Hall of Fame

2020 Hall of Fame Nomination Form: Click on file below to print the form 

 Hall of Fame Criteria

Wall of Honor - Hall of Fame Criteria & Process


2012 Hall of Fame Committee/Contributors to this document: 

Lou Gray- chair, Dale Buhl, Joe Carucci, Bob LaBreche, Haydee LaBreche, Dick Stuckey

Board Representative:  Bob Aiken, 2012 President

Candidates for Hall of Fame

Overall softball prowess may have little to do with a member being considered for the Hall of Fame.  To be considered, a member must be:

  • A member in good standing for a minimum of five (5) years
  • A major contributor to the success of the Club during the minimum five (5) years (Some examples: Member of the Board, Manager, Committee Chair)
  • A member with strong leadership, ethics and character, someone who others respect and look up to
  • A way for the Club to honor significant members who have contributed to the Club

The Hall of Fame Committee may nominate a deceased member with a unanimous vote only.

The number of members for induction consideration in a given year rule of thumb:

  • 2012 five inductees
  • 2013 three or four
  • 2014 two or three
  • 2015 no more than two

 Numbers of inductees should be limited to more than two per year once the Committee has determined that we have caught up.

Consideration for Hall of Fame Honor

  • The Wall of Honor/Hall of Fame members (made up of ‘living’ Hall of Fame inductees) and/or the Hall of Fame Committee may nominate potential candidates. 
  • Potential candidates may be brought forward to the HOF Committee by any member submitting a nomination form handed out at the February General Membership Meeting.
  • Recommendations for potential inductees will be submitted by the Committee to the SCG Softball Club Board by March 5th of each year.
  • No current Board member may be nominated.

 Hall of Fame Committee

  • The committee will be comprised of 4 current members in good standing, respected by the membership, with at least 5 years in the Club and 1 current Board member.  A goal would be to have representation from all Club leagues. Solicitation for volunteers for this committee will begin the month of December prior to the upcoming Spring Banquet. The Club Board will approve the members of this Committee.
  • Previous inductees will be asked to unanimously nominate a “veteran” player for induction consideration (the idea is that current members may not remember contributions made by a member living/deceased) so that these members are not forgotten.
  • The HOF Committee will review the recommendation from the HOF inductees and put forth 1-3 names for consideration (until the backlog is taken care of).  Once there is no longer a backlog, it is anticipated the only 1 person per year would be inducted.



  • Solicit committee members from membership


  • Board selects and approves committee members; Board member assigned
  • Previous inductees meet, select a “veteran” nominee and submit to Committee


  • HOF Committee reviews nominee submissions and tallies votes
  • HOF Committee prepares list of potential nominees and presents to Board for concurrence


  • Board member on Committee orders recognition memento and places order to create the Wall of Honor nameplate
  • Board member reserves room and date for Spring Banquet for the next year


  • HOF Committee ensures that awards are in-place