Winter 2020 Standings

Blue League Standings and Game Summaries for Winter 2020


Games thru -  Friday, February 14, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Pct
American League
Char Wheeler Realtor 2 0 0 1.000
Foothills Physical Therapy 2 0 0 1.000
Hot Bats 1 1 0 0.500
Dick Steiman CPA 1 1 0 0.500
Paul Tone Insurance 0 1 1 0.250
Happy Ears Hearing 0 1 1 0.250
Thunderbird Auto 0 2 0 0.000
National League
Barton Realtors 1 0 1 0.750
Fastballs 1 0 1 0.750
Tride & True Pest 1 1 0 0.500
Canyon State 1 1 0 0.500
General Exterminating 1 1 0 0.500
Nancy Muslin Realtor 1 1 0 0.500
Camino Del Sol 0 2 0 0.000

Friday, February 14, 2020

Nancy Muslin Realtor - 16 Hots Bats - 12
What a great game today. Everything came up smelling like roses for Team Nancy Muslin Realtors on this Valentine's Day. It was a bit chilly outside, however, our bats and defense were hot. Thank you to Steve Lunde - sub - who played an outstanding game on both offense and defense. We had 25 hits in a 16-12 victory over Hot Bats. Leading the way was Steve Lunde, sub, who was 4-4 with a triple and 3 RBI's. John Smith was 4-4 with a double and 4 RBI's. Roger Mueller was 4-4 with an RBI. Cheri Swinehart was 3-4 with 3 RBI's. Steve Schneider, sub, was 3-4 with an RBI. Artie Stackpole was 2-4 with a double and an RBI. Yvonne Becker was 2-4. Joel Last was 1-3 with an RBI. Susie Tornes was 1-3 with another triple stretched into a double due to her turtle like speed. Susie also had 2 RBI's. Dick Steiman was 1-4 with a triple. Butch Schultz got bopped on the head and had to sit out most of the game. Thank you to subs, Steve Lunde and Steve Schneider.

The Hot Bats were sizzling, collecting 21 hits and 12 runs for the second consecutive game. But this time it was not enough as Nancy Muslin’s sluggers continued to elude the fielders and put up 16 runs for the win. It was an entertaining game, with few miscues. For Hot Bats, Gary Christofferson, Duff Carroll and Klaus Holt each had 3 hits in 4 at bats, Gary tallying 4 RBI’s in the process. Five players had 2 hits – Sal Politi, Dave Bagwell (2 RBI’s), Larry Apple, Al Miller (3 RBI’s), and Dick Kohnen. The loss evened Hot Bats’ record at 1 and 1, and they continue to gel as a team and have high hopes for the season. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Char Wheeler-Riley Realtor - 8 Dick Steiman CPA - 4

"The manager for the Char Wheeler-Riley Realtors was a little nervous after watching our opponents hit in their first game this week. They were really pounding the ball. Today, the Realtors defense came to play. Our infield and outfield made some great plays to hold our opponents scoreless until the 6th inning when we gave up a home run. We bent a little in the top of the 7th but managed to stay composed to get the final out for an 8 to 4 win. Congratulations everyone on a well played game. It looks like everyone is having fun. The Realtors made a statement in the bottom of the 1st inning scoring 4 runs by the first 5 hitters. After that the runs were difficult to come by and we only managed 4 more runs. Sue Cary was a perfect 3 for 3 at the plate and is back healthy running the bases. Kim Hurd was 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and a great running catch in left center field. Warren Stevenson was 2 for 3 with a triple. His energy at 3B was something to see. He caught a hard hit ground ball and dove to 3rd base to get a key out. I hope Doreen makes him wash his jersey. Kurt Kanouse was 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and made numerous catches in left field. Ed Schofield was 2 for 3 and his play at 1B is a real asset. Bob Cary was 2 for 3 with four nice catches in right center field. Larry Moores was 1 for 3 and played a solid rover position. Jackie Couzens played an outstanding 2B getting numerous plays there to keep the runners from advancing. Wayne Siers pitched an outstanding game for the win. ​

After being held scoreless over the first 5 innings, the bats of Dick Steiman CPA squad came alive and made the final score close as they lost 8 to 4. With over half of the hits, Dave Martin (3 for 4 with a home run), Joe Gonski (2 for 2 and a walk) and Fred Swan (3 for 3) helped to close the gap. Each of six other players contributed a single to the cause. The game was never out of reach for the scrappy Steiman crew, but they could not overcome the 4 run deficit after the first inning.



Games thru -  Wednesday, February 12, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Pct
American League
Foothills Physical Therapy 2 0 0 1.000
Char Wheeler Realtor 1 0 0 1.000
Hot Bats 1 0 0 1.000
Dick Steiman CPA 1 0 0 1.000
Paul Tone Insurance 0 1 1 0.250
Happy Ears Hearing 0 1 1 0.250
Thunderbird Auto 0 2 0 0.000
National League
Barton Realtors 1 0 1 0.750
Fastballs 1 0 1 0.750
Tride & True Pest 1 1 0 0.500
Canyon State 1 1 0 0.500
General Exterminating 1 1 0 0.500
Nancy Muslin Realtor 0 1 0 0.000
Camino Del Sol 0 2 0 0.000

 Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Happy Ears Hearing - 16 Fastballs - 16

Happy Ears played against a good team, down 5 runs in the last inning, they never gave up, and tied the game. Neil Clewell was 4-4, scored 3 times,1 R.B.I. Again Jake Groh was 3-3, walk, scored twice, 2 R.B.I. Pierre Boudreau had a double, triple, scored twice, 1 R.B.I. Kevin Gillette was 2-3, walk, scored twice, 1 R.B.I. Ed Abrams had 2 hits, walk, 3 R.B.I. Joe Bradley had 2 hits (including a perfect line drive over the third baseman's head), scored once, 2 R.B.I. Jim Parry had 2 hits, scored twice, 2 R.B.I. Lee Luft scored once, 1 R.B.I. Vern Luft scored opnce, 1 R.B.I. Jim Smith scored once, 2 R.B.I.

A good Happy Ears team staged a 5 run rally in the bottom of the 6th to forge a 16-16 tie. The game was back and forth til the final inning when both teams went back to work. There’s an old saying: a tie is like kissing your sister! Well pucker up sis! Fastballs was led by Glen Zelkind (3-4)Ron Swanson (3-4)Greg Lynch (3-3] and Doreen Stevenson [3-3] who all had 3 hits. Steve Dwyer was 2-4 including a 3 run home run, and 4 RBI’s. Don Johnson 2-4, Chicago Bob Frede 2-3, Greg Church 2-4, and Norm “Super Sub” 2-4 and Jim Witkowski all had 2 hits. Jim Ladd make a nice catch and added a hit. Greg L. And Jim W added doubles. On Monday, our defense was great, today it was shoddy! We need to revert back to our normal defense next Monday.

General Exterminating - 14 Nancy Muslin Realtor - 13

The General Exterminators team came out hitting today taking a 10-4 lead after 3 innings and then held on against a strong comeback by a good Nancy Muslin team for a 14-13 win in a 5 1/2 inning game. Strong defense was a big key to the Exterminators victory. The Exterminators had only 17 hits but four were extra base hits that drove in runs. Leading the way today was Roy Sours 3-3 with 3 RBI, Dan Sykes 3-3 with 2 RBI, and Jeff Smith 3-3 and 3 runs scored. Craig Phillips was 2-3 with a key 3 run HR. Bob Dye was 2-3 with 1 RBI and 3 runs scored. Lee Luft, Annie Lowe, and Bob Boche each had 2 RBI and Brent Peterson had a hit in his first at bat as a SCG player.

While the Nancy Muslin Realtors started the season off with a 1 run loss, we showed that we are able to come back. Down 8-1 in the 2nd inning, we scattered 19 hits and only lost the game 14-13. Leading the way was Gary Kuhlman (sub) who went 3-3 with 5 RBI's. Roger Mueller was 3-3 with 3 RBI's. Cheri Swinehart was 2-3 with an RBI. Butch Schultz was 2-3 with 3 RBI's. Yvonne Becker was 2-3. Susie Tornes was 2-2. John Smith was 1-3 with an RBI. Dick Steiman was 1-3. Lorne Carlson was 1-3. Artie Stackpole was 1-3. Joel Last was 1-3.

Hot Bats - 12 Thunderbird Automotive - 11

In a game that went right down to the wire, Hot Bats wins its season opener by edging Thunderbird Auto 12 to 11. Due to the weather, all games were slated for 6 innings. After 5, the game was tied at 11. Visitors – T-Bird Auto was set down 1,2,3 in the top of the sixth. For Hot Bats, Dick Kohnen led off with a single. Duff Carroll was enlisted as a pinch runner. The next batter for Hot Bats was Dave Stark. Dave hit a slow roller in the infield. It was fielded and thrown to first base. The errant throw bounded down the right field line and Duff was able to dash all the way around to score the winning run. RBI, and kudos to Dave Stark !! The Hotties had 21 hits, led by Al Miller and Larry Apple, going 3 for 3; and recording 2 for 3 performances were Dave Bagwell, Gary Christofferson, Duff Carroll (3 RBI’s), Gary Smith, Dick Kohnen and Dave Stark.

Today the Thunderbird Automotive team played another close game. With the score tied 11-11 after 5 innings we just could not get another run. Leading our team with a 3 for 3, 2RBI, performance was Vikki Hanson. Sub Bruce Ketcham played a great SS for us turning a super double play and 2 RBIs. Gary Nueman was 2 for 3 with 3 RBIs. Ray Hensley and Ron Rogerson hd 2 hits each. Thanks to Barry Bergen who played 2nd base for us.

Tride/True Pest Serv - 12 Foothills Phys Therapy - 15

Foothills Physical Therapy came back from a 12-8 deficit after 3 innings to defeat the Tride & True Pest Control team by a final score of 15-12. Foothills played excellent defense in the final 3 innings holding Tride & True scoreless while scoring 7 runs to secure the win. Leading hitters for Tride & True were Bobby Dooling 2/3, 2 RBIs, Maynard March 2/3, 2 RBIs and Paul Plapp 2/2 , 3 RBIs.

"Foothills Physical Therapy played a very good offensive/defensive game against a good Tride & True Pest team today. We had a total of 22 hits, 2 home runs, 2 triples and three 2 base hits. Ray Kouns and Dan Hofeditz hit the home runs and had 3 RBIs each, Going 3 for 3 were Pat Moriarty, Joe Osowiec, Ray Kouns Buck Craig and Jack Indig. Dan Hofeditz and Paul Johnston were 2 for 3. Laura Johnson had one hit, one RBI, and played a nice left center. Sub Victor Moreno had a hit and was much appreciated - thank you Victor. Laraine Huxhold had one hit, 2 RBIs and a clutch catch for the second out in the bottom of the sixth. Tride & True scored 4 runs in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd inning but was held scoreless for the final 3 innings.

Paul Tone Ins - 7 Barton Realtors - 7

Paul Tone Insurance managed to improve upon our record (0-1 to 0-1-1) by earning a tie with a solid Barton Realtor team. Our defense made some improvement in the early innings, but slipped a little in the later innings. However, it was good enough to support the effective pitching of Bill Shanahan in holding our opponent to 7 runs. The offense again stuttered in only scoring 7 runs ourselves. The power segment of our lineup produced all our runs: Steve Lunde’s perfect 3/3 day, including 2 triples, 3 rbi’s & 3 runs scored, Doug Asleson’s 2 hits + a walk in 3 at-bats resulting in scoring 3 runs, and sub Blaine Greene had a hit and sac fly to produce 2 rbi’s. That is actually pretty good - getting 7 runs out of only 11 hits and 1 walk. Best of all, it was another sun-shiny day (after a rainy Tuesday) and we romped on our beautiful field with the marvelous opportunity to play Senior Softball!

Barton took on a good hitting team Paul Tone and it was close all the way to the 6th inning. The score was neck and neck at each of the innings and both teams having some key hits and defense but after 6 innings we had a tie game 7-7. Hot at the plate was Don Cole going 2 for 2 and a walk, and Frank Preite and Mark Glim, Roy Carpenter, and Jack Braly all going 2-3. Some great defense making some double ​plays and great catches in the outfield. Thanks to Dale Schroeder, Loraine Huxhold, Norm Lustig, and Roy Carpenter for subbing today.

Canyon State HVAC - 17 Camino Del Sol - 9

This was certainly a different game from Monday. The defense was great and the hitting was a complete turnaround - 27 hits verses 14 on Monday. Some notable players on defense were Jeff Gibbs in left field making two timely catches, Jim Stocker scooping up many throws for outs, and Mark Glen with some superb pitching. Subs Steve Schneider, Butch Schultz, and Loren Hanson had 8 of the 27 hits. One hitter who stands out was Harold Enslen who hit the ball hard getting a single, double, and triple. The bottom half of the lineup really came through with 7 of the 17 runs. Way to go team. We have another tough game next Monday playing Char Wheeler.

Camino Del Sol played a tough game against a good Canyon State team and lost 17-9. Camino was never in the game, playing from behind, never able to get anything going. Credit to Canyon State, they played a good game. Camino Del Sol's 18 hits were led by Tim Skala 3x3 1 dbl, Gary Kuhlman 2x3 2 rbi's 1 dbl, Bob Lessard and Ron Eichhorn 2x3 2 rbi's each, Bob Craig 2x3 1 rbi, sub Bernie Rosen 2x3, Dave Michels 2x4, Al Jay 1x2 1 rbi 1 dbl, John Mancini 1x3 1 rbi, Rick Barron 1x3. Thank you to our subs pitcher Paul Plapp and Bernie Rosen.


Games thru -  Monday, February 10, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Pct
American League
Foothills Physical Therapy 1 0 0 1.000
Dick Steiman CPA 1 0 0 1.000
Char Wheeler Realtor 1 0 0 1.000
Hot Bats 0 0 0 0.000
Thunderbird Auto 0 1 0 0.000
Happy Ears Hearing 0 1 0 0.000
Paul Tone Insurance 0 1 0 0.000
National League
Fastballs 1 0 0 1.000
Barton Realtors 1 0 0 1.000
Tride & True Pest 1 0 0 1.000
Nancy Muslin Realtor 0 0 0 0.000
General Exterminating 0 1 0 0.000
Camino Del Sol 0 1 0 0.000
Canyon State 0 1 0 0.000

 Monday, February 10, 2020

Thunderbird Auto - 10 Tride/True Pest Serv - 20

Today the Thunderbird Automotive team played in a 5 inning defensive battle holding a good hitting Tride and True team to only 10 runs. We had trouble getting anything going offensively, also scoring 10 runs. Then the wheels came off and we gave up 10 runs in the 6th and last inning before we flip flopped with only 1 out. Final score - 20-10. Leading our offense was Gary Neuman who was 4 for 4 with a triple. Also perfect at the plate was sub Marty Jiminez who was 3 for 3 with a triple and Tom Sanders, 3 for 3. With 2 hits each were Jim Tomich, Doug Moore, and Mike Sulivan. The rest of the team had one hit each.

Tride & True Pest Control got off to a great start to the Winter Blue League season by beating a very good Thunderbird Auto Team. The six inning game was close, tied 10-10 until the top of the 6th inning , when Tride & True scored 10 runs then held the Thunderbird team scoreless in the bottom of the 6th to win 20-10. This was a great team effort by Tride & True. every player on the team contributed at least one base hit . Leading the offense today were Bobby Dooling, 4/4, 2 RBIs, and a home run , Denny Albers 4/4, 2 RBIs, Maynard March 3/4, 4 RBIs,and Barney Armstrong, 4/4 2 RBIs, getting 3 of 4 hits today were, Maynard March, Chuck Serin, Billy Marchioni, and Judy Muller. Mike Ryan hit a 3 run inside the park home run in the 6th inning. As a team Tride & True banged out 30 hits.

Canyon State HVAC - 4 Barton Realtors - 11

Our bats did not show up today but Barton's did. They hit well and played a tight defense. We only had 14 hits. Leading our hitting was Harold Enslen 3 for 3 with a double, scoring 2 and 2 RBIs. Steve Coffman and Lonnie Saiz were 2 for 3. Every one else on the team had a hit. Lets bring our bats and play a better defense Wednesday.

Barton Realtors played a great game today and we are still undefeated in and tied for first place. Barton played a good hitting and fielding team Canyon State but had some keys hits and great defensive plays to make the win today. Big hitters today was our winning pitcher Michael Wilton 3-3 and also going for 3-3 was Frank Preite. Don Cole was 2-3 as our sub Roy Carpenter, and Dorothy Mazur was 2-4. Almost everyone had a awesome hit or a great defensive play which contributed to a great win to start the season off. This was a very close game as Canyon State had some great opportunities but the defense of the infield and outfield was outstanding today making some great catches and plays. Great day for softball for both teams as we didn't expect to play with the coming rain today. Special thanks to Roy Carpenter and Michael Sullivan for subbing today.

Foothills Phys Therapy - 11 Paul Tone Ins - 6

"In the first game of the winter session, Foothills Physical Therapy won the decision over a good Paul Tone Insurance team. The game was shortened in time and innings to beat the rain that was forecast. In that time, Joe Osowiec, Ray Kouns, and Buck Craig managed to hit 3 for 3 and each had 2 RBIs. Going 2 for 3 were Pat Moriarity, Paul Johnson, Gene Fleck and Dan Hofeditz, who also pitched a great game with no walks. Getting one hit each were Jack Indig, Ed Hart and Laura Johnson who played a great left center field! Jack's hit in the fifth inning brought in the run to make it 11-6 and we held Paul Tone to no runs in the top of the sixth for the win.
In a rather inauspicious start, the Paul Tone Insurance team was outscored in the season’s opening game. It is not so much that we did not hit very well, but we did not field well either – the combination of which makes it difficult to win a game. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed the start of a fresh new season of senior softball under the bright Arizona sun – we were all very happy it did not rain today. Steve Lunde did blast a home run and sub Bob Lindsay was a perfect 3/3, while sub Dave Bagwell stroked 2 singles and was the only other batter to get more than 1 hit.

Camino Del Sol - 12 Char Wheeler-Riley Realtor - 14

Camino Del Sol lost a close game to a good Char Wheeler Realtor team 14-12. The game was tied 4-4 after one inning, 8-8 after 3 innings and 12-12 after 5 innings. In the open inning Char Wheeler scored 2 runs and closed the game out 14-12 with a nice catch by their left fielder with runners on. Camino Del Sol's 23 hits were led by Bob Lessard 3x3 3 rbi's 2 dbl's, John Mancini 3x3 3 rbi's 1 triple, Gary Kuhlman 3x3 2 rbi's 1 dbl, Jack Madio 3x3 1 dbl, Ron Eichhorn 2x3 2 rbi's, Tim Skala 2x3 1 rbi, Dave Michels 2x3 1 dbl, sub Marjo McDougall and Rick Barron 2x3 each, Bill Clark 1x3, Al Jay 0x3 1 rbi.

What a great day for softball and a great way to start the season. Two very good teams faced off against each other today and in a see-saw scoring battle the Realtors for Char Wheeler-Riley came out victorious. The Realtors scored 4 in the first inning only to see Camino Del Sol score 4 to tie it up. We scored 4 in the 3rd inning and Camino scored 4 in their half of the inning. Again in the top of the 5th we scored 4 only to see Camino tie it up again. Finally in the top of the 6th inning the Realtors plated two runs and our defense made two great plays to hold Camino scoreless in the bottom of the 6th inning. Sue Cary made a great catch on a ground ball to get the first out. Kurt Kanouse playing in his first game of the season made the game winning catch of a hard hit line drive to left field. That ball would still be rolling if Kurt hadn't made that catch. Ed Schofield playing in his first game in SCG, Jackie Couzens, and Sue Cary turned a real nice double play in the 4th or 5th inning to get the Realtors out of a jam. Offensively, almost everyone had a hit or a walk to get on base. Larry Moores had 3 hits. Kim Hurd playing in his first game in SCG had 3 hits and a nice catch in the outfield. Kurt Kanouse had 3 hits. Terry Braun had 3 hits. Sue Cary was 2 for 2 with a walk. Warren Stevenson had a home run. Jackie Couzens had a single and a walk. Wayne Siers had a real nice hit down the first base line. Ed Schofield had 2 hits and some real nice plays at first base. Bob Cary had 2 hits and a real nice catch running to his right in the out field.

Dick Steiman CPA - 14 Happy Ears Hearing - 13

Strike outs, walks, grand slam home runs, double plays, triples, controversial umpire calls, this game had it all. What a great game on opening day of a new season in the Blue League as Dick Steiman CPA team emerged victorious over a stubborn Happy Ears Hearing team. With the visitors leading by 3 going into the home half of the final inning, Joe Gonski delivered a massive grand slam home run to secure the victory. Perfect at the plate today were Dave Martin (4 for 4), Richard Brinkley (3 for 3 with a triple), Sam Bernhardt (2 for 2 with a walk) and Fred Swan (3 for 3). Chipping in with singles in the 23 hit attack were sub Warren Stevenson, Jim Young, Bob "Higgs" Higgins and Norm Lustig. Dale Schroeder and Jack Pendar were each 2 for 3 on the day. The defensive play of the game came with the bases loaded when a sharp ground ball was hit to 3rd and fielded cleanly by Higgins who stepped on third and fired to Bernhardt at home to complete a rally killing double play. As a team, The Steiman squad batted a hefty .639 on the day.

Happy Ears hearing played a good game against a good team. Nail biter loss in the 6th. inning. Pierre Boudreau was 3-3, sac fly, scored 3 times, 1 R.B.I. Kevin Gillette was 4-4, scored once, 2 R.B.I. Joey Rizzuto was 3-3, scored twice, 2 R.B.I. Jake Groh had 3 hits, scored twice, 1 R.B.I. Jim Parry scored once, 2 R.B.I. Neil Clewell had 2 hits, 2 R.B.I. Ed Abrams had 1 R.B.I. Vern Luft had 2 hits, scored twice. Jim Smith scored once. Joe Bradley scored once. Art Stackpole had 1 R.B.I.

Fastballs - 9 General Exterminating - 7

The season started off with an ugly win as Fastballs edged General Exterminators 9-7 in a close game as the bug killers rallied in the 4th and 5th innings to close the gap to 7-5. A home run by Ron Swanson, and a triple by Greg Church provided a 2 run cushion! Fastballs was led by Greg Church 3-3 with 2 doubles along with his triple. Ron Swanson was 2-3 with a HR, triple, and 2 RBI’s. After a 6 year absence, Greg Lynch chipped in with 2-2 and a walk. Steve Dwyer was 1-3 but that hit was a HR. Greg Church had a well pitched game giving up only one walk. Defense wins games as proven by the fact that we did not boot one ground ball, and only committed 2 errors!

"The General Exterminators bats were cold, had only 5 hits and did not score in the first 3 innings of a 6 inning game resulting in falling behind a good hitting Fastballs team 7-0. The Generals played some good defense keeping the score down. Then the Generals comeback began, but unfortunately fell short falling 9-7 to the Fastballs in six innings. The General Exterminators were led today by Lee Luft with great pitching and going 3-3 with an RBI, Annie Lowe going 3-3 with an RBI a terrific run-saving catch in LF, and Dan Sikes going 3-3 with a double. Sub Craig Phillips had a 3 run HR, Jeff Smith was 2-3 and Roger Miller had a big RBI.


Games thru -  Wednesday, January 29, 2020
    Team Won* Lost* Tie* Pct
American League Final
Canyon State 10 3 2 0.733
Paul Tone Insurance 7 7 1 0.500
General Exterminating 6 6 3 0.500
Thunderbird Auto 7 8 0 0.467
Barton Realtors 4 8 3 0.367
Tride & True Pest Services 2 11 2 0.200
National League Final
Camino Del Sol 14 1 0 0.933
Char Wheeler Realtor 9 5 1 0.633
Nancy Muslin Realtor 9 6 0 0.600
Happy Ears Hearing 6 8 1 0.433
Dick Steiman CPA 5 9 1 0.367
Foothills Physical Therapy 4 11 0 0.267

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

General Exterminating - 8 Nancy Muslin Realtor - 9

The General Exterminators team suffered a tough 9-8 loss to a very good Nancy Muslin team today. We had the tying and winning runs on base in the bottom of the 7th but just could not get them home. Both teams played good defense and the Exterminators only had 20 hits. Going a perfect 4-4 including a triple and an RBI was Ray Kouns. Bob Dye and Marty Jiminez were both 3-4 with an RBI. Duff Carroll went 2-3 with a SAC FLY and 2 RBI. Sal Politi, Lanny Auberg and Al Miller all added 2 hits.

Team Nancy Muslin finished the season with a Victory over General Exterminating. Team Nancy Muslin had 22 hits. It was a very close battle between the 2 teams, with Nancy Muslin squeaking by with a 1 run victory - 9-8. Leading the way was Kenny Shick who was 4-4 with a double and 1 RBI. Kenny also made numerous good plays at shortstop. Cheri Swinehart was 3-4 with 1 RBI. Don Fordney was 3-4. Patrick Moriarity was 2-3 with a base on balls and 1 RBI. Laura Johnson was 2-3 with an RBI and a sacrifice fly. Susie Tornes was 2-3 with a double over the left center fielder's head, which she likes to say that she had a "triple and stretched it into a double". Susie also had an RBI. Dan Maguire was 2-4 with 2 RBI's. Jim Witkowski was 2-4 with an RBI. Roger Mueller was 1-4, but his 1 hit was a home run. Gene Fleck was 1-4 with a triple and an RBI. Roger Miller was 0-4, however, he made a fantastic play at home plate.

Camino Del Sol - 13 Tride/True Pest Serv - 1

Camino Del Sol played their last game of the Fall season against a good Tride & True Pest Services team, a 5 inning 13-1 win. This was our best defensive game of the season, our infield made all the plays, no errors. The outfield did not have much action, a nice catch by left-center fielder, Doug Asleson. Artie Stackpole pitched another good game and our catcher, Frank Maher caught a fowl ball. A great team effort and season by all. Camino Del Sol's 17 hits were led by Gary Kuhlman 3x3 4 rbi's 1 triple 1 dbl, Don Deach 2x2 2 rbi's 1 triple, Dave Michels 2x2 1 rbi 1 dbl 1bb, Frank Maher 2x2 2 rbi's, Al Jay 2x2 1 dbl, Tim Skala 2x3, Sam Bernhardt 1x2 1 rbi 1 dbl, Artie Stackpole & Bob Williams 1x1 1 rbi 1 bb each, John Smith 1x2 1 rbi. Doug Asleson went hitless today but had a great season and led our team in hitting at .814.

Well we didn’t lose by 1 run and it wasn’t a heart breaker. A Great defensive catch by Gary Neumann for a needed out and a double and RBI by Denny Albers. Two hits by Bobby Dooling. That’s all folks. Thanks to a great team of people who never gave matter what.

Happy Ears Hearing - 13 Thunderbird Automotive - 16

Happy Ears again left their gloves at home. Leading the team, Michael Wilton was 4-4, scored once, 2 R.B.I. Jake Groh was 3-4, scored 3 times, 2 R.B.I. Jim Parry was 3-4, double, scored once, 2 R.B.I. Jim Stocker was 3-4, double, scored twice, 1 R.B.I. Kathleen Melton was 3-4, and excellent coverage 0f many fly balls in left field. Patti Jones had 2 hits, scored once. Vern Luft played good "D" had 1 base hit and pulled a hamstring. Out of game for injury, Joey Rizzuto came in to replace Vern. Joey was 2-3, and great "D", welcome back Joey. Jerry Harris and Fred Swan had a combined 3 R.B.I. together.

"Thunderbird played another great defensive game today under cool cloudy skies against a good Happy Ears Hearing team. Both teams were well matched with Thunderbird playing with 4 subs. Thunderbird started off with 2 runs in the 1st but gave up 4 runs. The birds put up another 2 runs in the 2nd but again gave up 3. In the 3rd inning both teams put up 1 run each, leaving the score at 5 to 8 in favor of the Ears. In the 4th, our bats finally warmed up and we plated 3 more runs then held Happy Ears to no runs, giving us a 8 to 8 tie score. In the 5th, Thunderbird banged out the max runs while holding the ears to 2 runs giving us a 2 run lead. In the 6th the Thunderbird big guns pounded another 4 runs, holding the ears to just 1 run and a 16 to 11 lead. In the final round, we were held to no runs. The defense tightened down and we only allowed 2 runs to cross and giving Thunderbird a 16 to 13 win. Two in a row, way to end the season. Offensively this was our best hitting game with 26 hits to 40 at bats. Ray Hensley went 2/3 and our only BB. Mark Glim also went 2/3 with a SAC and 2 RBI’s and a double. Sub Victor Moreno, playing Rov again banged out a 3/4 day with a double. Sub Dave Martin, playing SS, pounded out 3/4 at the plate including a 2 bagger. Kevin Gillette slugged out a 3/4 day as well including a nice double. John Mancini had a 2/4 day including a triple. The big gun today was sub Jack Indig, playing 3B went 4/4, way to go Jack. Larry Apple went 1/4. Mike Sullivan banged out 2/3 at the plate. The surprise was Sub Bob Schrag, playing RF had a great day at the plate going 3/3, a single, double and a triple. Great playing on our last day. The Thunderbird Auto team would like to thank our 4 subs for playing for us today. On to a new season.

Paul Tone Ins - 20 Barton Realtors - 15

The Paul Tone Insurance team continued is wishy-washy ways banging out 29 hits for 20 runs in 6 innings (this following Monday’s game when we were lucky to score 9 runs); 9 of the 29 hits were for extra bases. We had perfect batting games turned in by: C.L. Eversman 4/4 with a double & homer for 3 runs & 5 rbi’s; sub Roy Carpenter 4/4 with 2 doubles, 3 runs & 3 rbi’s; Doug Moore, Lonnie Saiz, Bob Craig & Andy Coles each was 3/3; Pierre Boudreau was 3/4 with a triple and 3 scores; sub Jim Parry “only” had 2 hits – a homer & a triple and was robbed of another by a super catch by Annie; sub Chuck Sawyer had 2 hits & 2 scores; and Rick Barron & Joe Bradley each added a hit so that everyone on the team had at a least 1 hit. Thanks to all our team members and subs for another great and fun season and to Paul Tone Insurance for their sponsorship!

Great matchup today and both Barton and Paul Tone were playing a very tight game. Barton Realtors had 25 hits but came up short at the end of the game and lost to a good playing team Paul Tone. Big hitters today were Ken Carlson and Bob Bouch both going 4-4, Norm Volk was 3-5, Don Cole 2-3 and a walk , and Bill Clark at 3-4, and Don Pahlke 2-4. Great team playing and hitting and a great team that nobody never gave up at any time or criticize each other the whole year. This was a great group of people playing softball and having fun. See you next session.

Char Wheeler-Riley Realtor - 15 Canyon State HVAC - 14

What a great way to finish off the season with a victory over the 1st place team from the American League and to clinch 2nd place in the National League. Good strong hitting and a lot of good defensive plays were made by both teams. The infield consisting of Bob Higgins, Sue Cary, Dick Steiman, sub Bob Frede, and Ed Abrams for Char Wheeler-Riley turned 3 key double plays to prevent our opponent from scoring. Offensively, almost every one had at least one hit. Dick Steiman was 4 for 4 with a lead off triple in the first inning. Bob Higgins was 4 for 4 with a double in the first inning. Bob Cary was 4 for 4 with a triple in the 3rd inning. Bob Lessard was 3 for 3 with a home run in the 2nd inning. Sue Cary was 3 for 4. Ed Abrams and Steve Dwyer each had 2 hits. Wayne Siers had 2 hits and pitched a really good game. Jack Braly and sub Bob Frede each added a hit. This was a great group of people to play with and a lot of friendships were formed this season. All of the current Char Wheeler-Riley players will be on different teams next session but the friendships that were formed this season will continue forever. Good Luck everyone!!

Not quite the way we wanted to finish, but we played a good team in Char Wheeler. Canyon State had the same number of hits as Monday's game, but nine less runs. We just couldn't put the hits together when needed. Dan Hofenditz, Harold Enslen, (HR & 4 rbi's) and Lorne Carlson (4 rbi's) led the hitting all going 4/4. Les Bonde, Dan Sykes, and Greg Church (2 dbls & 4 rbi's) all went 3/4. Yvonne Becker was 2/3 with a triple. Both Vikki Hanson and Ed Hart has two hits apiece, while Bob Lindsay (triple) and sub Joe Bradley had one hit each. Well done team for a successful season and winning the American League Division!

Foothills Phys Therapy - 14 Dick Steiman CPA - 15

The season ended with the therapists coming from behind in the bottom of the 7th, falling short by one run. The team collected 26 hits with everyone getting at least one hit. The team never gave up in this or any other game. Big hitter was sub Steve Lunde 4/4( 3 triples), Kris Koch 3/4, Dave Sikes 3/4, Don Johnson 3/3, Jeff Gibbs, 2/4, Bruce Ketchem 2/3, Barry Bergen 2/4, Artie Stackpole 2/4 and Bill Halker 2/4. Not one got hurt and even though the record was not too good , we had FUN.

A good thing the games are only 7 innings as this one ended in a big turn-around for the home team as they scored 7 unanswered runs in the final 2 1/2 innings only to come up a run short. The visiting Steiman 11 poured it on in the first part of the game as they plated their 15 runs in the first 5 innings. All of the Steiman players had at least one hit, 9 scored at least one run and 8 had at least an rbi. On the offensive side of the diamond, Joe Gonski led the way as he hit for the cycle (single, double, triple and home run), scored a pair of runs and had 6 rbi's. With 3 hits each were Richard Brinkley, Jim Young and Bob Higgins. Pounding out a pair of hits each were Bill Marchionni, Gary Christofferson, Ron Eichhorn, Klaus Holt, Jack Pendar and Butch Shultz. John Laskowski added a key walk to start a 4 run rally and added a hit to complete the 26 hit offensive attack to help secure the victory.