and a strike out to boot! Congrats to the KO team. JJ over and out.


Games thru -  Saturday, June 18, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 6 1 1 0.813
Liberty Buick 5 3 0 0.625
Thomas Pham DDS 4 4 0 0.500
Ranalls Realty 4 5 0 0.444
Angelas Kitchen 1 7 1 0.167


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Angela's Kitchen - 11 Liberty Buick - 14

Another tough game, with some really good playing and some good hitting, but the team only got 16 hits. Getting 3 hits each were Jules Nagey (triple), Kirk Andes and Barney Armstrong. Getting 2 hits each were Craig Warner, Jeff Smith and Curtis Rhoades. The Team never gave up and almost a come back in the 7th. Next Week a BYE

"Liberty Buick beat Angela's 14-11 in a very close game. Liberty Buick was able to overcome a horrific pitching display (excessive walks) with good team hitting and exceptional defense by outfielders Greg Roehm and Jay Schirpke. Les Zirbel was outstanding at rover with ""Ozzie Smith"" type skills. Leading Hitters: Jay Schirpke 3-4, Ken Krzeminski 3-4 (3B), Greg Roehm 3-4 (2B/HR), Ed Campbell 3-4 (2B), Greg Church 3-4, Les Zirbel 2-4 (HR), Bob Snelling 2-4, Al Miller 2-4 (2B), Ed Hart 2-3, and Bob Craig 1-3.


Karen Olsen Realty - 21 Ranall's Realty - 9

The Karen Olsen team had their hitting shoes on; going 29 for 37, which is a .784 batting average! Leading the way were Pete Semenak, Russ Figueroa, Dick Nunez, and Paul Jinneman all going 4-4. Sub Craig Warner stepped in for an injured John Bertholdy, hammering the ball while going 3-3. Getting 2 hits were Ed Musgrave, Mike McGinn, Ron Swanson and Sal Politi. Everyone on the team got at least 1 hit. Craig led the way with 5 RBI’s. Paul had a great shoestring catch in left. The hitting performance helped us beat a very good Tom Ranalls club. This was the rubber game of a very tough series. Thanks to Mike McGinn and Craig Warner for subbing.

Karen Olsen Realty beat Ranalls Realty 21-9. Ranalls had not enough offense or defense to win this game. Sub Les Zebel and David Elkins led Ranalls hitting. Les was 3-3 1RBI and Dave was 2-3 with a 2 run Home Run out of the park. Players with 2 hits each were: Jon Chiebeck, Rick Pearson, Jeff Nickerson and Ray Kouns.

 Saturday, June 11, 2022

T Pham Dentist - 8 Ranall's Realty - 14

It was hot today! The game? Not so much. We sure wanted a different outcome. The Thomas Pham team had some great defensive plays all around, but just couldn't get the runs needed. Perfect at the plate today: Artie Stackpole and Mike McGinn with a double, 3/3 for both! Other hitters/RBI: Subs - Jerry Feldman, 2/3 Russ Figueroa 3/4, Regulars: Shel Rosenthal, Danny Wood 1RBI, Tom Yurkunas 2RBIs and Greg Allseitz 2 triples, 3RBIs, Mark Brenner 2RBIs. Next week - a BYE.

"After starting the season 0-3 the Tom Ranalls Realty squad finally evened up their record at 4-4 with a 14-8 win over Thomas Pham DDS. Leading the way for Ranalls was 4 players who didn’t make an out. “Gene, Gene the hitting machine” Fleck was 3-3. “Mighty” Jim Young is now 7-7 in his last 2 games with a 3-3 effort today. Jon Chlebeck and Dave Elkins were 4-4 each. Elkins a double. Jon and Dave also led Ranalls with 3 RBI’s each. Gary Armstrong and Jeff Nickerson went 3-4. Gary with 2 doubles, Jeff with a double and a triple. Hard hitting sub Les Zweibel had a triple and was 2-3. Ray Kouns was 2-4. Rick Pearson was 1-4 but hit the ball hard. Norm Lustig and Gary Armstrong combined on our defensive play of the game with Gary catching a hard hit liner at third base and firing a bullet to Les the double off the runner returning to first. 25-40 for an on base percentage of .625.

Karen Olsen Realy - 16 Angela's Kitchen - 6

"On very warm day, the Realtor’s got off to a great start, jumping out to a 16-6 lead after 4 innings. Unfortunately, both teams wilted in the heat; both failed to score again. It was a great team win! Ed Musgrave pitched great and Pete Semenak had the play of the day with a diving catch. Going perfect at the plate were Russ Figueroa with 4 hits, along with sub Bob Snelling and Paul Jinneman both going 3-3. Pete and Dick Nunez were 3-4. Ron Swanson, Darren Proctor and Sal Politi all went 2-3. Dick led the team with 4 RBI’s. Thank you Bob for subbing! You had a great game both on offense and defense!
On a warm day the bats started out hot, scoring its 6 runs in the first 2 inning. The Realtors bats were hot for the first 4 innings, scoring 4 runs in each inning. The team collected 13 hits with Rick Armentano, Jim Opyd , Craig Warner (triple) and Curtis Rhoades getting 2 hits each. Thanks to our subs Jeff Nickerson and Les Zirbel. Next game: Sat. June 18th 7:00 HOME


Games thru -  Saturday, June 4, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 4 1 1 0.750
Thomas Pham DDS 4 3 0 0.571
Liberty Buick 4 3 0 0.571
Ranalls Realty 3 4 0 0.429
Angelas Kitchen 1 5 1 0.214

 Saturday, June 4, 2022

Angela's Kitchen - 13 Ranall's Realty - 16

On another beautiful day at the ballpark, the team started strong and finished with a comeback, falling short at the end. With some good defense, but a few too many miscues, the team did get 22 hits. Big hitter for the team was sub Paul Jinneman going 4 for 4. Getting 3 hits each were Rick Armentano (a double) and Craig Warner ( 2 doubles). Getting 2 hits each were Mike Anderson, Jim Opyd, Barney Armstrong, Curtis Rhoades, sub Al Miller and Klaus Holt. Thanks to Paul and Albert for subbing.

Tom Ranalls Realty had several clutch hits today with 2 outs. We needed every one to squeeze past Angela’s Kitchen 16-13. Ranalls had 26 hits in 42 at bats for a team on base percentage of .619. Leading the hitting barrage were 3 players who were 4-4. Jim Young, Rick Pearson with 2 doubles, and Jeff Nickerson with a double and a triple and a team leading 4 RBI’s didn’t make any outs. Subs Pete Semenak and Russ Figueroa provided strong support at 3-4. Russ a double. Gene Fleck, Jon Chlebeck, and Gary Armstrong were 2-4. Gary a triple. Ernie Huxhold and Ray Kouns were 1-3. Ray a 2 out hit to score 2 runs and give us our first lead in the 3rd inning. Norm Lustig made some nice plays at first base.

Liberty Buick - 10 T Pham Dentist - 13

"Liberty Buick lost to Thomas Pham 13-10. The close score at the completion of the game was not indicative of the course of the game. T Pham built up a commanding early lead that led to their win. Liberty Buick had poor pitching and lackluster team hitting (bases loaded twice with 0 outs and no runs scored and only 3 runs scored in the first four innings). Dick Nunez subbed for Ed Campbell and was 3-3 at the plate with a double. Rick Pearson subbed (in-game) for an injured Greg Roehm and was 1-2 with a 3-run HR.

Leading LB hitters: Jay Schirpke 3-4 (2B/2 HR), Bob Snelling 4-4, (sub) Dick Nunez 3-3 (2B), Rick Pearson 1-2 (3 run HR), Ken Kryzeminski 2-4 (2B), Al Miller 2-4, Greg Roehm 1-2 (2B), Greg Church 2-3, and Mike “Sully” Sullivan and Les Zirbel each had one hit."

The Thomas Pham, DDS team hung in there for the win. "Good eyes" at bat for 3 walks, one of them intentional, that paid off for a 4 run inning. Super defensive plays by Joe Rizzuto, Mark Brenner, Jd Dillree's throw home, and fly ball catches when we needed them from our OF. Perfect at the plate: Shel Rosenthal 4/4, double 2RBIs, Mike Kachurak 3/3 2RBIs, Greg Allseitz 4/4, triple, 2 doubles, 5RBIs and Danny Wood 4/4 2 doubles. Other hitters Jd Dillree double, Sub John Gavazza double, RBI, Jerry Feldman, Mark Brenner RBI and Mike McGinn RBI. Artie pitched a great game, 3 scoreless innings and an even better 7th for the win.


Games thru -  Saturday, May 28, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 4 1 1 0.750
Liberty Buick 4 2 0 0.667
Thomas Pham DDS 3 3 0 0.500
Ranalls Realty 2 4 0 0.333
Angelas Kitchen 1 4 1 0.250

 Saturday, May 28, 2022

Liberty Buick - 13 Ranall's Realty - 6

In the first game of a doubleheader, Liberty Buick played ahead from the first inning and won 13-6. A well-pitched game was turned in by (sub) Ray Hensley. Leading hitters: Jay Schirpke 3-3 (2B/HR), Bob Snelling 3-3 (2 2B), Ken Kryzeminski 3-3 (HR), Les Zirbel 3-3, Ed Campbell 2-3, (sub) Mark Brenner 2-2, and Albert Miller 1-3 (2B).

"The Tom Ranalls Realty squad could only muster 16 hits in 35 at bats and lost to Liberty Buick 13-6 at The Field Of Dreams. Zeros in innings 2-5 was our undoing. Leading the way for Tom Ranalls was sub Gary Armstrong who was 3-3 with 3 doubles. Pitcher Ernie Huxhold, SS Jeff Nickerson and Rick Pearson kept up their hot hitting and went 2-3. Rick with 2 doubles. Dave Swanson and sub John Devazza were 2-4. Norm Lustig, Gene Fleck, and Jim Young were all 1-3. Jim Witkowski and Russ Figueroa made all the right calls umpiring. Thanks to scoreboard operator Mark Jessen, and team scorekeeper Elaine Figueroa for doing another excellent job.

Liberty Buick - 11 Karen Olsen Realty - 14

In game 2 of a doubleheader, Karen Olsen beat Liberty Buick 14-11. Liberty Buick played the entire game chasing KO from the first inning on. Liberty Buick closed the game in the last inning but came up short by 3 runs. Leading hitters: Les Zirbel 4-4 (2B), Jay Schirpke 3-4 (2 2B), Bob Snelling 2-4, Greg Roehm 2-4, Albert Miller 2-4 (2B), Ed Campbell 2-4, Ken Kryzeminski, (sub) Ray Hensley, Mike “Sully” Sullivan, Bob Craig and (sub) Artie Stackpole all had 1 hit.

In a hotly contested game with first place on the line, the Karen Olsen team finished on top. The realtors were lead in hitting by Pete Semenak, Dick Nunez, and Paul Jinneman all going 3-4. Russ Figueroa, Rick Pearson, Ed Musgrave, Ron Swanson, and Darren Proctor were all 2-4. Gary Armstrong and Dale Schroeder both had a hit. Rick lead the way with 4 RBI’s. Pete and Russ had 3. Russ also had an in-the-park home run. It was a great team win! The realtors will go into their bye week in1st place - thank you Rick and Gary for subbing.

Angela's Kitchen - 8 T Pham Dentist - 9

Another close loss, on a beautiful day. Some good defense, but the bats were a bit cold, for 3 players contributed more than one hit out of the 13 hits the team got today. Getting 3 hits was sub Peter Semenak, with a Home Run and Triple. Also getting 3 hits was Curtis Rhoades, our new team member. Getting 2 hits was Craig Warner. Next game: June 4th 7:00 HOME

Thos. Pham DDS team held the Angela's team 3 scoreless innings thanks to our team "ball hog extraordinaire", Greg Allseitz, that guy was everywhere today! Defensive "never say die" moves from Mike McGinn, Joe Rizzuto, Danny Wood, Jd Dillree and our sub Jerry Feldman. Perfect at the plate today: Jd Dillree RBI, Greg Allseitz double and 2RBIs. Everyone got a hit! Danny Wood triple and 2RBIs, Tom Yurkunas RBI, Mike Kachurak, Shel Rosenthal, Jerry Feldman RBI, Mike McGinn double and RBI, Mark Brenner, Joe Rizzuto RBI and Artie Stackpole.


Games thru -  Saturday, May 21, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Liberty Buick 3 1 0 0.750
Karen Olsen Realty 3 1 1 0.700
Ranalls Realty 2 3 0 0.400
Thomas Pham DDS 2 3 0 0.400
Angelas Kitchen 1 3 1 0.300

 Saturday, May 21, 2022

T Pham Dentist - 12 Angela's Kitchen - 11

In a real squeaker, Thomas Pham pulled out a 12-11 win over Angela's the game ended on a double play J.D. Dillree at short to Shel Rosenthal at rover and Jim Matthews at first with the tying run left at third base. Shel Rosenthal was the player of the game 3-3 at the plate with a Double, Run Scored and a RBI. He also fielded too many ground balls to count for assists and also a couple of line-drive outs. Greg Allseitz had another offensive day with 3-3 including a Double, Triple, Run Scored and 3 RBI. J.D. Dillree besides starting that double play to end the game, offensively had 3 Hits, 1 Run Scored and 1 RBI. Mike Kachurak, Jim Mathews and Mike McGinn had 2 hits apiece. McGinn had a triple, Run Scored and 1 RBI, Kachurak 2 Runs Scored and Mathews 2 Runs Scored and 1 RBI. Joe Rizzuto, Mark Brenner and Danny Wood each had a hit. Rizzuto 1 Run Scored and 2 RBI, Brenner 1 Run Scored and 2 RBI. Danny Wood added a Hit and a Run Scored he also made a couple of good defensive catches in Left Field.

On a beautiful day at the park the eatery came up a bit short in a tough loss. the Team did have some good hitting, with Rick Armentano going 4 for 4, Mike Anderson going 3 for 3 and Joel Last going 3 for 3. Getting 2 hits each were Jim Opyd, John Wunderlin (2 doubles), Les Zirbel and Laura Johnson. Next Game: Sat. May 28th 9:30 HOME

T Pham Dentist - 11 Liberty Buick - 12

Another squeaker but this time a loss of 12-11 to Liberty Buick, tying and winning runs on base when the last out was recorded. It made for an exciting day of softball one win and one loss both by one run. The offense was led by J.D. Dillree and Tom Yukunas both 4-4, Dillree a Double and 2 Runs Scored. Youkunas Double, 2 Runs Scored and 3 RBI. Gregg Allseitz again 3 Hits, 2 Doubles, 3 Runs Scored and 2RBI. Danny Wood, Sheldon Rosenthal and Mike McGinn each had 2 Hits. Wood 2 Runs Scored, Rosenthal Double, Run Scored and 3 RBI and McGinn Triple and 1 RBI. Mike Kachurak a walk, 1 Hit and 1 Run Scored. Jim Mathews had 1 Hit and 2 RBI. Again with a repeat of the last game the last out was recorded with the tying and winning runs on base. Doesn't get any better than that, except of course if we would have won both games, that would have been better.

Liberty Buick squeaked out a win against the well-coached T Pham Dentist team. Liberty played just enough defense added with a good offensive to secure the win. A defensive note: Les Zirbel at rover caught a high pop-up that caused him to spin around and with his back to the infield make an over-the-shoulder catch. Leading Hitters: Jay Schirpke 4-4 (3 2B), Bob Snelling 4-4, Les Zirbel 3-4 (2 2B), Al Miller 3-4, Ken Kryzeminski 2-4 (2B), Greg Roehm 2-3, Ed Campbell and Greg Church both 2-4, Mike Sullivan, Ed Hart, and Bob Craig all 1-4. ****A big Mahalo to Dick Nunez who filled in late in the game for an incapacitated Greg Roehm and delivered a 2B RBI hit. Dick also made several nice picks at first base.

Ranall's Realty - 12 Karen Olsen Realty - 11

Ranalls Realty beat Karen Olsen Realty 12-11 by scoring 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th. In the 7th, Jeff Nickerson hit a 2B to tie the game and Ernie Huxhold hit a single to left to score the winning run. Leading hitters: Rick Pearson 3-3 BB 3B 3RBI’s, Dave Elkins 3-3 BB 2B 3B 3RBI’s, Jeff Nickerson 3-4 2B HR 4RBI’s, Sub Wayne Weidenback, Sub Steve Willoughby, Ernie Huxhold and Ray Kouns all had 2 hits.

Ranalls Realty handed Karen Olsen their first loss by returning the outcome of 2 weeks ago when Karen Olsen came back and won in the bottom of the 7th. The Olsen team took the lead 11-9 going into the bottom of the 7th. The Ranalls team easily made up the difference for the win. Paul Jinneman lead the Olsen team going 4-4. Pete Semenak, Dick Nunez, and John Bertholdy were all 3-4. Ed Musgrave and Darren Proctor were both had 2 hits. Russ Figueroa, Ron Swanson, and Jim Witowski all had 1 hit. Thank you George Ponomaroff for subbing.


Games thru -  Saturday, May 14, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 3 0 1 0.875
Liberty Buick 2 1 0 0.667
Angelas Kitchen 1 2 1 0.375
Thomas Pham DDS 1 2 0 0.333
Ranalls Realty 1 3 0 0.250

 Saturday, May 14, 2022

Ranall's Realty - 7 Liberty Buick - 15

Liberty beat Ranalls Realty 15-7. Jim Young made 3 great defensive plays in the first 3 innings. Jon Chiebeck was 3-3 2-2B 1RBI, Jeff Nickerson 2-3 2-2B, Dave Elkins 2-3 2-2B 2RBI’s, Ray Kouns2-3 2RBI’s and Gene Fleck 2-3.

Liberty Buick pulled off a win over Ranalls Realty 15-7. Liberty was clicking in all phases of the game with good hitting, outstanding defense, and good pitching (only 1 walk). Liberty was led by Les Zirbel at 4-4 (2B/3B), Jay Schirpke 2-4 (2 3B), Bob Snelling 2-4 (2B), Ken Krzeminski 2-4 (HR), Greg Roehm 2-4 (2B), Mike Sullivan and ED Hart (3-4), Ed Campbell, Al Miller and Greg Church 2-4, Bob Craig 1-4.

Ranall's Realty - 14 Angela's Kitchen - 7

Ranalls Realty beat Angelas Kitchen 14-7. Jeff Nickerson ended the 5th inning with a 2 run home run over the fence. Six of Ranaalls batters were perfect hitting: Dave Swanson 3-3, Jon Chiebeck 2-2 1RBI, Jeff Nickerson 3-3 2B HR 3RBI’s, Dave Elkins 3-3 2-2B 2RBI’s, Ray Kouns 3-3 3B, Sub Russ Figueroa 1-1 2B 1RBI. Sub Ray Hensley was 2-3 3RBI’s and Gene Fleck was 2-3 1RBI.

On a beautiful, warm day the team's bats were not very hot this week, for they only collected 14 hits. Getting 2 hits each were Rick Armentano, Mike Anderson(2 doubles), Craig Warner, Klaus Holt and Joel Last. There are better games to come and Next Weeks Game: May 21st 7:00 VISITORS.

T Pham Realty - 9 Karen Olsen Realty - 12

The Thomas Pham Dentistry team was in the game through the 5th inning before the realtors shut us down. The Pham team had several defensive plays by Joe Rizzuto at 2B and catches in the field by Danny Wood, Greg Allseitz, Tom Yurkunas and Mike Kachurak. Jd Dillree defended his position and got the ball to Shel Rosenthal for the 2B put outs. Hitters today: Greg Allseitz 2 doubles, 2RBIs, Tom Yurkunas 2 triples 3RBIs, Mike Kachurak 2 RBIs, Jd Dillree, Danny Wood, Joe Rizzuto, Mark Brenner, Jim Mathews and Mike McGinn.

"It was a rough battle but the Karen Olsen team managed to stay undefeated. The Olsen team scored 7 runs over the last 2 innings to secure the game. Sub Craig Warner made the play of the day with an over the shoulder grab on a ball hit by Greg (All Star) Allseitz. Leading the way at the plate: Pete Semenak, Dick Nunez, Paul Jinneman, John Bertholdy, and sub Gary Armstrong all going 3 for 4. Russ Figueroa, Ed Musgrave, Warner, and Dale Schroeder all had 2 hits. Darren Proctor and Jim Witowski rounded out the team effort with 1 hit a piece. Russ led the way with 3 RBI’s.


Games thru -  Saturday, May 7, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Karen Olsen Realty 2 0 1 0.833
Angelas Kitchen 1 1 1 0.500
Thomas Pham DDS 1 1 0 0.500
Liberty Buick 1 1 0 0.500
Ranalls Realty 0 2 0 0.000

 Saturday, May 7, 2022

Karen Olsen Realty - 16 Ranalls Realty - 7

A great battle between Tom Ranalls and Karen Olsen. The game started slowly with Ranalls holding a slim 3-2 lead after 3. But the Olsen team fought back to take a 12-10 lead after 6. In the 7th, Ranalls scored 5. In the bottom of the 7th, the Olsen team responded with 7 straight singles which featured the game winner by Jim Witowski! Leading the way was Dick Nunez going 4 for 4. Russ Figueroa, John Bertholdy, Ed Musgrave, and sub Mike were all 3 for 4. It was a great team victory. Thank you Mike for subbing!

Karen Olsen Realty beat Ranalls Realty 16-15 by scoring 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th. Ranalls had 25 hits and 9 extra base hits but it wasn’t enough to win. Leading hitters: Sub Ed Deussen 4-4 2-2B 1RBI, Jeff Nickerson 4-4 3-2B 3B 2RBI’s, Ernie Huxhold 4-4 2B 3RBI’s, Dave Elkins 3-4 2B 2RBI’s, Jerry Eastham 3-4 3RBI’s, Ray Kouns 2-4 1RBI, Jim Young 2-4 1RBI.

Karen Olsen Realty - 14 T Pham Dentist - 5

"After 2 innings both teams were locked in a 2-2 tie. From there, it was all Karen Olsen from there on. Leading the way was Dick Nunez and John Bertholdy both going 4-4. Pete Semenak and Ed Musgrave were both 3-4. Paul Jinneman, sub Barney Armstrong, and Dale Schroeder all added 2 hits. Thank you Craig Warner for stepping in to sub after Ron Swanson went down with a leg injury.
That doggone other team seemed to be every place we hit the ball! The Thomas Pham Dentistry team had three players held hitless today by the Karen Olsen Realty team. Defensive highlights included running catches by Greg Allseitz, Jd Dillree, Tom Yurkunas, Danny Wood and Mike Kachurak. Stops in the hot corner by Mike McGinn and two 6-11-3 double plays by Jd, Shel Rosenthal and Jim Mathews. Even Artie Stackpole fielded a pop fly and Mark Brenner caught a foul tip. Two, count 'em, two hard hit line drives did not get past the hot glove of Joey Rizzuto. Offensively, Greg had a good day 3/3 HR, double and 2RBIs and Tom was 2/2 double, 2RBIs.

Liberty Buick - 7 Angela's Kitchen - 14

Liberty Buick met their match playing a very good Angela’s. Liberty had 17 hits while scoring only 7 runs and losing 14-7. The highlight for Angelas’s and the lowlight for Liberty was an ALL WORLD catch by Laura Johnson of a hard hit deep flyball hit to right field which was masterfully caught after a long run to reach the ball. LEADING HITTERS: Ken Krzeminski 3-3 (3B), Les Zirbel 3-3, Jay Schirpke 2-4 (2B/3B), Greg Roehm 2-3 (2B), Bob Snelling and Ed Campbell both 2-3, and Al Miller and John Laskowski both 1-3. A big Mahalo to John Laskowski and Mark Brenner for subbing.

A great team effort, with some really good defense from Barney Armstrong and a great catch by Laura Johnson. Also, really good defense and pitching from Mike Anderson. To go along with the team's overall defense, was some really good hitting. Going 4 for 4 was Jim Opyd, with one double. Getting 3 hits each were Rick Armentano (one double), Mike Anderson, and Barney Armstrong (2 doubles). Getting 2 hits each were Craig Warner, Jeff Smith, John Wunderlin and Joel Last. Everyone on the team got at least one hits, for a total of 24 hits by the team. Great TEAM effort. Next Game: May 14th 8:15 VISITORS


Games thru -  Saturday, April 30, 2022
    Team Won Lost Tie Win PCT
Thomas Pham DDS 1 0 0 1.000
Liberty Buick 1 0 0 1.000
Karen Olsen Realty 0 0 1 0.500
Angelas Kitchen 0 1 1 0.250
Ranalls Realty 0 1 0 0.000

 Saturday, April 30, 2022

Angela's Kitchen - 10 T Pham Dentist - 16

The Team started the season on the rusty note, but the bats were good, putting together 23 hits. Big hitters were Rick Armentano 3/4, Mike Anderson 3/4 (2 doubles), Jim Opyd 4/4, and Barney Armstrong 3/4. Getting 2 hits each were Craig Warner, Don Hansen, Dick Steiman and Klaus Holt. The team was all warmed up for the second game.

With only two scoreless innings for each team, Thos. Pham, DDS team scored their first win in Saturday spring play against a formidable Angela's team. Defense abounded, from terrific catches, double plays, you name it! Perfect at the plate today: Danny Wood with an RBI, Greg Allseitz with 3 doubles and 3 RBIs. Tom Yurkunas 2 doubles and 7 RBIs. Other hitters today were Jd Dillree, RBI, Mike Kachurak, Shel Rosenthal 3RBIs, Jim Mathews, RBI, Mike McGinn, Mark Brenner, Artie Stackpole and Joe Rizzuto giving the signs.

Angela's Kitchen -12 Karen Olsen Realty - 12

The Team came out in the second game of the day more focused on defense and hitting a bit more. The team collected 23 hits and made some good defensive plays. Getting 4 hits was Craig Warner, while Rick Armentano and Jim Opyd colledted 3 hits each. Getting 2 hits were Mike Anderson, Jeff Smith, Barney Armstrong, sub Danny Wood, Dick Steiman and Klaus Holts. Having the second game did not slow the team down, for they fought till the end. The team tied the game up in the bottom of the 6th inning and then held off the realtors in the 7th for the tie. Next Game: May 7th 9:30 Visitors.

"The Realtor's and Angela's battled to a tie. Both teams had their chances; with several good plays and key hits. The Karen Olsen team had a combined 27 hits. Leading the way with a perfect 4 for 4 were: DIck Nunez, John Bertholdy, and Ron Swanson. Jim Witowski was 3 for 4, followed by Ed Deussen, Paul Jinneman, Ed Musgrave, Darren Proctor, and Sal Politi who all went 2 for 4. Pete Semenak and Dale Schroeder both had 1 hit. Thank you Ed Deussen for subbing, and thank you all for a hard fought team effort.

Ranall's Realty - 15 Liberty Buick - 16

Liberty Buick beat Ranalls 16-15 scoring 6 runs in the top of the 7th. Ranalls had 25, more than enough to win if they catch the ball. Leading hitters: Dave Swanson 4-4 1RBI, Gene Fleck 3-3 2RBI’s, Rick Pearson 2-2 2-BB, Jeff Nickerson 3-4 2-2B 4RBI’s, Dave Elkins 2-3 BB 3RBI’s, Sub Mike Dakat 2-4 1RBI, Ernie Huxhold 2-4, Ray Kouns 3-4, Jerry Eastham 3-4 2RBI’s, Jim Young and Norm Lustig both had a hit and 1RBI each.

Liberty Buick hung on to squeeze out a 16-15 win despite a less than stellar defense and shaky pitching for the first 5 innings. Behind 15-10 after 5 complete innings, Liberty held Ranall’s scoreless over the final two innings and scored 6 in the top of the 7th. Mike Sullivan made a game-ending catch at third of a line drive that was scorched from the Ranall’s final hitter. LIBERTY HITTERS: Bob Snelling 4-4 (3B), Jay Schirpke 3-4 (2 2B), Ken Krzeminski 3-4, Greg Roehm 3-4 (2B), Les Zirbel 3-4 (2B), Albert Miller 3-3 (2B/3B), Ed Campbell 2-4 (2B), Bob Craig and Ed Hart both 2-3.