League Specific Rules Fall 2020

 Please view Club Rules under the Player tab - these league rules are a supplement to that document. 


Blue League Specific Rules

as of 10/22/19

  1. No Infield Fly Rule
  2. No Tiebreakers
  3. Sub Runners can run 3 times per game and once per inning
  4. Delayed start will be 6 inning games for the rest of the day
  5. 4 run rule per half inning (except in the 7th)
  6. A runner on any base whose turn it is to bat can have a substitute runner and no out is declared
  7. All infielders shall position themselves outside a line drawn from the first base bag through the pitching rubber to the third base bag, but shall be allowed inside that line once the ball is hit.
  8. No outfielder will come onto the infield (they must stay on the grass) until the ball is hit.