Manager Duties

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Team Manager Responsibilities – Revisions dated January/2017


  1.  Combinations to small lock box and shed will be provided to you by your Commissioners.
  2.  Unlock lock on fuse box using key from small lock box located below fuse box. Obtain MASTER KEYS connected to small steel flat bar. These keys are used in the followings steps. PUT FUSE BOX KEY BACK IN SMALL LOCK BOX AND LOCK IT. If keys are missing contact Field Maintenance Group.
  3.  Unlock each dugout gate, emergency gate, and black storage box near home dugout using MASTER KEYS.
  4.  Get defibrillator, red ice-pack bag, and first-aid kits from shed. Place de-fibrillator, orange ice-pack bag, and home first-aid kit along home dugout wall. Place visitor first-aid kit along visitor dugout wall.
  5.  Remove batting circles from top of tarp and place in appropriate home and visitor spots. Remove rectangle carpet squares from top of tarp and place as far back from Catcher’s position as possible. Fold up tarp and place next to black storage box.
  6.  Using paint machine from the shed, paint foul lines including 30’ first base running lane, scoring commitment line, scoring line from running base to the wall, and diagonal line from running base to where the commitment line and 3rd base foul line intersect. Also, paint coach’s boxes just outside 1st and 3rd base. Return paint machine to the shed.
  7.  Place bases found in black storage box on the infield. Place plugs from base     inserts along the fence under the first-base ball holder.
  8.  Unlock Score tower storage bin, 9-1-1 phone, and chairs using MASTER KEYS from step 2. Insert umbrella in holder. Set up Scoreboard control unit per instructions located in white 3-ring binder. RETURN MASTER KEYS TO FUSE BOX.
  9.  Make sure field is free of any obstacles. Commissioners and Field Maintenance to determine field is safe to play on in case of frost or poor weather conditions.
  10.  Place extra balls behind home plate, first-base ball holder, and near visitor dugout (for warm-ups).




  1. Cover home plate with folded tarp found next to black storage box. Put batting circles on top of tarp nearest the front edge. Put rectangle carpet pieces on top of tarp nearest the back edge. Cover as much of the green carpets as possible.
  2.  Return bases to black storage box near home dugout. Insert plugs into empty base slots.
  3.  Remove any extra balls from the field and place in bucket in black storage box. Ensure the umpire vests are put back into appropriate container in black storage box.  Lock black storage box.
  4.  Return first-aid kit, defibrillator, and orange ice-pack bag to shed. Place on shelves on right-hand side as you walk in the door.
  5.  Pick up anything that does not belong on the field.
  6.  Items left in bat rack or sitting areas should be put in the Lost & Found boxes in the shed.
  7.  Ensure the Visiting team has locked the Visitor’s gate and returned the Visitor’s first-aid kit to shed.
  8.  Check the Score tower. Make sure the Scoreboard control unit, the brown carpet, chair cushions, heaters, 3-ring binder, and the binoculars have been put into the storage bin. If the umbrella is still in its holder, then remove and put into the storage bin. Lock chairs together using chain and lock found on right-hand side of storage bin. Lock the 9-1-1 phone. Lock the storage box by closing the lid, push and hold the silver rectangle bar to the left and then push the lock in. This should lock the box. If you have an issue, then contact the Field Maintenance Group.
  9.  Make sure Scoreboard is turned off using on/off switch found under the concrete shelf. The box is marked. If the Scoreboard won’t turn off, then contact the Field Maintenance Group.
  10.  Sweep out Home dugout and area in front of bat rack using push broom found inside the fence. Do not sweep any debris (grass or tree droppings) back onto field. Use dust pan (found under the bench) to pick up debris and throw into trash can. All dirt can be swept back onto field. Return broom to its original position.
  11.  Lock the Home gate, emergency gate, fuse box, and black storage box. Before locking the fuse box ensure the Master keys on the small steel flat bar are inside the box. Also, ensure the small lock box below the fuse box is locked and the key is inside. If either set of keys are missing, then contact the Home Team manager that was responsible for opening the field.
  12.  Make sure the pitching screen is in its position at the Handicap Gate.
  13.  If on, make sure fans and misters are turned off. The fan switches are to the right of the fuse box. If you are unsure how to turn off misters, contact Field Maintenance Group.
  14.  Close both bathroom doors.
  15.  Make sure shed door is locked. Sometimes the door needs to be slammed in order for the latch to connect.
  16.  Recycle all plastic containers using recycle bin near the Home trash container.



  1.  Return first-aid kit to shed.
  2.  Sweep out dugout and front of bat rack area using push broom found inside the fence. DO NOT sweep debris (grass or tree droppings) onto field. Use dust pan (under the bench) to pick up debris and put in trash can. All dirt can be swept back onto field. Return broom to original position inside the fence. Return dust pan under the bench.
  3.  Recycle all plastic containers left in the Visitor’s area.
  4.  Lock Visitor’s Gate.



  1. Ensure that players are wearing the proper uniform (i.e. Sponsor jersey visible on cold days, league issued ball cap, light gray pants or shorts, and only appropriate jewelry).
  2.  Write up your team’s game summary, per your league’s instructions, for newspaper write up and posting at the field. Make sure to use the complete name of your sponsor (i.e. Liberty Buick vs. Liberty). 
  3. The Board recommends that any suspected injury that involves the head, neck or back requires that a manager ensures that 9-1-1 is called, regardless of the injured player’s wishes.