League Specific Rules Winter 2019

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Special White League Rules – Winter ‘19


1. We are introducing the following game format for the winter ’19 White league session as an effort to shorten our games. This is also in sync with the Red League’s new format:

  •  Every at bat will begin with a 1 and 1 count.  One additional foul ball after two strikes will be allowed.
  •  In the event of a tie after 7 innings, one additional inning will be played.   The last batter in the 7th inning from each team will start from
  • second base with two outs.  Each team will be awarded one point if the game is still tied after the extra inning.


2. Subs will be chosen with like numerical ratings i.e. a player with a 3.0 rating will be substituted with a another player with a 3.0 rating etc.
3. There is no diving or sliding into a base, however; a runner may dive/slide back into a base he/she has overrun.
4. For extra safety, pitchers will have the option to pitch over a screen that will be placed 15 feet in front of the pitcher’s rubber directly in line with home plate.

  •  A pitched ball that hits the screen will be called a ball.
  •  Pitchers must stay behind the screen until the ball is hit.  Pitch will be called a ball if the pitcher doesn’t comply.
  •  A batted ball that hits the screen would be called a dead ball and no pitch.
  •  Thrown balls that strike the screen are in play and play will continue until the umpire declares the play over.
  •  Pitchers will be required to continue wearing a mask as in the past regardless if using the screen or not.
  •  Any other protective gear may also be used for safety.

 5. Sub runners can run once in an inning and three times in a game including for the runner at second base if a game goes into extra innings. If a potential sub runner touches a base, he or she may come off the base and another sub may run if the pitcher has not yet made a pitch. 

6. Players may play a maximum of 3 games a week.  A player may sub for the same team 1 time per week and 2 times per season – no exceptions unless approved by one of the White League commissioners.

7. If a runner is on base and is due to bat, he/she is out at the base and comes in and bats for him or her self. If it is the third out, this player is the lead off batter the next innining.

8. Either ump may make an infield fly call.

 9. If the home team falls behind by 10 or more runs while the last inning is being played, the teams will flip/flop at that point in time and the home team will come to bat. If the home team finishes it’s half of the inning ahead of the visiting team, the visiting team will resume their last at bat where they left off when the flip/flop was made.