Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting

Sago Room – Palm Center


Call to order:  Noon

Present: Brian Holliday, Bob Dye, Doug Johnson, Judy Muller, Mike Kachurak, Norris Carpenter and Buck Rapley.  Brian has Tom’s proxy and will run the meeting until Tom arrives.

Brian called the meeting to order.  Mike Kachurak present to discuss sign sponsors.  All sign income collected except for 2, Brian Keep and Happy Ears.  We are having trouble contacting Happy Ears and concerned that they may drop out.  We are 3 team shirts short and Doug proposes using Swing Ortho and Happy Ears for next season.  Still leaves us 2 team sponsors short.  We could use the tournament shirts.  Doug made a motion and Bob seconded that we limit any more Realtor sign sponsors and keep it at 7 until one leaves, and then replace them.  After discussion Brian amended and Doug seconded that we get some direction from CAM before implementing it.  After discussion was approved unanimously.  After additional discussion it was decided that we would continue to solicit sign and team sponsors sales as normal until we know for sure about the field replacement.  Mike was excused.  Tom arrived at the meeting.

Rules Committee:  The Rules Committee is like the Lifestyles for rules.  Brian is still researching the history of “Rules vs. Bylaws”.  The Rule Committee arrived.  Present were Roger Neumann, Jim Opyd, JJ Bigelow and Kathy Boland.  JJ announced that the video of the 20th anniversary of the field is ready.  It was determined that the committee would need a “mission statement”.  It will also be necessary to include a distinction between By-laws and League rules.  The Committee will act as a clearing house for membership ideas re: rule changes. They will meet sometime after the first of the year to create the mission statement and go through all of the existing rules.  They will report back to the Board.

Vice Presidents report:  Brian reports that he is currently in 2009 going thru the minutes to clarify the By-laws vs. rules.  Some of the registration preferences have had some issues.  Brian will be working with the appropriate Commissioners to fix these issues.  Getting CAM #’s is zipping right along.  Fake CAM #’s will be dealt with severely and dealt with by CAM.  Player Jim Stocker has offered to do a wellness article on the website on a quarterly basis.  He is a retired physician.  The Board approved this unanimously.  The rating committee would like to set up rating committee guideline scheduling ratings for a set time each month.  Some months would have one time available and other busy months may possibly have two.  They would like the dates and times put on the calendar and all 9 members of the committee agreed with this.  Mike Wunsch will update the guidelines.  Bucket hats were brought up.  Doug has been in contact with Jack Groh’s daughter, but has had no recent contact from her.  Tom has another vendor who is very anxious for our business and will be providing samples of hats, bucket hats and shirts for us to review after the first of the year.  Brian has spoken to Frank Rainaldi, one of the Blue League Commissioners.  Ben Kanninen will not be returning to Grand until possibly mid Feb. due to health issues.  Frank with the help of Jack Muller will take over all of the Commissioner duties for the Blue League in Ben’s absence.

Treasurer’s report:  We are approximately $1000 to the good and have about $50K in the bank.  Sign sponsors all paid except Brian Keep and Happy Ears.  Mike Kachurak will follow up with both.  The budget needs to be done along with the final report to CAM by 1-15-2020.  Bob will help Norris with getting this done.

Director of Softball Operations report:  Trying to work out getting teams sponsors vs. using tournament shirts for next season.  Has had no complaints about Sat. sponsors.  After discussion will go forward with trying to get additional team sponsors.

Director of Field Operations report:  Buck reports that he is trying to get new equipment by the fall.  He will not be pursuing getting additional padding on the wall below the scoreboard.  Buck talked to Jamie White and he would like to volunteer for the Police/Fire tournament wherever needed.  Jim Opyd will be asked if he is willing to take over Buck’s position next fall.  Frank Rainaldi is doing a great job filling the Blue League Commissioners position.  It has been suggested that we get hi powered blowers to blow the water off the field.  No decision has been made at this time.  Buck is turning in two Special Event applications.  He would like going forward to have a submitted roster of the away team’s rosters including name, address and phone number.  There was a conflict regarding the ladies’ practice which got bumped.  The ladies will need to submit a set schedule for practice.  Bob Simon’s celebration of life date was wrong.  It will be corrected in the final blast.  It will be held in a room and not on the field.  At the next general meeting we should ask for an ombudsman to direct people for Celebrations of Life as these are going to be happening more frequently.  When the new signs are re-installed after the new field is put in, Buck would like to have 2 ball diameters off the field surface.  Buck, Rick Armentano and Jim Opyd dug out the far, left field pedestrian gate for the Police/Fire tourney should it be needed.  The HOF guidelines have been tabled until the January meeting.  Doug and Buck met with the Police/Fire group regarding the tourney.  They clarified set up, parking, etc. 

Presidents report:  Jim Stocker wants to put together a tournament on our field in Spring with a sister Sun City resort from California.  The special event form 012 was give to Tom.  All advertising requests to the Lifestyles magazine must be submitted and approved by the SCG Board.


Move to adjourn Tom, seconded by Doug.  Adjourned 2:23 p.m.


 Approved by Acclamation 12/4/19  @ General Membership Meeting



 NOV. 15, 2019


Call to order at 2:10 p.m.

Present: Tom Ranalls, Brian Holliday, Bob Dye, Buck Rapley and Judy Muller. Absent Doug Johnson who gives his voting proxy to Brian Holliday.

Vice Presidents Report:  Brian brought up the issue of where the folders regarding disciplinary documentation should be kept.  Additionally, if each League Commissioner should be given a list of those players who have had disciplinary issues for which we have documentation.  After much discussion, the folders will be kept with Brian for the next month and will then be given to Tom.  We came to no permanent decision and the issue was tabled until the next meeting.  The issue of an “In Memorial” wall was brought up and discussed.  The wife of a recently deceased player was interested in a possible donation of the wall to the club.  After much discussion, it was decided that we would advise that a PDP would need to be filled out to start the process and see where it goes.  The subject of ongoing “Memorial” services at the field was brought up and discussed, as there have been many players recently who have passed away.  After much discussion we determined that if someone wants to have a brief Memorial on the field that they would contact the Commissioner of the League.  They would facilitate an approximate 15 minute memorial on the field between the 3rd and 4th games of the day at approximately noon.  In the case of the Blue League, games could be 6 innings on those days.  Should someone want a full Celebration of Life, they would be directed to the Activities office to arrange to reserve the Pavilion by the tennis courts.  Brian brought up the fact that he and Judy have been overwhelmed with health/death notices lately and that maybe a more appropriate place to have this handled would be with the Pinch Runners.  Brian would be willing to train them on how to do this.  We have had a very good response to the option of text messaging with an over 90% compliance.  Brian is currently training the Commissioners or their designees.  In the near future there will be test of the text system preceded by an email.  Brian met with Leolinda Bowers regarding being a team sponsor. Brian made a motion that Leolinda be the next team sponsor.  Tom seconded and the Board approved.

Treasurers report:  Bob reported that cash is currently down to about $48K after expenses.  We are $1800 under budget.  The revenue side is almost right on and a bit ahead because of signs.  The picnic was over budget but field maintenance is down.  We had many more at the picnic than we originally budgeted for and additionally paid for the original players and their guests. 

Director of Field Maintenance: Buck has asked Joe Bradley to be in charge of the drinking water in the fridge.  He told him that he must present receipts and be reimbursed as he has been paying for the water out of his own pocket.  Buck reports that bat throwing has improved.  The ad for the Police/Fire tournament will come out in the next issue of the Lifestyles magazine.  We discussed whether blasts should start going out now, but it was decided that they would be more effective if they were sent out closer to the actual date.  Buck will now be doing the weather calls Monday thru Thursday and Jim Opyd will be doing Friday and Saturday.  Buck and Tom attended the SCG Board meeting yesterday to keep track of how our request for a new field is progressing.  The Police/Fire tournament will be held on Sunday, Jan. 12th at 11:00 a.m.  This is a very big and ongoing rivalry and they have a 5 ft. tall perpetual trophy.  Buck is trying to think of everything that we may need to do to make this a success.  They will be making food and selling it for a donation.  Even though they have umpires, Buck has some “waiting in the wings” just in case.  The police may send people to handle parking as it will be at a premium.  A request has been made that 5 parking spots be reserved for dignitaries and Brian has volunteered to arrange to hold the spaces. Buck reports that the Field will be closed for the Thanksgiving break. 

Director of Softball Operations:  No report

Presidents report:  Tom brought two jerseys and a hat to show the Board what a possible new vendor could provide.  The shirts run $20 each and the quality is much better than what we have currently.  They also have extensive graphic options to make each sponsors jersey’s stand out.  He reports that he personally has several of these jerseys and that they wash and wear well.  The hat he showed was a bit darker gray and much lighter.  It can be purchased with the same logo that we currently have.  It also washes well.  It is a bit more expensive than our current hats, but it will last.  The company also makes a matching bucket hat.  It has been mentioned that many of our players require this type of hat due to skin cancer problems.  Before we make a decision, Brian will speak with several players regarding whether they would be willing to potentially purchase these hats.  A decision was tabled for approx. one week.  Tom reported that there have been many comments/complaints regarding the new rules.  If a player has a problem with a rule, they need to report it to their Commissioners who will in turn then bring it to the Board.  The new rules were to help address, in part, the concerns bought to our attention by the grounds crew. The Leagues need to run themselves with minimal intervention by the Board. 

Brian moved and Buck seconded that we adjourn.  Adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


 Approved by Acclamation 12/4/19  @ General Membership Meeting



OCT. 18, 2019


Call to order:  12:15 p.m.

PRESENT:  Tom Ranalls, Brian Holliday, Bob Dye, Doug Johnson, Judy Muller, Rick Leeds, Mike Kachurak and absent Buck Rapley. 

SPONSOR COMMITTEE REPORT:  Rick Leeds reported that all of the sign sponsors except Canyon State have renewed.  Canyon States contract will be approved next month.  Liberty Buick and GMC are due to come up in Dec.  Rick related an experience that he had with Happy Ears when he went in as a customer.  He found that they try to upsell and misrepresent their information.  Rick received an email from the owner saying Rick was rude and threatened to cancel sponsorship.  We discussed how to deal with these types of sponsors.  Their contract is up soon so they may just not renew and it will work itself out.  Rick will keep a copy of their email in the sponsor file.  There may be a shortage of team jerseys for the Winter season.  Right now, we have enough for all of the teams, but if the Blue League expands as expected in the Winter, we will need additional jerseys.  We discussed whether to create a two- tier system for Team sponsors and after discussion decided to use the generic SCG jerseys we have on hand if we get too many teams.  There are approx. 330 people signed up so far for the picnic with 17 sponsors confirmed. It was suggested that the team Managers keep their sponsors updated on their team, including their schedule, scores of the games, write ups etc.  Rick was advised that we would like 1 or 2 sponsors to speak briefly at the General meeting in Dec.  They will reach out.  Mike and Rick will also reach out to the sponsors that have not responded to the picnic invitation.  Rick had made a list of types of sponsors that they may reach out to, to be sign or team sponsors.

VP Report:  Brain Holliday reports that registration has gone well.  All of the drafts are done with the exception of the Blue League, which will draft on Monday, the 21st.  Some people are already complaining about the need to show their CAM cards at the first league game.  We will not have the highspeed internet up and running before the Throneberry Memorial but it continues to be worked on.

TREASURER Report:  Bob Dye reports we have approx. $56K in the bank. Profit to date is $9K which is about $4K better than the budget. Some expenses will be coming in but we should be close to on budget.  Bob’s term is up at the end of Dec., but he will help the new Treasurer with next year’s budget.

DIRECTOR OF SOFTBALL OPERATIONS:  Doug Johnson reports that it is “crunch time” for the picnic.  He will need volunteers to help with set up and tear down.  He will send Judy Muller the wording for a blast to be sent out.  John Steele has offered to play the keyboard during the picnic.  Doug is waiting for the new jerseys to pass them out.  Expects them to arrive soon.  Doug will put together a protocol/guideline sheet for the picnic with duties, timeframes etc. to have on file for future picnics.

PRESIDENTS REPORT:  Tom Ranalls reports that he has received complaints from the Red League regarding the new “no walk” rule in the mixed leagues.  Brian made a motion and Doug seconded that Tom be allowed to discuss the issue with the Saturday League and work this out.  It was passed unanimously.   Apparently, the Pinch Runners are stepping down.  It was suggested that we reach out to JJ to contact Barb Zech to see what is needed for the program to continue.  Judy will contact JJ. It was brought up to advise Buck to test the emergency phone at the field as it has sat idle for several months.

Tom moved and Bob seconded that we adjourn.  Adjourned at 2:10

 Respectfully submitted,

 Judy Muller, Softball Club Secretary


 Approved by Acclamation 12/4/19  @ General Membership Meeting



OCT. 9, 2019


Meeting called to order at noon.

PRESENT: Tom Ranalls, Brian Holliday, Bob Dye, Buck Rapley, Doug Johnson, Judy Muller, Jack Muller, Dave Booth, Ski Lewandowski, Don Ranieri, Mike Wunsch and Russ Figueroa.

ABSENT:  Ben Kanninen and Frank Rainaldi

RED LEAGUE REPORT: Commissioner Don Ranieri asked the Board to approve 70ft. base paths for the Red League.  He will poll the players for input.  After discussion the Board unanimously approved the request on a trial basis.  Don presented the Red League Special Rules and the Board discussed them. Don will provide a hard copy to the Board.  They are ready to go for the draft.  The don’t have a sub czar but subs are tracked by Managers and the Commissioner.  They will use the sub list.  Practices will be on Sunday from approx. 8-11 am. 

WHITE LEAGUE REPORT: Co-Commissioners Ski Lewandowski and Dave Booth reported that they are ready to go and have all Managers in place.  They will have a Managers meeting on 10-14-2019 and will discuss the issue of Assistant/Bench Managers.  They provided the White League Special Rules and the Board discussed them.  They will provide a corrected hard copy to the Board.  They will adapt to the new ratings, and they doubt that their league will use the 70 ft. base paths.  Practices will be held on Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm. 

BLUE LEAGUE REPORT:  Commissioner Jack Muller submitted the Blue League Special Rules and the Board discussed.  There was only one addition and Jack provided the Board with a hard copy.  There will no longer be a point system in the Blue League for the standings, but they will be using a winning percentage.  They have all of their Managers and Assistant Managers and will be having their Managers meeting on Oct. 18th at 10 am.  Bob and Sue Cary will again be the sub czars.  Blue League practices will be held of Friday, time to yet be determined.  There will possibly be two practices if they can find people to run the second practice.

SATURDAY LEAGUE REPORT: Commissioner Russ Figueroa reported that there will be 10 teams in the Fall Saturday League.  They are still looking for 1 manager.  He reported that the Spring and Summer Saturday leagues went well except for the heat.  He requested that we get more misters, adjust the existing ones or get a new misting system.  The Board will take it under consideration.  Russ presented the Saturday League Special Rules and the Board discussed.  He will submit a hard copy to the Board.  The League will not play with a clock except when the Women are scheduled to play.

WOMEN’S LEAGUE REPORT:  Commissioner Judy Muller reported that there is a tentative schedule for the Women’s games.  The first game will be at home on Nov. 16th against Sun City West.  There will be one game in Nov., one in Dec. then two games per month in Jan., Feb. and March.  One game per month will be at home and one game away against Sun City West and Festival.  Judy will be submitting a Special Event Application for approval of the schedule.  They would like the option of practicing for an hour or so following the Blue League practices on Friday.

TOM RANALLS: Tom went over the new Club Rules with the Commissioners and answered questions.  The Commissioners were given a tentative hard copy and advised that Kathy Boland of the Rules Committee will be going over them for verbiage and clarity.  They will be posted on the web site when done. 

RATING COMMITTEE:  Head of the Rating Committee Mike Wunsch explained the new rating system and guidelines.  He passed out hand-outs explaining how the old system differed from the new one.  Ratings are now done in 10ths rather than 1/4ths.  There will now be a process in place where a rating can be changed between seasons for medical reasons or ratings that are significantly off with the approval of the League Commissioners.  Ratings for players will be provided to the Commissioners either at their drafts or Managers meetings. 

OLD BUSINESS:   There will be a “Safety Committee” established consisting of 1 Commissioner and 2 Managers for each league to identify players who should no longer be active players as they have become a safety risk to themselves and others.  A protocol will be established as to how to identify these players along with input from Managers, Umpires and other players.  CAM is on board with this.

CAM CARDS:  Starting this season, everyone will be required to present their CAM card to their manager and have their CAM number written down on a sheet along with some additional information.  The FIRST GAME of the season every player MUST SHOW their CAM card.  If you don’t have it you will not be allowed to play in the game, this includes Managers as well. 

BALLS/JERSEYS:  It was agreed that the balls would be given out for games from the score tower and that they would not be passed out to the Managers.  Doug Johnson is working on how to get the team jerseys out to the teams.  They may be given to the Commissioners or passed out at the Managers meetings. 

BUCK RAPLEY:  Buck mentioned that he is concerned with bat throwing and not retrieving the bats quickly.  He pointed out that we have an issue with toothpicks in the field and in the stands and gum under the seats.  He would like to see dogs banned from being on the warm up grass.  He confirmed that there is NO smoking anywhere on the property except for the parking lot and the sidewalk along Mountain View.  Mark Jessen will be making the calls to the Commissioners regarding frost for their determination on delaying start times.  Buck will be making calls regarding water/rain on Monday and Wednesday.  Bob Cary will be making the calls on Tuesday and Thursday and Jim Opyd on Friday and Saturday.  There will be NO MANAGING WATER on the field, such as kitty litter, brushing, raking etc.  There will be new rules on opening and closing the field as some things have changed.  Norm Lustig will continue to line the field before the first game.  The Police/Fire double header is scheduled for 1-12-2019. 



 VP REPORT:  Brian Holliday requested that the Board approve an approx. $1000 expense to set up cameras and an internet connection at the field to live stream to the website.  This would allow players to see if the games are running late or watch a game.  The Board unanimously approved the expense.  Any additional report was deferred to our next meeting.

TREASURERS REPORT: Bob Dye reported that we have approx. $50K in the bank.  We are expecting more money as we will be starting to collect the Sponsor money.  All of the sign sponsors have renewed and will be approved at the SCG Board meeting on 10-10-2019.  Bob will not be able to attend the picnic, but Tom will be there with a check book to pay any necessary bills. It was decided that we will ask Rick Leeds and Mike Kachurak to be at our next meeting to get an update on sponsors.

2:50 Break for Executive Session

3:08 Return from Executive Session

DIRECTOR OF FIELD MAINTENANCE:  Buck Rapley reported that the new technology signs are so much nicer than the old ones.  Buck provided a current Field Maintenance list as some people have dropped out of Field Maintenance.  Buck reported that the Fire Dept. has filled out an application for their event, to be kept by our Secretary.  Lorena Nieto at Lifestyles will meet with the Fire Dept. rep to go over a one page “free” ad given to each club for insertion in the Dec. Lifestyles magazine for their double header tournament.  According to Buck, Gothic has been doing a wonderful job for us.  As the tables and chairs will be delivered the night before the picnic, Buck will have the equipment moved so the table and chairs can be stored in the shed. 

DIRECTOR OF SOFTBALL OPERATIONS: Doug Johnson feels that Rick Leeds and Mike Kachurak should follow up in person with all of the sponsors that haven’t responded to the picnic invitation.  Doug will need to provide a picnic protocol for everything necessary for the picnic including a time table by hard copy for the Board.  We will need to send out a blast for picnic volunteers.  Doug will advise Judy as to what he wants sent out.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Deferred to next meeting.

OLD BUSINESS:  An alternative award for League winners was discussed.  Gift cards will be looked into and Doug Johnson will check with SCG. 

NEW BUSINESS: None at this time.

Doug moved and Buck seconded that we adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Judy Muller, Board Secretary


      Approved by Acclamation 12/4/19  @ General Membership Meeting



  SEPT. 27, 2019


The meeting was called to order at 12:07 pm by President Tom Ranalls.  Those present were Tom Ranalls, Bob Dye, Buck Rapley, Judy Muller and Doug Johnson.  Brian Holliday attended via phone.


DIRECTOR OF FIELD MAINTENANCE BUCK RAPLEY:  Buck explained about the work that Gothic had done along side the left foul line to remove the small stones that came through the fence and caused problems.  The small stones were replaced with large rock to resolve the issue and prevent reoccurrence. Buck asked to be provided with a copy of the 2020 schedule and Brian advised that it had not been built yet but would get Buck a copy as soon as it was available.  Buck explained that we have a problem with toothpicks in the grass and gum under the seats in the stands.  This issue needs to be addressed with the club.  On Tuesday of next week, a new batters mat will be installed.  The commit line, was moved to the correct distance from 3rd base and a mark has been placed on the wall to identify the correct placement.  As some field issues have changed Buck feels that new field opening and closing instructions are needed.  Buck explained that the pitching rubbers are actually blocks and can be rotated as they show wear.  It has been decided that in a blended league, the screen is mandatory and the pitchers must pitch from the front rubber.  Where the screen is optional, the pitchers can pitch from either rubber.  It was discussed as to whether we should ask Connie to have her cart at the December meeting.  Tom will check with Kevin in the golf shop to see if it’s possible along with the cost.  Accurate Ball Fields will be cleaning up the infield to have it ready to play for the first Fall season game.  It will be done prior to the picnic at a cost of $900.  Buck will be out of town from Oct. 11th thru the 26th.  In his absence, Bob Cary and Jim Opyd will cover for Buck.  Jim would be willing and capable to take Buck’s place when Buck is no longer on the Board.  Ron Michalski could be Jim’s assistant.  Buck brought up that there have been many questions from the club regarding more fans/misters and a covering for the stands roof.  After much discussion the Board decided not to make any changes.  The “Celebrations of Life” was discussed.  The current celebration for Bob Throneberry is set for Nov. 3rd.  A condition of having this at the field is that there will be NO religious references allowed.  For future possible celebrations it is felt that we need to establish a committee for this specific purpose.  The Police vs. Fire double header is scheduled for Sunday, Jan 12, 2020.  Buck will contact Damien Wallace (Fire) to put together some advertising for the event to go into the Lifestyles magazine.  The group apparently has a semi-professional announcer that will be providing play by play assisting Roger Neuman.  There was a discussion regarding the Hall of Fame committee and it will be done in Executive session.  There is currently a Mentor Committee which goes to SCG clubs that need help with issues.  We don’t need any help as we have been doing a good job running our club.  This Committee was established to take some of the pressure off Lorena Nieto.  Each club has 8 opportunities for outside participation events.  These will be approved up to 75 outside participants.  Beyond that number the requests will need to go to the Board for approval.   Our PDP (Project Development Plan) for a new field will be brought before the finance committee today at 2:00 pm and Buck will be attending.


TREASURER REPORT BOB DYE:  Deferred until the Oct. meeting

 DIRECTOR OF SOFTBALL OPERATIONS DOUG JOHNSON:  Doug updated the Board on all sign and team sponsors.  He also gave an update on the Sponsors who will be attending the picnic.  We will send out a reminder blast to all of the sponsors in early October.  At Jeff Smith’s request a blast will go out to the membership with dates/times for picnic ticket sales.  Jeff has stepped up to sell the picnic tickets and Doug feels the blast should recognize and thank Jeff for his participation.  The blast will also include the time to arrive (10:00 am) and that entry should be made at the gate by the pavilion.  Several of the uniforms need replacement and the Board directed Doug to replace these as needed. 

 VICE PRESIDENT REPORT BRIAN HOLLIDAY:  Brian reports that Fall registration is going well. Mike Wunsch will be attending the Board/Commissioner meeting on Oct. 9th and will explain all the changes to the rating process.  There will be a rating taking place on the morning of Oct. 9th at 7 a.m. at Asante Field.

 PRESIDENTS REPORT TOM RANALLS: The first issue was that of new shorts.  The current Coaches shorts are being phased out and now longer available to buy so we need an alternative.  Tom proposed a light grey gym type short to be used.  It would have to be just plain grey, the same color of the current Coaches shorts and cannot have any other color, striping, etc.  The Board agreed unanimously to allow these shorts.  A blast will be sent out advising all club members.  A discussion on minimum rating requirements for leagues was tabled and will be discussed at the Board/Commissioners meeting on Oct. 9th.

 NEW BUSINESS: Regarding League practices, it was decided that during the seasons, members must attend the practice for the league in which they play.  It was recommended that since the Blue League is so large that they have 2 practices, possibly one in the morning and one in the afternoon to accommodate all of their players.  The issue of helmets and chest/heart protectors, was bought up.  After discussion it was decided that the club would reimburse any member who purchases a helmet or chest protector $25.00 with proof of receipt.  It was decided that the Commissioners would discuss disciplinary issues and documentation necessary during each league’s managers meeting.  We as a Board will be trying to come up with rules/safety rules that apply consistently to all leagues including the issue of home runs.  This will not prevent club special rules.  The pitching screen is mandatory for all mixed leagues.  It will remain optional at this time for specific leagues.  All leagues need to be consistent and need to document in writing.  The issue of intentional walks was brought up.  A consistent rule needs to be established for each league and this will need to be discussed at the Board/Commissioners meeting Oct. 9th.  The one and one count will go into effect for ALL Leagues at the beginning of the Fall session.  Sportsmanship was discussed.  This is an important part of the game and to that end every player should shake hands at the end of each game.  It was decided that the umpires on the field at the end of each game would participate in this as well.   Awards for each session were discussed.  It was decided that an alternative award was needed.  The Board will consider alternative options and make a decision prior to the end of the Fall session.  Hats will be replaced as needed/requested.  Managers will be asked to check with their team at the beginning of the session and see how many need new hats.  That information will be given to Doug Johnson who will make the new hats available.  All sponsors should be allowed to speak at a General meeting if desired.  They will need to go through our sponsor committee, Rick Leeds and Mike Kachurak to be given a date.  The new ratings were discussed and Mike Wunsch will be at the Oct. 9th Board/Commissioner meeting to explain the ratings and process to the Board and all of the Commissioners.  A question arose as to when we can delete a deceased member from the club registry.  This was tabled to the Oct. Board meeting.  A question was asked as to how many articles can be put in the Lifestyles magazine both free and for a fee.  Pierre Boudreau will be contacted to see if he has that information.  It was decided that Doug Johnson would put together a schedule for future Sponsor picnics including needs, time frames, etc. to keep in our file.  This will be used as an outline for future events.  The issue of players who should not be playing as they are a danger to themselves and others was discussed.  CAM attorney’s have been advised of our problems.  The wood shop also has to deal with some of the same issues we have and we will check with them as to their policy.  A plan was made to have a Committee of 3 people (one Commissioner and 2 managers) from each league to evaluate players that may be considered no longer able to play safely.  The information regarding this will be passed on to the Commissioners to form their committees. 

 DIRECTOR OF FIELD OPERATIONS BUCK RAPLEY:  Buck returned from the PDP meeting and said that it went very well.  Our PDP was very thoroughly gone through and he was asked many questions.  At this point it is moving along to the SCG Board for approval. 


Bob moved and Doug seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 3:20 pm.  Executive session to follow

 Approved by Acclamation 12/4/19  @ General Membership Meeting



APRIL 19, 2019

Called to order at 3:08 by President Tom Ranalls.  Those present were; Tom Ranalls, Brian Holliday, Judy Muller, Bob Dye, Doug Johnson and Buck Rapley.


VICE PRESIDENT REPORT:  Brian reported that he will set up a registration and draft for each league for Summer weekday and Summer Saturday.  Doug will provide jerseys that are current sponsors.  Brian has indicated that he may consider being VP again, but he would like to limit his duties more to IT issues.

 TREASURER: Bob Dye reported that we have $52K in cash which is about $3K ahead of budget, due to the advance dues collections.  Approx. 380 members are now paid.  Marty Jimenez will take over depositing new member checks during the summer when Bob is not available.  Team invoices have been mailed out and already have a couple back.  Sun City Awning is most probably out as they are in the process of a law suit.  Bob went to Wells Fargo and they advised that they are getting their payment out.  He also spoke to Mid First and they are going to expedite payment. 

 DIRECTOR OF SOFTBALL OPERATIONS: Doug Johnson reported that 13 cases of softballs will be stored at Brian Holliday’s house during the summer as the shed is too hot.  A new banner for Camino del Sol was put up yesterday.  Property Sisters sign will be updated will a boarder to set it apart.  They are paying for it.  We discussed the issue of the masks/helmets and heart/chest protectors and determined that the Board will reimburse $25 each for players to obtain their own safety equipment. Doug has a copy of the waiting list for sponsors and a copy of the re-up list.  All have gotten a new set of uniforms.  Doug would like to send out a Save the Date notice to all of the sign sponsors for the Nov. 2nd picnic.  Bob will provide Judy with a list of all of the email addresses and she will send it out.  Doug is looking into a new vendor for food for the picnic.  Babbo’s is being considered and we will be going for a tasting this summer.  A question was brought up about uniforms.   The uniform cost is $450/set and we aren’t clear whether the team sponsor pays $450 or $600.  We have not resolved the issue of Championship hats.  Brian moved and Tom seconded that we have no more hats, tee shirts, pins or patches.  Passed unanimously.  It was brought up that we could give out either an engraved wine glass or beer mug.  Brian made a motion and Tom seconded it that we go with the wine glasses and beer mugs starting in the Fall.  Approved unanimously.  These will include the Fall, Winter and Spring leagues.  Doug reports that we will need to order 399 hats at the end of summer.  We will order bucket hats for people needing the extra sun protection.  Motion by Tom and seconded by Brian that we order the bucket hats with a logo patch and sell them for $10 which is much less than the cost.  Approved unanimously.

 DIRECTOR OF FIELD OPERATIONS:  Buck Rapley returned the request for the Festival game this summer, numbered 0006 to the file as the request has been cancelled.  ABD signs will be repairing the Park sign.  Pads behind the signs are deteriorating and will need to be replaced.  Pads will be checked when signs replaced.  The issue of bat throwing was brought up but tabled until our Sept. 2019 meeting.  Buck will be out of town from May 17th to Oct. 21st with a 17 day return in late Sept.  As schedules change, we need to notify Buck. 

 PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Tom Ranalls reported that Mike Heitman would like a softer infield.   At this point our field is in the best condition we can get it into until it is replaced at sometime in the future.  We received a letter from Bob Zech.  He is requesting some type of recognition of the 20th anniversary of the softball field.  He would like it to be part of the sponsors picnic.  We will task Skip Pavitt and Bob Zech for being in charge of setting up some type of celebration at the Sponsors picnic.  Joe Rizzi would like to have double headers on Thursdays this summer with a team from Grand against the Festival Sidewinder team.  An application will be completed and submitted.  Tom Ranalls will sponsor the team. 

 OLD BUSINESS:  Types of possible new uniform pants/shorts were to be discussed.  This will be tabled and Tom will bring samples of new options to our Sept. meeting.

 NEW BUSINESS:  Brian brought up that we need to cancel all rooms that we will not be using as scheduled or pay $50.  Tom will handle that.

 Tom moved and Doug seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  Adjorned at 6:10 pm.