SCG Women's Softball, Saturday, 12/11/2021

SCG Diamonds-Hot Bats 18     SCW Hot Flashes 11

Another beautiful day in paradise, this time in Sun City West at Liberty Field.  The SCG Diamonds-Hot Bats team played a persistent SCW Hot Flashes.  Our players in our line-up today were our veterans who have played on the team before, the last time being 2019-2020 season.  Missing today from that squad: Kathy Boland, Sue Cary, Linda Doyle, Kris Koch, Kat Melton and Doreen Stevenson. Here are the highlights.

The SCG Diamonds came out to play and settle old scores against a ‘never giving up’ SCW Hot Flashes team.  The final score was 18-11.  Our fans came out to cheer us on to victory, filled the stands and the surrounding tables and outnumbered our hosts!

Perfect at the plate today 4/4 for the Diamonds-Hot Bats team was Coral Estes with a double and 2 RBIs, Laura Fenton-Kovanda with 2 doubles and 3 RBI and Kandi Patrick who pitched an outstanding game. 3/4 hitters included Becky Holliday with 2 triples, 4 RBIs and Arlene Weslosky. Yvonne Becker was 2/3 today with a shot in LC for an RBI.

Leading off today for the Diamonds-Hot Bats team was “I do not miss a fly ball,” Annie Lowe, who was 2/4. Other .500 hitters were Laura Johnson, Maryjo McDougall with a RBI, Lisa Pelletier with a triple and 3 RBIs. Vikki Hanson had a 1/4 day and held her own against some hard hits to RF. Judy Muller covered home and helped Kandi pitch strikes.

There were several hard-hit balls to the OF, that between Laura, Arlene, and the other Laura’s catches, kept the West team scoreless in 3 innings.

Thank you to our helpers today: First Base Coach-Claire Lucas, Third Base Coach-Cheri Swinehart, Scorebook- Susie Tornes, Bat Monitor-Marilyn Leinberger, Altruism Award-Kris Koch

Thank you to Becky, Kandi and Marilyn for managing practice on Friday.

SCG Women's Softball, Saturday February 8, 2020

Sun City West Hot Flashes 5                SCG Diamonds 3

The Diamonds bats were “out to lunch” today as SCW defeated the ladies of SCG 5-3. The game started with 3 scoreless inning before the Hot Flashes scored a run.  The Diamonds followed with one run in the 4th and 5th inning to take the lead. Unfortunately, the SCW ladies had a 4 run inning in the 6th and the Diamonds could only come up with one in the 7th.  11 team hits will not win a game.  Congrats to Kandi Patrick who pitched a great game and went 3 for 3 at the plate.  The rest of the team needed to be much more patient at the plate and remember that we do not start with a 1 and 1 count. Defense was pretty strong except for that one inning that did us in.


SCG Women's Softball Saturday January 11, 2020

Festival Fireballs 5       SCG Diamonds 15

Saturday January 25th the SCG Diamond defeated Sun City Festival Women's team 15-5 at our Field of Dreams. Defense was a little off today but hitting was RIGHT ON! Perfect at the plate were left center fielder Kathy Boland, pitcher Kandi Patrick, shortstop Lisa Pelletier, rover Becky Holliday, first base Arlene Weslosky, and outfielder Laura Johnson. The rest of our artillery; Annie Lowe, Judy Muller, Vikki Hanson, Linda Doyle, Yvonne Becker, Kat Melton, and Doreen Stevenson, all contributed at least one hit.

Congrats to our homerun hitters Kathy, Lisa, and Becky! Becky also had a double and triple! Way to go Becks!!

It is wonderful to have such a flexible and team minded group of Ladies. Thank you to all who shared defensive positions and played wherever they were asked to play. Thank you Marjo McDougall for coaching bases. Take care of that finger! GREAT TEAM EFFORT!

Our next game is at SCG Field of Dreams vs SCW Hot Flashes on February 8 following the rescheduled Relay for Life Tournament (approximately 2:30).

Thanks to all of the fans, umpires, scorekeeper and announcers as well as the grounds crew who were there to support us.

SCG Women's Softball Saturday November 19, 2019

SCW Hot Flashes 10       SCG Diamonds 9

Our season opener was a good game against a very competitive Sun City West team. We were able to stay with them most of the game but not scoring in the final two innings did not help our cause. Everyone had at least 1 hit in their 3 at bats except for Kathy Boland, Arlene Weslowsky, and Yvonne Becker with two hits each. Lisa Pelletier had some great defensive plays to accompany her 3 hits and 3 RBIs. Kandi Patrick did a fine job pitching and batting (3 for 3) including the only triple for our team. Extra base hit honors also go to Arlene who smacked 2 doubles resulting in 2 runs scoring. Yvonne had an RBI and Becky Holliday drove in 2 more runs. We played good defense, including a great throw from Becky to catcher Judy Muller, which stopped the Hot Flashes' run from scoring. Speaking of flashes, thank you Lisa, Kathy, and Vikki Hanson for pinch running. Annie Lowe had her debut on the pitching mound and will continue to practice. It was a good experience for her, but at the same time she encourages others to think about sharing the position. Welcome to the team Kat Melton, Laura Johnson, and Marjo McDougal. So nice to have you join our gang! Special thanks to Coral Estes for coaching third base and to our softball friends; Buck, Norm, Mark, Roger, Mike, Marilyn, and Dave for their efforts and support of the women's team at Sun City Grand. Appreciation also to all of our fans in the stands! Next game is scheduled at SCW on December 14 at 2:30 pm. Practice will be on Friday Dec 13 @ noon. Please mark your calendars!!