General Meeting Minutes

 General Meeting Minutes






The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Tom Ranalls.  Those present were, Brian Holliday, Bob Dye, Judy Muller, Doug Johnson and Buck Rapley.  52 members were also present.


Vice President Report:  Brian Holliday reported that Cox and Microsoft were recently having issues so some things are not getting out to all members.  Hopefully this will be corrected soon.  Thanks to JJ Bigelow, she and Brian have been able to put pretty much every important date on the calendar for the until next Spring.  This should help everyone in planning for sign ups, etc. 

 Treasurer Report:  Bob Dye reported that collections of our dues has been fabulous.  We have now collected from 325 members which is almost 90%.  We currently have approximately $52,000 in cash on hand which is about $5,000 ahead of budget.

 Secretary Report:  Judy Muller asked for a motion to approve the minutes of 2/6/19, 2/15/19 and 3/15/19.  It was moved by Roger Neuman and seconded by Ron Rogerson and approved unanimously.

 Director of Softball Operations:  Doug Johnson thanked Jeff Smith for taking over the picnic ticket sales.  He reported that the Championship hats will be ordered as soon as the winner’s information is available at the end of the current season.  Regarding uniforms, he reported that Team Works has been sold so we can’t replace jerseys that are missing.  Needs each manager to report any missing uniforms when they turn in the uniforms at the end of the current season by putting a note in the uniform box.  The current uniforms will be collected for the RED/WHITE Leagues on Tuesday, April 16th between 9-10 am at the field and the BLUE League will be collected on Wednesday, April 17th between 9-10 at the field.  If anyone cannot make these dates, they are to contact Doug.  SATURDAY League uniforms will be collected sometime after April 20th and that date will be decided by Commissioner Russ Figueroa.  We have 3 Sponsors that have signed up.  They are Treedah Magee, Tried and True and Barton Realtors.  The Great American sign will be coming down as they are no longer a sponsor.  Camino Del Sol’s sign is looking pretty bad and will be being replaced in the near future.  Doug reported that we now have enough softballs to get us through Spring of 2020.  A question was raised as to whether we would be getting new hats in the Fall.  The answer was no.  We will continue to use the current style hat and logo and if someone needs a replacement that they can contact Doug.  Doug plugged an upcoming Music Club show called “The Cruise” asking people to consider attending.

 Director of Field Maintenance:  Buck Rapley reported that there is a new member on the Field Maintenance staff, Joan Casazza.  He reported that since 3/2/19 he has purchased 16 cases of water for the use of the club and it has been disappearing fast.  It is for all members.  Practice will close for the Blue League on 4/5/2019.  Red League will be able to practice after the last Saturday League game, then the field will close until the start of the Spring season.  Dale Vanderkooi asked if there had been any progress in getting a fan for behind home plate for the umpires.  Buck answered that the project has been dropped due to cost.  We are one of only two clubs in the valley that have fans/misters.  He has now tried to angle the last two fans toward home plate as best as he can.  He reported that Diamond Doctor will be applied a week from next Tuesday.    Jackie Couzens asked if a new softball field would be coming soon.  Buck replied that we had been on the budget last year, but had been bumped due to all of the monsoon damage over the summer.  We are going to be put back on the budget again before the July budget meeting, but there are no guarantees whether we will get a new field.  Bruce Speigel asked about using additional tarps on the field during periods of rain to keep the field dry.  Buck reported that this was not a practical solution for our situation.  Tom Ranalls reported that Dave Reber told us that the best thing we can do regarding a new field and getting on the budget is to prepare a PDP (Project Development Plan) and submit it.  The Board will be pursuing doing this.

 Jim Palzer:  Jim reported on the USA vs. Canada Tournament which was held at our field on March 10th.  Don Nelson gave a very moving speech at the event regarding his journey with cancer.  He described it as “Cancer Sucks”.  Jim reported that our club and fundraising efforts have been amazing and as of 3/30/2019 we have raiser $231,868.00 in total for a number or organizations.  These include, The American Cancer Society, Food Banks, Homeless Vets, America’s Mighty Warriors, Soldiers Best Friend, Benevilla, Meals on Wheels and others.

 White League Commissioner:  Rog Rogerson reported that he and Mike Kidd will be stepping down as Commissioners at the end of the current season.  They have done it now for 3 ½ years and felt it was time to step down.  He thanked everyone for their support over the years.  He thanked Buck and the Field Maintenance crew, Mark Jessen for doing the scoreboard, Norm Lustig for lining the field and all of the managers and umpires.  He thanked Brian Holliday for all his computer support and computer work.  He reported that this season they have had a lot of rain outs and cancelled games and there will be no make up games.  Parity is good as there are only 2 games separating 4 teams.

 Blue League Commissioner:  Jack Muller thanked Ron Rogerson and Mike Kidd for all the help they have provided over the past years with the drafts.  He reported that 24 games were rained out and that the Blue League has had many injuries this season.  Competition has been very equal as there are several teams in each division still vying for the Championship.  He thanked his Co-Commissioners, Doug Moore, Norm Lustig and Ben Kanninen and thanks sub czars Bob and Sue Cary for their hard work.  He also thanked Doug Moore for his work as the pitching czar.  He thanks Mark Jessen for doing the scoreboard as well as Buck Rapley and Brian Holliday for their hard work.  He thanked the new Board for their continued support.

Saturday/Spring Commissioner:  Jeff Smith reported that the Saturday League will run through 4/20/2019.  He also reported that Spring sign up is closed and they have 8 teams. Spring Saturday sign up is still open and has 4 teams.

Women’s Commissioner:  Judy Muller reported that the last ladies’ game of the season was on Saturday, March 30th against SCW.  There may possibly be an additional team playing in the league next year as Pebble Creek is trying to put together a team.  That will mean that they will be getting to play more home and away games.  She reported that they had a pretty good season despite being rained out for several games.  They played the new Festival team and held a pot luck following the game on 3/23/2019.  She thanked everyone for supporting the ladies and thanked Roger, Ron, Mark and Mike for doing the color, commentary and scoring for the games.

 Red League Commissioner:  Dale Vanderkooi reported that is stepping down as the Red League Commissioner and that Don Raneri will be taking over.  He thanks all of the Boards he has worked with over the years as well as the other Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners.  A special thanks to Sam Newby, Dennis Merkel, Stan Becker and Rick Clot.  He thanked Brian Holliday for all of the computer help.  He said he was so proud of the USA/Canadian tournament players and the Red League in general and he was so happy at the amount of money that they raised.  He thanked Bob Topham for running the Softball Golf Tournament every year and he thanked all of the Red League players for letting him represent them.  He thinks that they are now a better league.

Presidents Report:  Tom Ranalls reported that we now have Connie Hammons back with the food and beverage cart.  We have her Monday thru Thursday for the rest of the season and it will be determined later as to what will happen after the season is over.  She will be at the field from 11-3 and can stay later if she is busy.  He reported that he is always either at the field and available by phone or email to talk to about any issue.  He encourages people to talk to him regarding any rumors that may be going around to get the straight answer.  He talked about the current league practices and feels that the practices should be limited to ONLY the players in the specific league.  He feels that it is a safety issue if players in upper leagues go down to practice in lower league and visa versa.  Mike Kachurak pointed out that Saturday League practice is different as the league is composed of all level players. Tom thinks that it should be up to the Commissioners as to any exceptions made for a player to attend a practice other than their own.  A suggestion was made that there be 2 Blue League practices as they are too crowded and there is limited ability to hit.  They didn’t like having to have infield as most are there for batting practice.  Bob Cary stated that he didn’t want anyone higher rated than a 3.0 at any of his practices and that he won’t run more than one practice a week.    Wayne Nettesheim asked about players who really shouldn’t be playing and Tom said that the Board will be addressing this issue and will hopefully have an answer in the Fall.  There was much discussion about this subject.

 Old Business: NONE

New Business:  Roger Neuman reported that the Hall of Fame Committee will continue to accept nominations for the next two weeks.  The form is on line and can be completed and give to Roger. 

 A question was raised as to whether a 1.7 player could opt to play down in the Blue League.  Tom Ranalls said that this question was being addressed by the Board.

Dick Hanson said that he is very appreciative that the Board is making decision based on safety for the players of all leagues.

 Brian Holliday said that Club Rules are set by the Board, but that Club By-laws must be voted on.  He is making a proposal that the By-laws be changed to having two general meeting a year instead of the current 4.  The proposal was put into the minutes that were posted on the website and posted at the field.  The new meetings would be in December and March, the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at Cimarron Center.  The entire proposal was read by Brian, seconded by Bruce Speigel and passed unanimously.  In the discussion of the proposal, Doug Johnson brought up that we bring sponsors to speak at some of our meetings and it would be nice if they were speaking to a larger number of members. 

 Dick Hanson moved that the meeting be adjourned and Bruce Speigel seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.



          Approved by Acclamation 4/3/19 General Membership Meeting

 Feb. 6, 2019

                       Generral Membership Meeting

                   Agua Fria Room, Cimarron Center



Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:34, p.m. by President Tom Ranalls

Present: Tom Ranalls, Judy Muller, Doug Johnson and Buck Rapley, absent Bob Dye and Brian Holliday

Introductions:  Tom introduced himself and Judy Muller as the newly elected Board Members.  A new member, Dave Dompier was introduced as well.

Red League, Dale Vanderkooi:  Dale had questions on the new Commissioners report, rule 11 regarding checking if the field condition is playable etc. and the “new rule” regarding rainouts and weather- related issues.  No one except Buck Rapley or Bob Cary will make decisions regarding playing conditions due to rain and Mark Jessen with playing conditions due to frost.  Dale feels “insulted” that his duties in this regard have been taken away.  Buck explained why the responsibilities have changed back to Field Maintenance. Buck then took questions regarding field closure between seasons.  Dale went on to complain that people are getting upset that the field is being closed too frequently.  He apologized if he offended anyone and got up and left the meeting.  A comment was made that the newly instituted 1 and 1 count in the Red League has really sped up play.

White League: No Commissioner present and no report.

Blue League, Jack Muller: Understands why the field needs to rest and expressed confidence in Buck’s ability to make the determination of whether the field should be closed or not.  He reported that the Dick Steiman team and the Liberty GMC team were the Champs in the Blue League.  The Blue League hasn’t had a chance to start their season yet due to rain and field closure but will hopefully start on Monday, Feb. 11.  The Blue League drafted 154 players for 14 teams in just about 2 hours which was really good.  The Blue League has instituted some new measures to speed up games, but will wait another 2 weeks of play to decide on implementing the 1 and 1 count.  Explained that the Blue League is quite different from the other leagues in make up of players and why it’s a challenge.

Saturday League, Russ Figueroa:  Tom Ranalls reported on Russ’s behalf.  Sun City Awning and Core Institute were co-champs for the Saturday League and battled right to the end.  The new Saturday season begins this coming Saturday and they will use the clock as the Women have a game following Saturday play.  The Holiday Tournament was a great success earning $3800.  Jim Palzer interjected that he was pleased with the way the tournament was run and the money going to charity.

Women’s League, Judy Muller: The Women played their first ever game against a new Festival team and won 23-5.  Their first game against SCW will be this coming Saturday following the last Saturday League game.  They are getting more women interested in playing.  People encouraged to come out to see the game.

Vice Presidents report, Brian Holliday: Absent and nothing to report.

Secretary’s report, Judy Muller: Asked for a motion to approve the minutes of 12/5/18 and 1/18/19. Motion was made by Tom and seconded by Doug to approve. Approved

Treasurer’s report, Bob Dye: Bob was absent and Tom gave a budget report prepared by Bob.  Projecting a new income of about $3000 in 2019 compared to a net loss of about $3000 in 2018 a $6000 improvement. Revenues will be down about $2000 and Expenses will be down about $8000.  Motion made by Buck to approve the budget as outlined and seconded by Tom.  Approved

Director of Field Operations, Buck Rapley: Asked that everyone check the lost and found as we are amassing a huge amount of clothing, cups, etc.  Thanked all the Leagues for using the extra matts to cover home plate during practice.  This is really saving home plate.  Advised that rain delays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be handled by Bob Cary and rain delays occurring on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be handled by Buck.

Director of Softball Operations, Doug Johnson:  Complimented the Red and White Leagues for saving time using the 1 and 1 count.  Advised that SCW has now adopted using the same type on ball we use.  We started using the new ball on Dec. 11 and had 11 dozen balls.  7 dozen balls are missing apparently being taken by players.  Have 72 Championship hats out for embroidery and will most likely have 72 more hats after the winter season.  We will probably buy some more hats.  Are looking into “bucket type hats”.  So far, the cost is about $30 and they haven’t found one they like.  They will continue to investigate finding a better hat for a cheaper price.  Great American is leaving as a sponsor in Feb. and they have a potential new sponsor.  Not sure whether the new sponsor will be on board this season so the team may have to continue to wear the Great American shirts. 

Presidents report, Tom Ranalls:  The rule changes and clarifications have been on the website.  Buck moved that they be approved and Tom seconded.  Approved.  Tom discussed the 1 and 1 count for the Blue League and understands the challenges with players in that league.

Old Business: NONE

New Business:  Bob Topham explained that there would be another Softball Golf Tournament for Charity, the monies going to Soldiers Best Friends.  This provides service dogs to Veterans.  The cost is $25 plus green fees to play.  It is a scramble format at Granite Falls South on March 29th.  We have the entire course so could have 144 players.  Both men, women and mixed teams are encouraged.  There will be a light lunch provided for your donation which is tax deductible.  There will also be a beverage cart on the course.

Jim Palzer asked that the Board or speakers use the microphones as it would be much easier for many to hear what was being said.

Adjourned: 7:34

Approved by Acclamation 2/6/19 General Membership Meeting

 Sun City Grand Softball Club

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cimarron Center, 6:30 pm


Officers in attendance:  Glen Zelkind, President; Brian Holliday, Vice President; Bob Dye, Treasurer; Ben Kanninen, Secretary; Doug Johnson, Director of Softball Operations; and Buck Rapley, Director of Field Operations.

 Members Present:  67

 Meeting Called to Order:  6:38 pm

 Introductions:  President Zelkind introduced Board members present and recognized new members Daniel Henk (Chicago Illinois) and Denny Albers (Cincinnati, Ohio).

 Election of Officers:  Roger Neumann (substituting for Chair Ski Lewandowski) reviewed the process followed by the Nominating Committee in determining a slate of officer candidates.  The committee composed of Chairman Ski Lewandowski, Roger Neumann, Jim Oypd, Larry Swan and Jim Anderson recommended the following members for open positions:  Tom Ranalls for President; Judy Muller for Secretary; Doug Johnson for Director of Softball Operations and Buck Rapley for Director of Field Operations.  Motion (Doug Moore) with second (Becky Holliday) to approve the slate as proposed (passed unanimously).

 Commissioner Reports: 

 Red League:  Dale Vanderkooi indicated that league play is going well with competition close.

 White League:  Ron Rogerson echoed Vanderkooi’s remarks regarding the closeness of competition noting that three games separated the teams nine games into the season.

 Blue league:  Jack Muller indicated that all was going well and that he anticipated 14 teams for the winter season.

 Woman’s League:  Judy Muller announced that the first woman’s game of the season would be played on Saturday, December 8th, 2:30 pm in Sun City West.  Muller also noted that she is being asked to follow a new protocol for scheduling game dates this year.  President Zelkind explained that the new request protocol has been adopted by CAM to ensure that SCG facilities (including softball facilities) are used primarily by SCG residents.

 Saturday League:  Russ Figueroa indicated that four games in that all is going well with teams separated by a single game.

 Officer Reports:

 Vice President Brian Holliday:  Holliday noted that the Club now has slightly over 500 members.  He also indicated that he is providing technical training to Roger Neumann and Jim Opyd so that they may assist with Club functions such as registration and player drafts.

 Secretary Ben Kanninen:  Kanninen thanked Judy Muller for substituting for him at the previous general membership meeting.  He then asked for approval of minutes of the following meetings:  General Membership meeting (April 4, 2018); General Membership meeting (October 3, 2018); and Board Committee meeting (November 7, 2018).  Motion (Ron Rogerson) with second (Roger Neumann) to approve the minutes as submitted (passed unanimously).

 Treasurer Bob Dye:  Dye indicated that Club finances are on track with a month remaining in the fiscal year.  Currently the Club is $6000 ahead of budget with a cash balance of approximately $49,000.

 Director of Softball Operations Doug Johnson:  Johnson noted that the Sponsor’s Picnic had gone well with 19 sponsors in attendance along with 390 club members and guests.  He recognized and thanked all those who volunteered to help make the event a success.  In addition, Johnson announced that new softballs would be put into regular play on Monday, December 10th.  He also mentioned that the jersey supplier used by our regular vendor has been sold meaning that a new source for jerseys will need to be identified.  To ensure no problems in the interim, Johnson noted that 11 sets of jerseys (blank) have now been purchased so that the Club will have a sufficient supply through 2019.  Finally, Johnson thanked retiring Board members Zelkind and Kanninen for their service.

 Director of Field Maintenance Buck Rapley:  Rapley recognized and thanked members of the maintenance crew and noted that Becky Holliday has joined that group as of this fall.  Rapley also reported on the vandalism which occurred this past weekend at the field.  Some damage was done to equipment in and about the scoring tower and two speakers were stolen as well.

 President Glen Zelkind:  Zelkind congratulated newly elected Board members Tom Ranalls and Judy Muller and wished them well.  He also noted that 10 tables remain available for the Valentine’s Dance and urged those interested in attending to contact Kathy Marker.  Zelkind then took several minutes to thank volunteers and to note changes and improvements that have occurred during his four years as Club President including but not limited to the following:

  •  volunteerism is the strength of the Club (picnic, power wash stands, field maintenance etc)
  •  the cost of Diamond Doctor now born by CAM ($15,000)
  •  the relationship with CAM is excellent
  •  new infield at The Field of Dreams remains a priority with CAM
  •  technical support to assist members has dramatically improved (online registration, draft organization etc)
  •  a state of the art scoreboard has been installed
  •  a concussion/injury protocol has been established and is being followed to improve player safety
  •  CPR training for Club members has been provided at no cost
  •  The Valentines Dance continues to attract record numbers

 Zelkind ended by thanking fellow Board members after which he received a standing ovation from members present.

 Old Business:  None

 New Business:  Bob Aiken described for Club members the work of the “Consent Team” which has recommended changes to SCG’s CC&R’s and By-laws which he argues will improve the Board’s ability to respond to community needs and to make changes in response to problems in a timely and responsible manner.  He asked those in attendance to give “consent” for the proposed changes by signing forms for that purpose which he provided. 

 Jim Palzer noted that he still had raffle tickets available for the Corporate Box Raffle at Surprise Stadium and that he also had Club shirts in stock which he said would make excellent Christmas presents.


Adjourned:  7:26 pm

Approved by Acclamation 12/5/18 General Membership Meeting

Sun City Grand Softball Club

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cimarron Center, 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order at 6:34 pm by Glen Zelkind, President in the Agua Fria Room, Cimarron Center

Board Members present: Glen Zelkind, President, Bob Dye, Treasurer, Doug Johnson, Director of Softball Operations, Buck Rapley, Director of Field Operations.  Absent were Brian Holliday, Vice President and Ben Kanninen, Secretary.  Judy Muller took notes for Ben.

 Board was introduced and a call for new members made.  Two new members were welcomed to the Club; Mark Sexton and Annie Lowe.

Nominating Committee Report - “Ski” Lewandowski.  We will have two candidates who will run for the Presidents position, Ben Kanninen and Tom Ranalls.  Judy Muller will be running for Secretary, Jeff Smith for Director of Field Operations and Doug Johnson for Director of Softball Operations.  Nominations will stay open for another two weeks for anyone else who may wish to run for office.  Ski thanked his committee of Roger Neumann, Jim Anderson, Larry Swan and Larry Oped.

Blue League- Jack Muller Commissioner.  The Blue League draft will be on Oct. 23rd, 8 am at Cimarron Center.  The managers meeting will be on Oct 20th, 9 am at the field and the Umpire Clinic will be held on Oct 25th 9 am at the Field.  The first games are scheduled for Oct. 29th.  Based on the numbers there will be either 12 or 13 teams of 11 players. Currently there are 12 confirmed managers .  Bob and Sue Cary will again be the sub czars, Doug Moore will be the Pitching Czar and Marilyn Leinberger will be the head umpire.  The use of the Screen will not be mandatory at this time but is encouraged.  The position of the screen will ONLY be 15 ft. in front of the pitching rubber.  No screen will be used off to the side.

White League- Ron Rogerson Commissioner. The draft will be Oct. 17th, 8am at Cimarron Center. There will be six teams. The league will have two new managers, Marv Matthews and Ski Lewandowski.  The new sub czar will be Kandi Patrick. Mark Jessen will again keep the score tower for the first two games of the day.

Red League- Dale Vander Kooi Commissioner.  There will be six teams with 11 on a team.  They have a couple of new coaches. He asked that no one call or visit Don Nelson as they have asked for privacy, however he encouraged people to email , text or send cards.

Women’s League, Judy Muller Commissioner.  A meeting has been held with Sun City West to establish the schedule for this season.  It will be brought to the Board Oct. 19th for approval. Festival has now put together a team so the schedule may be amended to include more games. Manager Joan Casazza will be sending out an email to all of the women re: availability, positions, etc. and set up a team meeting prior to the first game against SCW at SCW on Nov. 10th.

Saturday League- Russ Figueroa Commissioner.  Russ was missing and Glen gave a short report. The draft will be held on Oct. 17th following the White League draft at Cimarron.  The number of teams will be determined by the number of people who sign up.  Many people were thanked for their help during the Saturday League season, including Russ’s wife for keeping score books.

Spring League- Andy Coles Commissioner. Everyone had a great time and there was good competition. Camino won the League.  He would like to see  a separate set of rules for the Spring League as all of the other Leagues have their League specific rules.  He also said he was sad that he didn’t know what he was doing when he started but learned a lot.

Treasurer report- Bob Dye.  The club is stable on cash and carries a balance of between 50-60K which fluctuates during the season.  Have 57K currently.  We are $1600 better than budget partially due to making $700 on the Valentines Dance and $800 in new memberships.  He brought up the fact that although we administer the money in the club it actually belongs to CAM and they can take it at any time.  This brought up much discussion and Bob Aiken stepped up to explain that although the money really does belong to CAM they have no plans to take it.  Bob Dye’s point was that we need to be fiscally responsible with the money and can’t just spend it because we have it.

Field Operations- Buck Rapley. Thanked all the field maintenance workers and said that there are 29 people who care for the field 365 days a year.  The field has been skinned and the grass is growing as we speak.  The rain was a good thing for the field.  Granite golf has been servicing our equipment for us and Buck thanked them.  Said Gothic has been doing a great job and responds quickly to our needs.

Softball Operations- Doug Johnson.  Picnic ticket sales have been going well.  Will be selling tickets at the practices at Asante as well as on Saturday at the field.  He expressed appreciation for all the people who volunteer to help and can always use more people on the day of the picnic beginning at around 8am and ending around 12:45 or so.  Doug gave Kudos to Lanny and Larry who did the sponsor signs for about 10 years and also recognized Rick Leeds and Mike Kachurak for stepping up to take over. He will be asking the team managers to ask their team whether they need new hats and if so they will be given out.  There are new jerseys that have been ordered mainly for the Blue and Saturday Leagues as they have the most teams and color conflicts.  He has been testing new balls for the Winter Season which work better for the ASA bats we use. They are 52 core/300 Compression.  Members of all the leagues have been asked to participate in testing the balls.

 OLD Business:

Ski Lewandowski gave Kudos to the current Board.  He said when the nominating committee asked people to step up and run they said why? The current board is doing such a good job.

 NEW Business:  

Jim Palzer- Announced a Holiday tournament again for Cancer Relay for Life on Sat. Dec. 29th. Sign up sheets were in the back of the room for volunteers to help.  Managers are still needed. There will be 4 teams, the Red Cells, White Cells, Chemo’s and Lymph Nodes, 12 people on a team with Cancer survivors having first priority to play.  A $20 fee will be assessed to play which includes getting a tee shirt sponsored by the local realtors. Last year the tournament raised $7000.  There will be a sign up sheet at the field.   The actual Relay for Life will be on Feb. 17th at Beardsley park.  It will include all of the Sun Cities and Surprise.  Jim also said that he, his wife and another couple took 90 pounds of pop tops to the Ronald McDonald house.

 Jeff Silversteen is selling tickets to opening day of the AZ Fall League.  Contact him directly.  Norris Carpenter advised that he and two other softball players, Dave Sykes and member Coons, will be participating in “Comedy Capers” with the Drama club and asked people to attend and support them.

Jack Pender brought up the possibility of having a 4th League which is more about fun and camaraderie rather than competition.  It could be based on a combination of rating and age. A basic proposal was given to the Board who said they would be willing to consider it.

Meeting adjourned 7:35 pm.


                                                                                      Approved by Acclamation 10/3/18 General Membership Meeting

Sun City Grand Softball Club

General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Cimarron Center, 6:30 pm


Officers in attendance: Glen Zelkind, President; Brian Holliday, Vice President; Bob Dye, Treasurer; Ben Kanninen, Secretary; Doug Johnson, Director of Softball Operations; Buck Rapley, Director of Field Operations.

 Members present: 58

Meeting Called to Order: 6:36 pm

Welcome and introductions: President Zelkind introduced Board members and asked if there were any new members present. There were none.

Committee Report - Nominating Committee: Chairman Ski Lewandowski gave a brief report on the activities and progress of the Committee to date. He noted that election of new officers would take place at the December 5, 2018 General Membership meeting and that four positions were opened follows: President; Secretary; Director of Field Operations; and Director of Softball Operations. He also indicated that position descriptions for the above were available on the website.

Commissioner Reports:

 Blue League: Doug Moore (substituting for Jack Muller) noted that the league had been generally injury free this session, that both divisions had tight races that would not be decided until the last game or games and that overall, things had gone well.

White League: Ron Rogerson noted that the session had been an exciting one with four teams separated by two points going into the final three games. He thanked managers, players and all of those who helped make the session successful. In particular, he noted the contributions of Norm Lustig, Mark Jessen and all of the members of the grounds crew.

 Red League: Dale Vanderkooi also thanked the grounds crew and indicated that the Red League is considering making the use of a protective screen for pitchers mandatory beginning next fall. In addition, he proposed using a screen slightly narrower in width as compared with the screen used on a voluntary basis this year which the Board will take under consideration. Finally, he proposed that the club consider purchasing a warmup hitting screen for player use prior to games at the field and he asked whether or not helmets should be worn by all players as a safety measure. No action was taken on either matter.

 Women: Judy Muller indicated that the Women’s season had been short but successful. The final game of the season is scheduled for April 14th.

 Saturday League: Russ Figueroa indicated that registrations for this year’s Spring League would open on Thursday, April 5th. He further noted that Happy Ears had locked up the Winter session with games yet to be played. Spring weekday league Commissioners Bob Throneberry and Andy Coles indicated that eight managers had been secured, that a manager’s meeting had been set, that starting times for games would be 7:00 am and the draft would take place on April 16th.

 Officer Reports:

 President Glen Zelkind: No report

 Vice President Brian Holliday: Vice President Holliday noted that Club membership had reached 444 full time members with 17 non-players and 22 associates. This represents an increase of 20 over the previous year.

 Treasurer Bob Dye: Treasurer Dye reported that the Club is “on budget” for the first quarter currently with a cash balance of $52,000. Dues collection is going well with nearly 80% paid to date. Dye mentioned a rumor that had been circulating regarding a stolen dues check and indicated that said rumor was false.

 Secretary Ben Kanninen: Secretary Kanninen requested a motion to approve the minutes of the General Membership Meeting of February 7, 2018 and of the Board Meeting of March 16, 2018: Moved (Ski Lewandowski) and seconded (Ron Rogerson) to approve; passed unanimously.

 Director of Field Operations Buck Rapley: Director Rapley reported on matters relating to field operations as follows: Noted that new outfield pillar pads had been installed as of April 4th; Indicated that the field would be closed from April 14th to April 21st; Reported that material would be installed to bring the level of the warning track along both foul lines to the same grade as the grass which borders it; That Diamond Doctor would be applied during the field closure in April; and that he is seeking help from CAM to respond to a problem area near the visitors drinking fountain.

Director of Softball Operations Doug Johnson: Director Johnson noted that early ticket sales for the Annual Sponsors Picnic had gone well with a target of 300 sold by the time of the event. He indicated that championship hats would shortly be ordered with distribution scheduled for April 20th and that sponsor plaques would be available by next week. Jersey collection is scheduled for Sunday (4/15) from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and on Monday (4/16) from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Distribution of jerseys for the Spring League will occur on Tuesday, (4/17) from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

 Old Business: Judy Muller reported that the 2018 Valentine’s Dance earned a net profit for the Club of $1279.00 and that the date for next year’s event would be February 8, 2019.

 Bob Akin noted that the recently held Softball Club Golf event had been successful with $3800 raised (totaling $7628 with match) for the designated charity “Soldier”s Best Friend.”  

 Judy Muller commented on the success of the concession stand initiated by CAM this year and suggested that the Club recognize Connie Hamman who works the stand with a tee shirt. Motion (Judy Muller) seconded (Bob Cary) that the Club provide Connie Hamman with a tee shirt or jersey in recognition of her service. Passed unanimously.


Jim Palzer informed Club members of a new charity opportunity to support the Ronald McDonald House. He has acquired two “houses” used to collect “pop tabs” which can be converted to cash donations to support the above noted charity. Palzer reminded Club members that we are supporting eight charities with total donations of $211,474 since 2007.


Adjourned: 7:33 pm