League Specific Rules Fall 2021

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document.

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RED League Specific Rules



  1. We are not asking teams to sub back to 11. If you have 10 players for a particular game, please consider using the 10 that will be there. Please know that when you have an upper tier player and you sub for that player and your lower tier players are asked to sit 3 or 4 innings; players you drafted are not happy. Please keep in mind this is a recreational senior softball league. Players get drafted because they largely want to play.
  2. The club has approved the elimination of the infield fly rule in all leagues. As a runner, make your best decision to run or not; based on circumstance. 
  3. Subs will be chosen from the sub list first, and second from another rostered team. 1.5 and 1.6 will be a subbing category, you can sub any 1.5 or 1.6 for any 1.5 or 1.6. After 1.5 and 1.6, subs will be restricted to the same rating or a worse rating of the player who is missing.
  4. Players on the active roster may only sub 3 times were week, 2 per day and no more than 5 times a session for any 1 team.
  5. Players on the sub list may sub 3 times per week, 2 times per day, and maximum 5 times per team per session.
  6. Maximum of 5 subs can be used per game. (Because of tournament play and the early departing of players heading home, the commissioners and or assistant commissioners may make an exception to this rule).
  7. Sliding is allowed at all bases except at home plate line. Sliding at the home plate line will be called out.
  8. Red league will utilize the 70’ base paths.
  9. Each team will provide statistics (after the session concludes) to the commissioners for your team. Statistics will be based on On-Base Percentage (OBP):
    1. (Hits + Walks + On Base/no out recorded) / Total at Bats.
    2. Fielder’s choice counts as an At Bat but not as a hit/walk/on-base.
    3. Sacrifice fly does not count as an At Bat.
    4. Please provide:
      • Number of walks
      • Number of singles
      • Number of doubles
      • Number of triples
      • Number of home runs
      • Number of sacrifice flys