CAM Liquor Policy

Sent to the Club 6/10/2014-Letter from CAM

Sun City Grand®

Community Association Management May 1, 2014

 TO: Sun City Grand Softball Chartered Club

 FROM: Gina Worch, Director of Activities

 RE: Liquor consumption at the SCG Softball Park


In regards to a meeting that occurred between the SCG Softball Chartered Club executive board and CAM management concerning the consumption of liquor at the SCG Softball Park; please be advised of the following:


“Arizona Revised Statute § 4-244.40 states that with one exception that does not fit this inquiry, it is unlawful for a licensee to allow persons to bring spirituous liquor onto its licensed premises. Because the entire SCG 4,000 acres (excluding residential areas and the restaurant) are licensed, it is an actionable violation to allow liquor to be brought onto the licensed premises.“


What the above statement to Statute 4-244.40 means is that the Sun City Grand Community Association Management, Inc. could experience serious consequences if we allow resident members and their guests to bring liquor onto association property and consume said liquor unless the liquor is purchased directly from the Sun City Grand Community Association, Inc. that follows the liquor requirement guidelines of having a cash or hosted bar.


Please inform your membership that bringing liquor onto the association property and consuming it is strictly prohibited according to the association’s liquor license and the statute that upholds it.


Please let me know if you have further questions.